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Don Matthews on Wayward thoughts!! (6 hours ago)

Do.RoThY on Wayward thoughts!! (13 hours ago)

Rose Casserley on Wayward thoughts!! (2 days ago)

Do.RoThY on Doctors' on call?? (3 days ago)

Don Matthews on Doctors' on call?? (5 days ago)

M.C. Newberry on Doctors' on call?? (5 days ago)

Do.RoThY on Doctors' on call?? (5 days ago)

Don Matthews on Doctors' on call?? (5 days ago)

Do.RoThY on My loving pain!! (6 days ago)

Do.RoThY on My loving pain!! (6 days ago)

Wayward thoughts!!

Problems after problems

Troubled layers ahead

Patience lost to express

Running a tearful race

Sorrrows unexpressed

Shattering soul

Broken promises

Criss crossed 

Bitterly tossed

Mind going numb

Life burdensome

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Love dripped through the eyes

Burning the face, that needs kisses

Washing away the smiles and laughter

Blowing away every happiness that ever existed

Leaving behind bitterly cold sorrows 

Slaughttering the heart into pieces uncountable

Shattered, broken and dead for eons to come

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Doctors' on call??


the longest word in english

its a name of a disease

this word itself is a disease

why on earth such a name was given

i am amused at this silly searching

now this is what is known as NAME CALLING😜

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When the heart is heavy

Laden with grief and pain

I just can't do anything


Smile becomes equally heavy

The air is swollen with pain

Don't just feel like doing anything


When the memories are heavy

There is immense sorrow and pain

Lazy wishes to just do anything

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Either way i have you

Living with painful memories

Or having you till eternity

Whatever destiny holds

I shall abide

Love and happiness


Lovely memories and sadness

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My loving pain!!

This bright beautiful morning

Slowly ushering changing season

From perspirations to chilling cold

Shivering under the fan blows


This sudden shift from heat to cold twist

Am liking it but am missing someone dear

He gently sneaks through this troubling year

Not a second passed without a tear of remembrance


Though the nights are pleasant, cool and lovingly romantic


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Smiling and happy always!!

Smile, no matter how many falls

No matter how broken the walls

No matter how hurt you are

No matter how intense the sadness

Keep smiling and doing away the pain

Smile cos it costs nothing

Smile for its the bravest thing

Smile no matter how much you suffering

Smile and let your tears never rolling



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I ain't a poet!!!!

I ain't any poet to write on subject grave

Am simply jotting my feelings brave

Over the paper spilling the inkies

Sharing views and seldom junkies


I ain't a poet with humour intense

Am penning down verses just random

Blocked emotions that needs a vent

Pen and paper drawing pictures immense


I ain't a poet like shakespear, Keats or Shelly

But am trying to share m...

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A tale of tide!!!!

I have built my little hut near the sea shore

Waiting for the time for the long lost tide to return

The waters that left the shore will someday retreat

In my little hut i will someday hear the music of the feet


The waters were warm that kept my heart and soul at peace

Then suddenly the waters turned cold and left for warmer zones

Here i was all alone frozen, shivering and co...

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I 💖 U

I love you

And forever will

My heart has chosen you

And its for eternity


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What is important?

Cheap thrills of youth?

Innocence of child profuse?

Flirty remarks of sexual hike?

Divine words, wisdom shine?





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I would!!

If i could bring the lost smile

I would bring it back from anywhere

Be it on the mountain high

Or beneath the deepest sea


If i could help wipe the tears 

I would bring the wipping tee

And soak all the precious drops off your cheeks

Leaving behind a dried up face normally


If i could help you walk another mile

I would be your crutches stick to help you walk with


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