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visualization 1.33, promontory (topography in the digital age--I know this place like the back of my hand)

lock away every sin against fragility stack upon stack
inside great towers like time compartmentalizing
the compounding sounds of nascent hostility
from the acrid smell of fear


I am building a city, you know...

hemming in every needling derision that slips subtly under thickened skin

binding up every bludgeoning chill that hits the bone and ensures I'm broken in


In the hea...

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rare birds

rough around the edges

like the fringe I'm trapped in

prone to combustion in overdry conditions

or when overoxygenated in the mainstream


lock myself away dangerous when inflamed


--for now, I choose to stay

a caged passerine with burning phoenix wings

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long days and distractions
sunglasses reflecting scenes

of caramel-skin boys skipping school
to play stickball in the streets

endless nights punctuated
by the sounds of Cuban heels

tattooed upon our memories

--mementos, like hanging red sunsets
etched in rosegold and tempered steel...

when it all goes bad
like forged passports and spoiled milk

we'll always have Miami...

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truth or dare? (even no answer is an answer)

Silence is a killer

picking off the fruit
then choking out the limb

Like a dead weathervane I can't say when

or even speak the obvious
once the storms and floods have come

I'm waiting for you to scream
the water's rising

and I have the patience of saints
that'll see the inside job done

that does us all in by our own hands.

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deep cuts too cold to flow
put neil young on the radio
jab a finger in and try to spill 'er
cortez cortez what a killer

contusion blue I stop the bleeding
stop writing the you all over me

black label paste a plaster mask across my face
"organically grown in a cruelty-free zone" is what I say

'cuz a buffer's the thing to cinch up the feeding
and cover the red they never need see


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saving face

this face
to your face
tell me what's the consensus
on this violation of your airspace

fistrack this strong jaw
and extend the long arm of your law
between us


bruise me up

dear please

rearrange me


estrange me from myself


show me

the reality of my loss

in a zero-sum game



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cataclysm and containment--Stage 1

watching mad-pattern tangents converging

thick and sticking odd bits together

like bricks all mortared out of order


wide-awake alarm compounding tearing

holes in this flimsy filter--

this filmy membrane atop my head...


essence--heat bending light--escaping...


Breathing the fog

that covers my mouth

like a mask,


I savor the sublime--

like slow-dri...

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quantum decision-making (anarchy and the existentialist)

over the edge


like comic relief

for the dangerously desensitized

and tragically disaffected


the fate of low entropy and all our chances at

something hoped for, desired yet unexpected


--our ultimate affinity an inglorious end

achieved in the finality of irreversible disorder

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entry picture

close your arms around me
help me belong here in
this passing moment

I know I

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binaries burst and overlap
and alienate in pre-iron age collapse

critical mass fast burn to mars
this heavy fuel burns fast too fast
to get me back up to the stars

so send out the feelers
your edge-of-the-universe radio receivers

find the remnant pieces
the big bang scattered to the night


--turn on your light and welcome home the prodigal son







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h-bomb (the singularity is here)

dehumanize me

expose my genetic predispositions
program the glitches
and flip the binary switches
hidden deep within my sleeping cellular memory

--logical devices and subliminal archetypes thoughtfully constructed and carefully placed rarely fail to imprint upon the human psyche.


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particle theory

the sun makes shining diamonds
surface then disappear
within the waves

the wake of vessels in state
revealing and recovering them
like hidden treasures from the deep


and we are diamonds too

in this suspended moment

sharing ricochets of light
with the past criss-crossing our paths

and the gulls don't seem

to need to move to catch

the bits of bread slung

to them...

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the future is now

aside from an anguished human cry
I've always thought the wail of the train
must be the most woeful sound known to man

how many nights I've wished the dark


would pause

to catch the moments of peace

it steals

weaving terrors like whispers of cloth
"wake up you can sleep when you die"

...the train will not wait for me
and I know there'll be no one waiting down the trac...

