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Tell me the flavour!!!

Welcome to my cookery bakery class!!


The ingredients used here are different

Pinch of sadness with tablespoon full of gladness

Chop the sorrows into cubes narrow

Finely grained spices two mix with ices

Make a dough out of laughter

Spreading cheesing smiles under and over

With an extra topping of mirths pudding

Mix them well, let them swell

Microwave them for hours


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Pen off!!

I have no words to write

No thoughts to inscribe

No advice to prescribe

My fingers are itching

The exercise of typing

Hopefully pain subsiding

Luxury of sleep abiding

Ego on verge of criticizing

I drop my hat and call pen off

Jé Dé Aimé

Añ Ahabâk!!



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Broken necklace!!

Like the pearls from a broken necklace

My dreams have spread all over the floor

Now i am making efforts to pick these back

With the needle and thread of newer life

Sewing the pearls back to its original neckpiece

A pearl here and there, few are hidden under a chair

Behind the curtain, under the table, i have searched them all over


......to be continued!!!

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I had a dream!!

I had a dream once

Which now lay broken

Like thousand pieces

Of broken glasses

From a chandellier

Which beautifully hung

From the ceiling once

Now lay scattered

Onto the very floor

Crumpled and avoided

By on lookers mum

Wondering at the damage

Which had light and magic

Now its end is only tragic

I once had a beautiful dream

I had a dream!!

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Awaiting your return still!!

Heart still awaits your return

Path replays the old beautiful memories

Future shall be in our favour soon

Hope with convictions announces togetherness

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Your love!!

Your love has given me wings to fly

To yonder shores where cranes no cry


Your love has given me strength to fight

The battles never fought and blood unshed


Your love has given me reasons to rejoice

A heart so happy where noise is pleasant voice


Your love has given me hope of a good life

Where locks unlocked and shackles all unshackled


Your love has given...

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The throat still hurts

Croaking me like a froggy

Soothing with lots of honey

As i take off from work today

To rest a day untill health i regain

The sultry weather knocking us down

I don't have many an hour luxurious to enjoy

For there are many chapters left undone

Before the time is up and i be forever gone

God have mercy and bless me goodness

For i haven't any trust ...

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The shivering body lay on the sunken bed

Aches and pains went whirling ahead

Skin was burning, lips oozed reddish spot

Excruciating pain sent viberations hot

No medicine can cure the ailment known

Subsides as the mind switches things unknown

The air holds viruses flying from sneezing mouth

Creating havoc and sending unsound wrath

Tender loving touch could reduce the burdens...

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Afternoon siesta!!

Siesta refreshing tired mind

Pleasant noise obscurely shines

Soul uplifted, purely confined

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Refreshing evening!!

Darkness filled the air

Smoked sky spreading

Like the black winged eagle

Winds flew around and round

The parched lips of silent earth

Atlast received the honey drops

Reviving the thirsty tonuge

With fresh drops falling from heaven

As if God himself took pity on us

Ordering the firmament to blow cooler breeze

With seasoned monsoon rain gliding past

Refreshing every ...

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Summer heat!!!

It was a hot and sultry day

How I missed the cool breeze

The pleasantness of quiet valley

The fan was throwing hot air

As if trying to invoke the wrath of furnace

With each drop of water, thirst but increased

At last drop dead on bed after a hectic routine

Draping miles of clothing on lean body

An extra burden added to the sun tan flesh

Missing  winter breeze. Just take ...

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Bed of roses!!!

We work harder and harder

To create perfection in life

To create a bed of roses for life

To create a paradise before demise


Even after years of hard work

We attain frustrations

We attain thorny lanes

We attain a bed of dust


Even though we have power, wealth and health

There are things missing

There is disease within 

There are tornadoes whirling



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Love sans you....sans love me!

If love is a feeling

I would feel it every minute of my life


If love is madness

I would jump crazy into it right


If love is tears

I will shed them millions per sec


If love is strength

I would workout to gain in length


If love is power

I would sit to bask in it's showers


If love sans You

Then it has no meaning to withstand the hue



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After life!!!

