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Life is as we make it

Depressing if we sad

Exciting when happy 

Stoic for people indifferent


I'm creating a space

Filled with contentment 

Drops of everlasting laughter 

Pinch of vanishing sorrows


My God is merciful 

He fulfills my needs

Gives more than deserve

Always curing and caring


Hey, long distance buddy handsome

I miss you way too much k...

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Never say Goodbye

I will never quit upon us

Never say goodbye

I love our memories 

Always wanting to restart saying hi

Like the first time we meet with sweet hello

This time it's gonna be hugs, kisses and much more

Just remember I'm never gonna go

Cos you are dearly special

and your love makes me glow

So Hello dear......hope all is well

I'm sitting here awaiting your return as always

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Memories of you!!!!! ūüíĖ

When i miss you

I make a prayer for you

When i wish to see you

I close my tear filled eyes

When i want hear your voice

I scan the memories recorded audio files

When i need to love you

I let my painful heart cry and cry

When i want to hold you

I remember the slight touch around your neck


The bits and pieces of us

Has left me hanging to these

And all i know a...

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O Lord!! Here I come to thee

Rip opened my chest full of pain

I present to thee my ailing heart 

The wounds are sore and deep

Kindly do anoint it till eternity

With the balm of love and peace

There's a storm within me

Winds are strong and overpowers me

I feel weak and find myself collapsing

O God! Please heal me, please heal me

I have none with me other than thee


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A quick scan through the memories recorded

Heart feels a strong urge to take up few tasks

Something within while praying asks me to do

Certain tasks that have been playing in mind

A DNA testing to find the parental connections

It's a constant nagging utill tests been confirmed

May be God is wanting me to discover certain facts

I need to know, i need to process it so desperatel...

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This isn't my dream....it's the worst nightmare!!!!

This isn't the dream i saw

This was never in my plan

From one puppet operator

Into another one's hand

Where is my lover?

Where is my home?

Where are my dreams?

Where is my life heading?


I have fucked my self completely!!! 

So sorry for myself

Sad n bitter end

Another nightmare i must travel

Another lonely life i must survive 


This isn't my dream


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The broken cage

The damaged bird

Ruined life ahead

Love imagination 

Forsaken me

Open sky 

Scares me

Unused wings unable to fly

No hand to hold, no shoulder to cry

I look at the broken cage

Thoughts of past haunts me

Thoughts of future hsunts me

Present loneliness haunts me

All said and done

God here i come

Into your very arms

Take my soul

From wh...

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I have learnt!!

I have learnt to live alone

To live and die and live again

Mend my broken pieces to make them whole

Stitching my relationships with the world


I have fought the demons and won

Now i know God's power is stronger than satan's

The deceptions are mere obstructions 

 Holy verses cleans the fragile webs of demons


I have learnt to depend upon God alone

For None can eve...

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So far, so good!!

I'm grateful to God for releasing me

From the clutches of evil and misery

Now I'm standing at a better place 

Here no evil touches me nor it preys

I am indeed grateful for my freedom

God has led me out off the wicked's prison

I shall follow willingly my Lord God heavenly 

For I'm sure He has bright future and tomorrows

In store for me and that's why he got me released


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I wish i could write romantic, hot poetry....ūüėĒ¬†

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A different picture I did sketch in mind

Wearing glasses of colours red, green or blue

It's the world which turns a blind eye on you

But the vision we wear makes a picture glued


I saw the whole world gloomy grey

Sadness, sorrows and lots of dismay

People gloomy and lost in darkest doom

All trough the grayish glasses i wore yester noon


Red was an exciting colour po...

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Let's get started!!

This new day have new promises to make

In the heart there are new dreams of art

I need to follow those and even more

Into a land where my inspiration stays


Will you be waiting for me travel so far

In search of fulfilling our desires of love

Making my way thousands miles away

I hope destiny has beautiful things to say 


You are my dream, my motivating force and desi...

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