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Martin Elder on Instructions in the event of an untimely end (Wed, 20 May 2020 05:54 pm)

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Paul Sayer on Set Adrift (Sun, 17 May 2020 08:23 am)

Instructions in the event of an untimely end

After all the fuss,
which I'd rather not have
but if you must, you must.
So, when it's quiet, 
just you and me
take my dust
and put it in the compost.
All of me.
Not just a sprinkle. 
Don't hold back.
Just chuck me in
on top of the teabags,
cover me with grass clippings.
Leave me be.
Until we're both ready.
Maybe a year,
Depends on the temperature,
and you.
Begin again in the Spr...

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love poem

The forecast was good it'll turn out nice again

She's a fair weather lady.
Crowned carnival queen,
Under a sunny blue sky.
Clement days when the forecast was good.

Battered by squalls 
She's a fair-weather lady.
Running for cover
To the tattered shelter of a childhood home.

Buffeted and drenched  
By a low pressure depression.
She's a fair weather lady
Hoping it'll turn out nice again soon.

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Poetrait poem

Everyone Wants a Horse

"And how many horses do you want?"
"None, zilch, zero"
I always give the same response
I really don't want a horse.

"Have you got a horse?"
"No" and I'm happy with that
But they worry I'll leave it too late.
And then they tell me again "It only gets harder with age to be an equestrian."

"Congratulations you'll be getting a horse soon I expect?"
The best wishes I graciously accept.

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feminismFeminist poemfeminist poetry

Human Detritus

We shed our wrapping.
In tiny flakes.
Every hour,
Of every day.
We drop our debris.
Then sweep ourselves away.
And yet we stay the same.
Freshly wrapped.
To shed again.


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Body poembody poetryskin

Set Adrift

It was, too soon, too quick and you were gone.
We set adrift upon the rising breeze.
To seek a place where loss did not belong.
We floated high among the swaying trees

Onward, toward, into the tempest’s gale.
The whirlwind took us beyond and away.
We cried a long collective howl and wail
Of love and loss with deep complete dismay.

But even in a raging hurricane 
There is an island eye...

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death loss friendgriefgrief poem

All the social distances you need

All the social distances you need

Roll up, roll up have I got a bargain for you
All the social distances you need
Measures for all.
A size that fits
For you, and you and you and you

Let's start with something simple
Just half as long as a Volkswagen Beetle
The length of a King size bed
9/10 as tall as an artificial Christmas tree
1 and 1/5 times as tall as Napoleon

What about some...

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