Is afterlife a reality?

This query has circled around all ages

The books of God have given a glimpse of it

Heaven a beautiful home, a reward for repentant sinners

Hell a fire pit, prepared for those who did not pay much heed

Afterlife is wonderful for sinners who repented for their sins

Afterlife sounds a ghost story, nightmare for the obstinate of humans

Believer or disbeliev...

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Confused thoughts!!

Obscure mind

Seldom finds

Clues to life

Abudant lies

Face if friend

Enemy befriend

Hate and love

Chirpping stock dove

Ghosts in mist

Plans twigs twist

Children at play

Jumping on hay

Jumbled up thoughts

Look what is brought

Running a race

Confusing muses pace

Sun shines like north star

Musical solo at the bar

Who knew what it would be


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Addicted to self

Self addiction growing strong

Always seeking personal bond

Selfishness to selflessness

Peace and tranquility flows


Self in friendship with thoughts

Deep Conversations abound

Presence of oneself seems enough

Doses of selfcocaine a paradise found

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Bare thoughts!!

All the enjoyments of the world

Never ending race for success

The name and fame attained

These are just fleeting realities


Novels and writers

Authors and poets

Politicians and artists

Seek bubbles reputation


What is to come is everlasting

None working to attain the eternal success

Illusionary world charms and spell bounds

Graves shall wake the living dead...

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If i could know!!

If i could know what tomorrow would be

This anxiety wouldn't just be haunting me


If i could know when he will return

This wait wouldn't feel just so long 


If i could know his feelings for me

This curiosity wouldn't just be killing me


If i could know what our destiny would be

This obscurity wouldnn't just be blinding me


If my world could be any different ...

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Slow poisoning!!

Secretly mixing chemicals in the food

Seasoning it with my favourite fruits

The best of delicacies that can be made

Adulterating it with poisionous spices

Turning the lips blue, chapped and breaking

Sapping the energies and causing me collapsing

The slow effect eating my body away 

Hair falling tremenously, with every combing a bunch coming

I can only look at myself in the ...

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Impossibly possible!!! :)))))

There's no point in wasting time

In despair, anxiety, depression and fear

Life is too short to be destroyed in wasteful acts

There're reasons many and visions we can fulfill

Then why to sit crying over things which would never happen

Most of our fears, doubts and anxiety are useless

For they never turn out to be the way we thought them to be

There is a bigger plan working this...

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My blog diary!!!

My thoughts like a platoon marching on

Left and right with directions straight

Following the command of my little heart


Fingers like pen are hurriedly jotting

Each and every bit of my waywardness

Creating an art piece for times to come


Blog entries are the private diaries

Holding each emotion and feelings

That my turmoiled head creates and discreates


Like ...

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Everything has a perfect time

Every love needs a musical rhyme

Sometimes we dont understand

But things happen in its perfect hour


Patience we practise, willing or unwilling

Tolerating our own time ticking level

Those who beautifully wait and persevere silently

Are the ones who reap the benefits wholeheartedly


Never let go the person you love from heart and soul


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Whistle of the train rising higher and higher

The sirens blowing wilder wilder

With every alarm the heart goes racing

And the gong goes banging 

The whispering soul gently murmurs 

Waking from the deep rooted slumber

The tick tocks and bang rings unaffected

Falling on deaf ears of cremated souls

The bodies move with conscience subdued

With lapsing time a passage eerie an...

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It hurts

Even if i smile, it hurts

Sun shines bright, shadows lurch


Even if a good news comes my way, it hurts

Moon has its soft light to display, keeping heat away


Even if the weather is fair and cool, it hurts

The stormy winds met its doom and passed away


Even if i love, it hurts

Because you are far away and gloominess sways

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Life imprisonment!!!

