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I'm Into the Blue

I Disconnect--

every evening's struggle

sees another day come up short

leaving me zeroed in

a deep-freeze limousine

that never passes go...

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delicate boys

and intricate poisons

coax solemn oaths

from intimate whispers

like prayers to nameless loneliness

and longing


but jealous daylight

still grips her knife

in wait to kill

what she cannot take

from night

though all that was

once wild in us

is now retreating

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distant history


and the rebellion

of Persepolis


--twin stars like twinkling eyes

against the blanketed night

guide the wandering dogs of heaven,

while eden sleeps fallow at history's feet.

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I wanted to dare you--

I wanted to say, "make something

beautiful," from this

formless mass of matter

we've created--instead

I held my breath.

One two three building
blocks placed neatly

With no order imposed
I can never predict where
my belongings will go

While continual rearrangement
creates new facets where
they were once nonexistent

We seem busy deconstructing.

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