If it is

Dream tends to realize

If it is purposeful,

Flower tends to be pollinated

If it is honey-rich.




Land tends to be fertile

If it is irrigated,

Water tends to mirror

If it is translucent.


Song tends to be soothing

If it is melodious,

Script tends to be compelling

If it is story-lined.


Air tends to be breathable

If it is oxygenated,


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Do not think it’s over.

It’s not even a start.

A poet, a philosopher

Just need more time.


Everything is not verbal.

Deeper sense remains untold.

Usually, but not forever!


With a little more inspiration,

A bit more reassurance

It will come out sooner.


It has to come out.

How long will it be?

Can it stay unexpressed?


Few souls are old.


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The Wade

Cowards follow the crowd,

Cows follow the herd.


Lion comes sudden,

and wins the crown.


Timid follows the shown way

Night repeats after day.


Bees find the flower,

and bring honey to the hive.


Spite  spreads the rumour

Virus boons an outbreak.


Terns cross the oceans,

Prudent values vision.


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