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the learning nerves

The learning nerves!

A poem inspired by a confidence and self esteem

building course attended at Mhist in Bolton.


Destiny and desires designed the darkness into an eventual tangle,

of falsities and fears with which we wrangle!

Thoughts founded on falsehoods and threats that flowed like water to the deepest depths,

fantasies we fear are facts that leave us of true h...

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the secrets of the salamander - an alchemical misadventure!

The Secrets of the Salamander...

an alchemical misadventure!


Like a phoenix in the flames of forever I frolic, beyond deaths door no longer melancholic!

The gates of the grave behind me long gone, as into labyrinthine lands limp and lost I went on.

No end as conceived of while conscious came to bring a close,

to the chaos that continued all around me with thunderous fo...

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a journey through Divine madness

A journey through
Divine Madness!

Between my moments of darkness and despair, I discovered a God I know is there!
In revelations rapturous He was slowly revealed to me, till I fell asleep again and forgot His immediacy! In that forgetfulness I felt fear, but its intensity decreased as we neared 'here'
and when I did re-remember Him each time He appeared more clear.
No words could...

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chiller the sweet akita

Chiller, the sweet akita

Far too soon did the bell toll for such a top dog,

before your time dear friend did you go to God.

With winged paws your now free in heaven forever,

but here your mum and I will forget you never.

Our time together so joyous yet short,

marvellous memories of the good times to me that you brought,

outshining by far the period of pain caused by ...

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