Single entry and the exit

No second chances for anyone

Do's and don'ts are many

A two way track along a road

Diversions, obstacles and puddles

Fellow travellers compete at times

Many are least concerned

A few halts and jolts

Experiences replete but can't delete

The final breath, solace seek!!!!!

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Letter unread!!!

Emotions unshared

Tears unshed

Feelings uncared

Letter unread!!!


No response is a strong response!!



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Dear diary page 1.

My dreams

My wishes

My desire

My love

My promises



It will all make sense someday i hope.


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Pray, Pray, Pray.....

If you have worries

That have no remedies

Turn to your Lord

Pray your worries away


If you have tensions

Building volcanoes within

On the verge of explosion

Turn your tensions into prayers and rest for a while


If you have problems many

With no solutions to any

Don't sit and brood over them

Rather give to your Lord in prayer


If life gets rough


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The gilded cage!!!

Silently she sits

Pecking food, drinking milk

Unaware of the verses spilled

Food looks fine, magically adulterated still


She swings, she glides

But she can't fly the flight

Her wings are beautifully cut

Making her believe its beauty at work


Seeing the cool blue sky

Cold winds brushing past by

Gliding with the flow to and fro

Unable to save or stop the tor...

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Back to work!!!

I am here to stay till last i breathe

I will never go anywhere and will forever stay

You are the only love of my life

And around you my everything glides


I will never let you go anywhere

I will give you million reasons to stay

You are my centre of attraction

Everything that's mine circles around you


How can we ever depart and say farewell

When we can only do we...

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Answers awaited!!

The mind is torn apart

Swinging along two ends

Finding answers

Uncertainities hound

Will it be, won't be?

A wild guess rakes the constructs

Gentle reply would suffice

Incase the answer comes straight

A roar from lion's mouth

Like a merry-go-round mind circulates

Time passes by,

unanswered thoughts

Playing hide and seek game

Will it be, won't he?

If only he...

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All things end in their perfect time!!!

When life is hard

And going gets rough

Don't lose your calm just stay tough

Give time to rough hours

For they too shall pass


When sorrows engulf you

And tides of times are against

Keep surging forward without waste

Give time to sorrows

They will anyways end


Nothing is permanent in life

Change is the truth and law

Keep marching ahead

like a warrior t...

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Super hero lover!!

Behind the mask that he wears

Is a boy ordinary in his ways

Not knowing the life's dealings

Bumping here and falling there


Spider bites and smitten by life

Throwings webs, omitting snares

Superhero saving innocent lives

Living a life under heroic disguise


A superhero may also fall in love

Knowing that he will never have her

For he has enemies many and life u...

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My loving Lord!!!

Before the day is done

And the scroll is rolled

I have prayers to make

To my ever living Lord


Before the deeds are judged

And the warning call is tolled

I have few breaths to live

To please my loving Lord


Before the hour arrives

And mountains crumbles

I have few unfinished works

To attain the closeness of my Lord


Before the judge of judges


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The other side of being me

I love cooking grilled food

Aroma spreading wide and through

Appetizers great to start with

Ending with desserts and pudding

Italian, continental, chinese and mughlai

You name it and i will try

Tasty treats from mediterranean street

To burgers, pizzas and indian chapatis

I get a perfectly circular Rotis, i donno how

Love the smell of food, but serving friends i enjoy too


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New born passion!!!

entry picture

conceived  long ago

gave birth just yesterday

come all ye and celebrate

my new born love of today

many have given birth

and today their passions bloom

mine is newborn, an amateur true

hope you like my works 

and appreciate the skills

nothing inborn, nothing learnt

just a passion at high 

overtime what it becomes

we shall witness too


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Picture perfect

entry picture

Aim so high, 

When sky is begining

infinity an end

Victoriously marching 

Laurels bagged

endeavours mighty

Wearing heavy yokes

of earth's gravity

Creating the created,

discovering the explored

What new to bring

What's newly crafted

Picture perfect shines

Imperfectly perfect

Flawlessly flawed

Curiosity breeds destruction

Explosion and guns

Loss of ...

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