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John Marks on Semper Eadem (Mon, 10 Feb 2020 11:36 pm)


You  make me cry like i can feel something other than pain, confusing me, you keep speaking my worlds
Are you true
How can you not see your value, why do you hide in crowds
I want you to feel what you make me feel
​​​​​Want you to believe it
To swallow your pain, too late for me
Be you x

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Wait, wait, ignore the fallacy
Wait, wait, ignore the depravity
All i want is all i have is all you need is not enough
How can you tell me everything is ok.
And i love you for it.
Afraid to live, afraid to die
Terrified all the time
Can't stop grasping at straws each time i feel myself going under
Wish i could care for someone who gives a shit
But i mistrust myself more tha...

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escapeMental illness

Embracing Oddity

Eloquent, articulate, skipping through the rhythmns of other peoples thoughts

Puzzles solved, just give me the time I can't perceive

Learnt to express myself in a language I don't understand

Saying anything but what I want

I can never say the truth of me, speak my mind

It requires a narrative structure I do not possess

You're on the fringes of weirdness but I'm the whole fucking ...

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I wish i were braver. More like everything you deserve. 
Wouldn't inflict my self on anyone. Nothing more cruel i've always thought.
I can't change the past and there's too much of it. 
I see the heart of you, clearer than the things you want me to. 
I dont see the rules to the games you play, and don't know why you play them anyway.
Hear this echo fade away, flickering to the tunes you play.

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AwakeningdepressionhopeMental health

To the Desperate Disparate

For the desperate disparate
All I am
since before i  heard the tigerpig, no thought no time
When i stop i am gone
Ever as now
A silent scream rising like the firefawn
Existing only when the wind blows
Moss beneath my toes on the old stones
In sunlight through stained glass
The echo of living through falling lashes
Alive for one timeless moment
Hoping to smell poplars through the pine

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depressionhopeMental health

Semper Eadem

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Semper Eadem
I want to feel connected. To anything. Anything at all.
You all belong here i can tell, i see the weave running through you, even the worn and tattered threads.
And i float above and barely touch. It's all too much this not enough.
This pain is real and meaningless, i watch as salt water carves cracks around my eyes with too much to ask and not enough to say
I want your joy, your...

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depressionMental illness

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