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Workplace Gossip Causes ' Issues' . . I'm not a fan of the gossips who sit back and watch the chaos unfold . . this is about that



Gossipygossipygossipygossipy . . . gossip


GOSSIPS !!    Shhhhhhhhhhhsh


Have you heard ?

It's the . . shame its a shame game

Where no-one's to blame

No-one with any

Particular Name . . not really

Not now . ...

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Playin The Game

It's like a sickness, Of desire inside my head, Every single time, You slip into my bed. The way you lie, So casually shy, All implications, Peeping from the corner, Of the glint inside your eye. All is to tease, With some silly conversation, Laden with words like naughty and please; This you distracts me entirely, Builds inside frustrations, From which I need to seek relief. An...

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Lipstick, Cherry red kisses lie Smothered by, Smeared, Disgracefully rouged over Velveteen Lips . . . She whispers ' Oh Dear Me . . . ' As another moral boundary slips. Well then . . . Might as well just Rub me up buttercup Play to the tune Of fingertips tracing Their delicate way To more playful places Wearing 'Dirty' expressions Upon both out faces As I begin to lose myself ...

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Writer at play

Whimsy . . . Silly . . . Written whilst waiting at some lights lol Writer At Play My sign would say As I'm sat quite still In the middle of the Roadway Wearing matching Boots and Hardhat Slightly armed, with paper and Pen in hand; I'm a one man traffic jam making band Whose got something to say, And you're going to listen, Cos I'm sat in your way . . . I'm in total control. Have a...

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Lost in the ost

Wrote this piece for my son, though he hasnt read it yet . . . Its about coping with he divorce of his parents . . . Lost In The Post Where's you smile gone? Got lost in the Post? Along with the famly sunday roast . . And brilliant Holidays, torn in two, It's half the life I'd planned for you. Now days spent elsewhere, prised apart, Divorce is a terrible work of art . . Is badly dr...

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