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Stepping Back From the Chaos (Poem)

In the quiet of the night, 

Where everything is still, 

And dark 

Behind the misty sky,

The world shuts down, 


And dreams, 

Looks so real 

As we ponder 

The night time visions

Of above, 

Giving us glimpses 

Of our daily thoughts

As we contemplate, 


And Rejuvenate.


When we get up, 

Like the quiet of the night, 

This place o...

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Solitude Needed At Times (Poem)

Solitude is my friend,

My place of zen

Where I enter

When frustrated 


Or angry.

I look within,

The only power 

I’ll ever have 

To change within 

So I can change 

The course.

When I enter within 

I can conquer mountains 

In front of me.

And I can enter the world, 

And be happy and at peace, 

Despite the chaotic world 

Of our nation.


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chaoslooking withinStillness

Face Life the Real Way (Poem)

He came into this life,


With atrocities of every kind,


As all he wanted was a life


Free of trouble 


And heartache.


As he was looking for freedom, 


And inner peace,


He was bound by beatings, 




And abuse. 


He then reverted to alcohol, 


All day and all night,


As he was looking for stillness,


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The Swim to Victory (Poem)

As I swim in the deep cold blue,

Beneath remains squids, sharks, stingrays

And 30 feet deep. 

I stay focused on the sandy shore,

About 500 meters away, 

As the current comes sweeping my way,

I gasp for air, 

In these 10 feet waves,

From the shoreline grace,

Completely focused on my destiny,

Completely focused on my victory,

I’ve pulled through in my mind, 

So be...

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Harmoniously With the Divine (Poem)

The more I separated from the divine,

I was clouded by the misty wall.

The misty wall was all I could see,

Without your lenses through the deep.

The more I pursue despite the lies,

I can see you and me harmoniously. 

As long as you’re here with me,

There’s nothing and nowhere I cannot be.

And as long as you’re here with me,

I can just be,

Conquer mountains

In front...

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Overcoming and Thriving (Poem)

Without mountains to shake us deep,

We are merely sheep wondering in the field, 

Merely existing but not living, 

On flat ground as we wonder around. 

No opportunities to strive for,

No burning desire to reach for,

No journey, 

Merely existing, wondering around,

With no desire to strive for.

We condemn what unfolds the journey,

And condemn what creates triumph,

In ...

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Seeing Past the Misty Fog (Poem)

As I pull through in the misty fog,

Everywhere is blurry 

But the forefront. 

I put my backpack on my back,

I open it, 

Let the trash drop. 

One by one 

The trash drops, 

As I steadily gaze at the forefront,

Fully immersed on this present moment, 

To bring me all I love and need, 

Fully immersed on this present moment, 

To unfold my path and destiny. 


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Needy for Love (Poem)

Stacey was a kind hearted soul,


Wanting to make her mark in the world.


Happy and seemingly carefree,


Perky and everyone adored her.


Though she was upbeat at first, 


She craved attention 


And affection,


So much that it became her only obsession. 


Her dad was a drunk,


Would get home from work, 


Drink all night long.



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Future Changes With Perspective (Poem)

I look at you, from a distance saying,

How will you unfold from this distant smile?

Will you live in the moment, as the Buddhists do? 

Will you embrace the moment, 

Be you, and chase your dreams? 

Will you press pause, 

Stand still, despite the pain? 

The moment I choose, 

The future changes,

And the moment I choose, 

From a state 

Of grace, 

The future changes....

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evolutiongrowthlife choices

I Forgive You Because (Poem)

I forgive you because, 

Holding on to hurts of the past 

Is being shackled to the ground

With no escape 

But the sound of your voice belittling,

With your sarcastic remarks.


I forgive you because,

If I don’t,

I will sleep walk my whole life,

Never getting anywhere 

But listening to your voice

Condescending and obstructive. 


