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if words could cry!!!

if the words could cry

there will be oceans

water turbid and gray

reflecting the pain


if the words could cry

the hurt resonates

like thunder and lightning

thunderbolts of hurt sway


if the words could cry

my tears your heart shed

every emotion eyes read

blending readers thoughts


if the words could cry

each letter would shout

the agnoy burning...

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Missing you!!

How miserably i miss you

The little chit chats i had with you

Your smile and your anger both are cute

Your care and concern makes my lips happily mute


Where have you disappeared

My soul went searching for you

Just before it. could find you

It was time for me to wake from dreams of you


I keep thinking about the times we spent together

Although not much story we ...

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For you!!


For you have cried enough for a longer mile



For your heart knows how to share



For your faith in your lord is unshakeable to leave



For you have many times been betrayed that made you in tears to burst



For it's the only blessing of God and so hold tightly onto this rope



For there are reasons many for you to...

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Oh Soul dear!!!

I am tired of running a race with my soul

It just can not accept certain realities of life

How far i shall let it roam in imaginations

The soul needs to wake up before it's too late


Oh soul dear! Somethings are not meant to be

They are better in dreams and prayers

For those who aren't a part of you

Will never understand your pain and be with you


Oh soul dear! Have...

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Who are the real culprits?

Why only common people die

When there is a riot or a war

While the politicians and administrators don't die

They only hide behind the crimes with woeful smiles


Why only the poor have to suffer

While the rich stays in homes comfortable

The women are raped, men are killed and children orphaned

The government passes bill inorder of country's protection


Why only the j...

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Superior Race?

Why to shed blood on earth for an ordinary post

Annihilation of nations and races at demonic cost

Innocent People are slaughtered for no fault of course

No one knows the reasons except the destructive source


Arrogance and pride ingrained with thoughts higher

A complex developed thinking oneself grander

When everyone is blessed similar then why complex superior

How can som...

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All for love!!

Just a sweet nothing i wish to hear

In loneliness i have shed many a tear

Our separation has been difficult to bear

Cos darling you are lovely and to me very dear


I wish to run into your open arms and hide

All my sorrows and secret pains to you confide

For my heart may only feel peace .when by your side

So happily on the wings of lovely words to you i shall glide



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The speeding car has it's voice

Zoom the word that thrills me

The speed sounds music to my ear 

Which helps my heart beat clear


Speed is the new high in my life

The speedy word gives me chills

Would you give a try yourself

To enjoy the speed as i say


The racing tracks allures me

Grips my mind and swirls my soul

Zoom and zap the great effect so far

Racing ...

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Drug addiction!!

Drinking the words day and night

I feel the poetic high

It relaxes my brain

And relieves me off my pain


The intoxicating effect i feel

After slowly injecting the read

The enjoyment starts 

Soon i pick the drinking glass 


The poetic high is all i need

It's the best drug i ever feed

Like few hard shots in my vien

The soul dances swift brain


I wouldn...

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It's a new day!!

This morning the mind is at peace

The heart is at rest and misses no beat

A smile that welcomes the winter rain

As the day begins with a heavenly gain


Showers of blessings gently falling

Surrounding me with peace and love

The prayers once made answered today

Hoping to fulfill the beautiful destiny


Come hold my hand and share the laughter

With you i feel myself ...

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by the fire!!

Sitting by the fire, before to bed we retire

We decided to relate the stories old and errie

By the night which was turning cold and dark

The stories ghostly were related all in turns


The unknown man we met at the woods, who lost his way

It was now his face we turned to relate a scary tale

At first he was hesitant and almost shy to speak

But soon motivations flowed and he ...

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Who is he?

A question that arise in many minds

To find the satisfying answers for once

Reading the holy books of God and relying

It takes faith and belief to accept the powerful words


For the senses can't perceive His entity

He is hidden behind divine obscurity

It takes faith and belief to accept His divinity

The inscriptions describes His perfect qualities


Should we questio...

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Whispering wisdom!!!

When tired, the words just can't be heard

The heart is faint to internal chaos

Events of the day suddenly pulled away

As darkness envelopes the uneasy air


The words just don't find an easy flow

When in hours of emptiness you rock on chair

Tick tock the clock goes round and round

Repeating the same time day after day


Hours are like flickering hope of a dying man


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If a hug could fly!!

If the hug could fly

I would send incessantly


If the tears that heart cries, could dry

My heart would be hankerchief 


If all the history could be deleted

I would be the programme installing


If the demons and ghosts from past be chained

I would be the medium and bar their freedom forever


My heart grieves the pain of your heart

My soul turmoiled at your...

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little corner in your heart!! (love song)


I ain’t asking you much

Just a little corner there

If you could care a little for me

All I am asking you is

Just a little corner in your heart

Just a little corner in your heart

Just a little corner in your heart



When our eyes first met

It was only a fleeting moment

I could feel your soul in mine

The breath of you breathing mine

All I saw was a...

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A blanket of HOPE

As the darkness intensifies

The shrills and cries

All to a different realm

We rise and beseech

 A blanket of hope

Response to our pleas


The light I perceive

Beyond the tunnel elongated

The assistance I besought

That could lift me out

Finally a blanket of hope

Gifted to me by God


If ignorance was delight

Then knowledge is ecstasy

Unmatched and und...

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Haiku (feel of seasons)

entry picture

Winter breeze,

Frozen leaf fragile.

Summer balminess.


[this is my first japanese haiku, i have tried to maintain the english haiku rule in this poem. the theme goes with the actual japanese haiku that originated. i hope the readers will appreciate it.]


a haiku in a haiku (monsoon)


Raindrop splashes,

Little boy drenched dances.

Parched earth yelps.


[ a ha...

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If words could find some space!!!

I wish to inscribe my whitered notions

Trying to weave the words in flying emotions

Like kite it fly high and always entangled

The thoughts are verily criss crossed


The web of anxiousness and anxiety

Overtook the sleeping little beauty

Like a spider the words crawled

Through streams of dreams into reality flawed


Feelings are all jumbled up in a notch

As i pull ...

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