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when they begrudge you and call you a curse
with sly smiles and subtle words

what right have the shadows to prevent you?

my love will be an axe      a scythe            a flame

and you will dry your tears in the sun...

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old men leaving cafe tables emptied
tan stubbled faces worn dinner jackets
brown shoes
big gestures
yelling down the block
to a nod then wave goodbye

old women arms full with morning shopping
pleasant round faces bright colored wraps
brown shoes
wrinkled eyes
telling the stories of ages
to a stranger's conversant smile


--night is never more than a half day away
from lonesome ...

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we assign human-like qualities
to the menagerie in cages

gaze with sympathy at the bear
who nuzzles her face to the wall
when visitors come around

tell the monkey how unreasonable
to chase away the paying public
by throwing such a mess

question how it is we failed to trick
the cheetahs into mating in captivity

and wonder what our humanity has done for us
when the tiger finally k...

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these fragile tyrannies
these fragments surviving
the systematic murder of the self

see how they smartly reflect
see how we do prolific death in style

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to disappear from the suspicious leers of strangers

who say the word "ethnicity" like it's an obscenity

because the scars of the distant past offend us
and inflicted psychic wounds bind us to things
groping fingers can't grasp

like children born of ghosts...

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russian girls

Mother calls to her three times every day


inevitably while daughter's ice blue eyes

are found searching the sea for the first sign

that the Siberian winter is finally ending.


She hates the nervous laughter that escapes her

when furtive strangers come too close and she's

sure that her thousand yard stare has betrayed her.


But, in silence her knowledge betrays all...

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capture & release

there's bright colored plasma in flames

and feet that thought they could run


but melt-away cellophane hands can't hold

an assailable heart come undone


--often, the most dangerous places

are those found closest to home...

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there's a crack in the wall
and it's spreading like a web
to that most tender of places

where the adolescent mind never learned
how to say it's too late the roof's already in flames


now the same mouth that sat mute
while I shaped an ear from a lump of gray clay
because you never learned to hear

remains silent while I learn
to build houses with doors

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A place holder for future musings...


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another early morning daylight

i find you staring wide-eyed at the ceiling

and i know what you're thinking

you said it was ok if i didn't talk about it

but it bears down upon the air we breath

oppressing and you're asking yourself

how much more silence you can take

i once told you jokingly you would get bored of me

but boredom doesn't resemble the face i see

the face the...

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origins and distillations

the horizon has disappeared

the ocean is in my mouth

somewhere there is a child who cannot yet walk
stacking colored wooden blocks, decoding m-theory

and a new planet is being formed
within a mound of opened earth


the gulls are crying
and their echoes are being carried
in the canyons of the barren ocean floor

but I have swallowed up the sea

and today's new creation is sa...

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my new lover is impetuous

I feel her eyes on me
like hammerstrikes on steel

and she says she knows me
like sparks show through darkness

but I cannot come out tonight--

she doesn't know my heart or how
her new tiger has been tried

and she doesn't know that though
I've turned my back against the divide

I will always keep a wide eye focused on the sun
forever setting in the wes...

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I'm Into the Blue

I Disconnect--

every evening's struggle

sees another day come up short

leaving me zeroed in

a deep-freeze limousine

that never passes go...

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delicate boys

and intricate poisons

coax solemn oaths

from intimate whispers

like prayers to nameless loneliness

and longing


but jealous daylight

still grips her knife

in wait to kill

what she cannot take

from night

though all that was

once wild in us

is now retreating

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distant history


and the rebellion

of Persepolis


--twin stars like twinkling eyes

against the blanketed night

guide the wandering dogs of heaven,

while eden sleeps fallow at history's feet.

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I wanted to dare you--

I wanted to say, "make something

beautiful," from this

formless mass of matter

we've created--instead

I held my breath.

One two three building
blocks placed neatly

With no order imposed
I can never predict where
my belongings will go

While continual rearrangement
creates new facets where
they were once nonexistent

We seem busy deconstructing.

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