I forgive you because, 


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Forgivenessletting gowisdom

Searching From the Core (Poem)

We’re always searching for more,   

Through the highs or lows,

We have a burning desire, 

To feel more 

Inside our soul.


Life is a series 

Of seasons, 

To discover ourselves anew,

In a process of love, opposites and desire.


We all seek expansion,

To escape the boredom and latent,

In the upbeat, chaotic world of our nation.


Some sleep walk, 


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Despair Made Me Stronger (Poem)

My deepest moments of despair, 


Brought about my strength,


And perseverance and faith.


The moments I so wanted an escape, 


Were the moments I prayed and praised 


Despite the heartache.


The moments of despair   


Reconciled me into appreciation.


It’s what pushed me to be grateful, 


Despite the trash in my back pack.



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Depressionwill powerwisdom

Love is a Compass (Poem)

Love is a compass,


A guided direction 


To bring us closer 


To our divine destiny.


Though we may not know it,


Every loved one brings us closer, 


To our dreams,


And mission.


As we struggle to find the answer,


A loved one gives us insight, 


To our divine calling and 


Unanswered questions.


Though we fight o...

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Worth in the Wrong Places (Poem)

Some search their lifetime,


For wealth, riches  


And fame.


The exhilaration 


Of riches, fame, 




And flatters, 


All for possessions and a pay check.


They live their lives, 


Trying to gain worth, 


Through their name 


And pocket book, 


And status. 


Then when finally, their dream is fulf...

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True Love is Inevitable (Poem)

True love is inevitable, 


Like a magnet 


That never ceases to attract.


Like a roller coaster ride, 


That never ceases to die.


A true connection,


More than lust,


A reunion with a soul,


That we need for expansion as a whole. 


A reunion that never ceases to exist, 


As they imprint their name in our heart,


And help...

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Seasons Changing (Poem)

Every season,


Brings its own mission, 


To pursue 


An unending trail,


With mountains, 


And fields, 


And open space.


Weaving and turning,


As we find our compass  


To carve the way.


Pushing through uncertainties,


And doubts,


As we feel our fears 


And declare our wants,


And don’t give in.


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The Promise (Poem)

He looked into her dying eyes,


And saw the dreadful anguish 


In her eyes, at 86, 


While death is staring face to face.


She said why, oh why?


Why does it have to be this way?


What’s the point of all of this?


In a state of disarray, 


From watching his loved one 


Passing away. 


He then promised himself,  


On that ...

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Trust Without Reason (Poem)

He asked his father,


What can I do?


It feels like check mate,


I’ve tried everything, 


I feel as though,


The weight on my shoulders


Is crippling me now.


Do I lay down? 


And let the current sweep me away?


And allow the weight of the tide


To pull me down?


He said to his son,


What is unwavering faith and bo...

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True Meaning of Courage (Poem)

The most courageous of them all


Is the one


Who declares his faith, 


Despite appearance 


Contradicting his faith. 


The one who perseveres, 


Despite reality pushing him down.   


He seeks compassion, 


Despite the cruelty 


Imprinted in the world.


The most courageous of them all, 


Is the one who declares I can, 


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Seeking Yourself First (Poem)

I met a girl,


Confused and afraid, 


She had insecurities of her own,


The most beautiful woman I met,


Yet she couldn’t see it herself,


So she went looking elsewhere.


She was always looking for love,


In all the wrong places, 


Thought she would meet a man,


Then all would fall into place.


She came in and out of her relatio...

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The Front Door is Calling Me Again (Poem)

Though the back door seems fascinating but gloomy.


My senses feel pressured to walk through.


Trying to stand my ground but I pace,


As I contemplate and rehearse my old ways.


With the front door and back door


Next to my face.


One facing my heart and the other my senses.


In two worlds with one dominating my senses.


Entering the back doo...

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Love and Lust (Poem)

One man had it all,


A wife to die for,


All the money a man could ask for.


Love irreplaceable,


That any man would ask for.


