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Hashbrown Town

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I took a trip down Hashbrown Town,
To take a look around, and found,
Everything there, was textured-triangle
With angles rounded, and not at all Square

Unlike Toblerone Town, where everything is,
Monochrome mocha, with sides geometrically true
T'was more akin to deep-down, Old Dorito City way
Having uneven slopes, covered in a crispy-golden hue

Milling around, downtown Hashbrown Town,

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A Nature of London

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Violent splashes of survival,
Thriving through cracks in walls
And drab pavement slabs
The City's lungs losing their bark,
As they choke down its gargling soup

Pigeons dining out on spew
Left behind by someone who,
Had one too many over their few
Whilst the parakeets' sudden startling screech,
Almost knocks small ones off-a their feet

The Capital Fox on the prowl,
After the wanton s...

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Searching for the Spirit of the Season

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Searching for the Spirit of the Season
Searching for something we can believe in
Searching for the rhyme and the reason,
That undefinable and indisputable feeling

But where to be found?
Up in sky or down upon ground,
Amongst trees or far out to sea,
Or around the hearth of a loving family?

From presents received and given,
Or from the depths of solitude,
That deserted walls have hidd...

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