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Some Mother's Son

entry picture

Time for bed, and turning out the
warm lamp lights.
Watching from my bedroom window, 
The park is very much alive tonight. 

The wind, it whistles loudly 
through the rooftops and the trees.
That small old man is back again, 
I see.
He sleeps in the same place in 
the royal oak park in front of me.

On the wood chipped brown bench
Cold, hard and damp. 
He rests his weary body for the...

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Unrequited Love

entry picture

Love was sent for years.



Like a fool.


Hope saving tears.

Just another pawn in this

Never ending game.


A place,

Where the Jokers rule.





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I don't really have much time for sheep. 
And I am not talking about the beautiful 
four legged kind.

No, I am talking about the ones with two 
legs, the ones who spend their entire life 
fitting in with the rest of the woolly heads.

Petrified of being viewed as a black sheep 
and shunned by the common flock.

What a waste of a life.





Photo taken by me. Model:...

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entry picture

I stood and watched
As her hair did blow, 
Like branches dancing 
in the wind.

Her eyes left frozen
in an empty stare, 
Leaked fond memories of the
love that once lived there.

No place left for her love to grow. 
She stagnates, even in her dreams. 
Her life stiffened,
like the roots buried deep beneath the one family tree.


The season pass.
The colours change, her hair f...

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entry picture

The time has come to let you go. 
To set you free.

To let you roam the land.
Fly the sky. Sail the sea.

Your freedom had been taken, now go, 
Do as you plea.

No more walls, locks, cuffs, guards or keys.

My brother, the time has come to set you free. 

Run, walk or crawl.  Fly if you want. 

Feel the wind blow wild against your pale white face,  
And smile. 

Escape the pain...

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