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For Absent Friends

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Somewhere in between,
The waking and the dream,
I can feel you close to me.
Just before times hands,
Reshape the desert sands,
I can feel you reach for me.
In the blink of tear stained eyes,
Watching, weary, to the skies,
I can hear you call to me.
In the breaking of the dawn,
In the dew upon the lawn,

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SPECTRE Drifting by my window pane, On a cold dark winters eve. No sign or trace, no echo or sound, No path to follow or deceive. A silent spectre, ethereal form, A hazy memory, from life, 'twas torn. Jealously wanting what now it resents, An anger no mortal can perceive or prevent. A pulsating obsession of hate and desire, Feeding the flames and stoking the fire. Trying t...

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The Jester

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THE JESTER The jester performs in a world full of tears, His chuckle, an attempt to allay all our fears. His joyful tones, sweet music to our ears, His mission, to help those who need it so dear. But what of the end of the long lonely road, His whimsical smile, no-one left now to goad. When the laughter runs out and the jester runs dry, As realisation sets in and he can do noug...

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MISUNDERSTOOD Random moves and shameless dudes, Midnight shades and sullen moods. Roaming dark streets in silent hoods, Secret signs and stolen goods. A world of violence and cold, stark fear. No words to be spoken, no sounds to hear. Hiding in the shadows, in dark, dank doorways. Sneaking through alleys, in the damp winter haze. Cold empty gaze, no emotion or regret. Steal...

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Absent Minded Mouse

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ABSENT MINDED MOUSE I once saw a mouse, Upon a dolls house, A sniffing and twitching his nose. I asked how he was, And he looked right across, And said, "Not too bad, I suppose". I asked, "Are you waiting, For someone or thing?". He sighed, "No, I'm lost, And it's a fine ding-a-ling!". Said I, "Can I help or show you the way. Where were you headed or going today?". He sa...

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A Sporting Heart

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A SPORTING HEART Feet bite down And all around, the roar. Expectations are high Hands reaching for the sky. And yet my heart is still. Feet pounding, resounding Each step a moment in time. A memory begun Beneath the starting gun. And yet my heart is still. Competition is tough Will he have enough. Or will the devil of defeat Be-still his aching feet. And yet my h...

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WOL Olympic Competition

Alphabet Soup

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ALPHABET SOUP A is for apple, all juicy and ripe. B is for bottle, all shiny & bright. C is for chocolate, all tasty & nice. D is for doggy, with bright, sparkly eyes. E is for egg, with a nice runny yolk. F is for friends and other nice folk. G is for games, all happy and fun. H is for home, when your dinner is done. I is for igloo, a house made of snow. J is for jelly, all co...

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Sweet Is The Word

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M is the mother of my children, strong & fair. A is the answer, because she's always there. R is the romance, the reason & the right. G is the girl I come home to every night. A is the anchor, to keep us safe at bay. R is the ring that I gave her one fine day. E is the elation & excitement we enjoy. T is for tomorrow, I look forward to with joy DPS Aug 2009


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Potions & Pills

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POTIONS AND PILLS I once met a witch, Who claimed she was white. I said, "Well ok, I'm not sure, but alright". She said she could cure us, Of all of our ills, Without the need, For potions or pills. I said, "I have back-ache, What can you do?". She said "Close your eyes, And take off your shoes". I asked, "Will that help?", Thinking this was a joke. "No, but the c...

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The Greenwood

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Like a sea of dancing green,
Twisting and turning,
Like a sweet summer dream.

The roar of wooshing waves,
Through leaves of glistening verde.
A sound so sweet and relaxing,
Never forgotten, once heard.

The creak of bending branch,
Stretching with complaint.
The sigh of silent voices,
So gentle and so faint.

Natures ancient guardians,
Standing lofty and aloof.
Stand watch and offer protection,

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A Mouses Tale

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A ​Mouses Tale But it's not my fault, cried the mouse in dismay. I knew where I was going, though it was far, far away. Sat at the foot of my bed, with his hands beneath his head, He tried, through his tears, to relate what is here... I set out early this morn, after nibbling on some corn, For my breakfast, on the cob is best. I was planning to go to "The Great Mouse Show". A long...

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Twilight Delivery

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I used to help my sons with their early morning paper rounds. What follows is as a result of this and a keen eye, ears & immagination...



The flashing light. Like the call of a distant beacon in the misty, grey dawn signals from across the deserted embankment. It's silent message calling out to a world still wrapped in the strong arms of slumber. Only the g...

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Big Ben

​Big Ben can count to ten Because he was taught by Elves. If he goes "BONG" Without getting it wrong They'll teach him to count to twelve.

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big Benlimericks

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