It felt stale,


As if it wasn’t enough,


Always looking for excitement and fun.


Temptation and lust kept on creeping his way.


As he was confused 


Which path to take.


After thinking long and ha...

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Fearlessly Face the Unknown (Poem)

There’s a whole world and vision in front of me now.


Behind remains status quo, and chains keeping me down.


Shall I dance with what lies in front of me now,


Or look up to the sky and depart.


Exhilaration is calling me, 


From a stand of nothing


But my father’s hand.


Shall I leap away,


Or allow the chains to remain.


My limp caus...

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Breaking Free From the Spider’s Web (Poem)

Stuck in a spider’s web, 


Surrounded by the sticky silk.


Though I push and strain away,


The sticky silk forcibly remains. 


The world is in my forefront view.


Behind remains the sticky silk,


My arms and legs stuck on it.


Another pull, another strain, 


I know the creator will come through, 


Like always.


As I seek myself ...

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Opposites Work Together (Poem)

Opposites work together to bring stability 


And reliability, 


In each others hands.


Without opposites


Life remains 


And doesn’t change.


For without opposites,


There’s no reference point,


And no platform,


To create ourselves anew, 


And correlate.


Without change


There’s no expansion 


And no creati...

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God’s Plan (Poem)

When you look within,


There’s a destiny and plan.


Of uphill, detour 


All to the master plan.


For every journey there’s scavenged land, 


Of delays, mountains and the victorious hand.


A journey through the mist and sand.


In a broken world and a perfect world,


A new world of different facets.


A world of greed and generous deeds.


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Racism Isn’t A Joke (Poem)

Racism is a funny word,


Isn’t it?


We don’t understand it, yet make fun of it.


We don’t understand the impact of our words,


We shout out with nothing 


But laughter in our voice.


We got comedy shows 


And crowds that haul,


At nothing but skin on our bones.


Yet we make fun, 


And mistreat, 


And ridicule, 



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Contrast and Opposites (Poem)

For without darkness,


There cannot be light. 


Without failure,


There cannot be success.


Without trials,


There cannot be patience.


Without contrast, 


There cannot be a humanity.


Without challenges,


There cannot be triumph.


For the world exists


Where opposites work together.


To create a world 


Of ...

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Your True Source is You (Poem)

We live our lives,


Depending on others, 


To make us happy,


Because deep down, 


We feel scared and frail,


And need approval, 


From other souls.


We search for approval,


Through everyone but we, 


Because the moment 


Someone values what,


We cannot conceive, 


We want more, 


To escape the longing, 


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The Road to Mastery (Poem)

Through trial and error,

We tough the storm.

The wind blows against our soul,

In this illusionary world.

We don’t understand life,

As we squeeze tight

To be right.

The ideas, that once worked,

Are now expired,

In this illusionary world.


Through trial and error,

We make our stance,

Declare what we know.

The wind blows beneath our feet,

And shakes us de...

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Patience Where Wisdom lies (Poem)


As it remains and escapes,

Through the process of trial and error,

Where wisdom lies.

An underestimating emotion,

We cannot stand.

Though uneasy at first,

Inner peace lies.



Being steadfast and firm,

Though contradictions spies,

In a world of its own,

Of wisdom and lies.



Though uneasy and flat,

Indecisive and black...

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An Angel Ignited my Path (Poem)

When the rock struck me sideways,

Lying face down,

Confused and afraid,

Couldn’t see the daylight.

Dazzled as to where to leap,

Or where to turn,

In my confused altered mind.

But you stood amongst it,

Never blamed,

Nor question,

My reason for being.


Falls, turns and detours

I sympathize the whys,

The reasons for my trial.

Drifting through the motions,


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Way Back Home (Poem)

We start on the journey,


Fired up with faith, 


Telling ourselves all types of things, 


To stay in the game.


Declaring out loud, 


We’ll never turn back,


We’re victors and not quitters, 


Among the pact.


Then adversities come, 


Knocking at the door,


Demanding to give in, 


And forget what we know.



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Praising Falun Gong (Sonnet)

Let’s sing a song of praise for Falun Gong,


In China, on the other side of the globe.


A practice of truthfulness and compassion,


A group who seeks peace and forbearance. 


They are tortured, brainwashed and killed, 


In a nation constantly under attack.


CCP coerces them to give in,


And subject them to acts of cruelty.


Though true to the...

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The Falun Gong Mission (Sonnet)

As I lie awake in bed beneath my sheets,


In the comfort and safety of my home.


I cannot believe this insanity just next door,


For Falun Gong, the other side of the globe.


Practitioners are dying, tortured, and brutalized,


And despised and blamed though innocent.


The sad part is these fellow human beings,


Are mere mortals seeking newfound peac...

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Face Life and What’s Lurking Inside (Sonnet)

My greatest fears were surfacing,


In a world of reality irrational thinking. 


Held so long so deep inside of me,


Distorted into illusionary space.  


Voices speculating in unfamiliar ways,


As they were forcefully dominating their game.


Leaping out in their own disguises, 


Trying to convince me of heartbreaking lies.  


I acknowledge, it...

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Letting Go (Poem)

As before I was searching for meaning,


Through others and approval.


I can’t fathom the belittling,  


Through friends, 


And peers.


The teacher who would be constantly 


On my case.


About not listening, 


And being spaced out, 


All day.


Too serious and in my head.


As he made comments,


And mockery,



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The Soul And The Ego (Poem)

She is insecure.


Although on the outside,


She’s the life of the party,


That everyone loves.


An outgoing personality, 


Attractive and provocative,


She stops at nothing, 


And can get any guy she wants.




Inside she feels,


Afraid and Uneasy, 


So she puts on an act, 


To avoid revealing herself.



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A Simple Life Process (Poem)

Though we reunite on special days and occasions.


Laughing and catching up on old days.


Some born, some pass away, 


To another world watching over us, every day.


Though we cannot fathom the very day,


Where one will part away, 


To another world, 


And leave our place.


It is this day and age, 


We must accept,


The rules tha...

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For Every Journey There Are Obstacles (Poem)

Out of depression and sadness,


Came a desire for peace and happiness.


Out of sickness came a desire for wellness.


Out of judgment came a desire for respect.


Out of challenges and adversities,


Came a desire for victory. 


Out of all these obstacles, desires were born,


And without desire, there’s nothing to reach.


And without adversities...

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Disguise and Creation (Poem)

Your eyes are glimmering astray, 


Your smile is faintly portrayed.


Perhaps you don't realize,


The glim in your eye,


Because you're so preoccupied, 


On your illusionary world inside.


Whenever you enter into the world,


You play aloof and you act like a troop.


You never deal with the hidden,


Mistaken belief and truth.



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The Rat Race (Poem)

Competition is your best friend.


Living in expense and luxury, 


Buying expensive diamonds,


And toys you don’t use, 


To convince others, 


Of your value beneath insecurities.


You created your own competition,


Out of jealousy and greed, 


To prove that you’re worthy, 


You forgot what it means,


To live life internally. 


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The Law Of Attraction In Motion (Sonnet)

The law of attraction can make or break you,


In a world of uphill and breakthrough.


Let honesty rule our sight, 


As we break free of the treacherous light.


Let’s not allow pride to rule our soul,


By thinking merely of the world.


Let’s seek our inner treasure,


It contains our inner power.


And let our inner self shine, 



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Wisdom (Sonnet)

Wisdom has a mind of its own,
Sneaks up in time as we seek our soul.
When black paint is smeared against the wall,
We try to make sense of it all.

The gift of wisdom lies,
A world of coincidence in the sky.
There is always light in the midst of a cry,
As we make sense of the heartbreaking trial.

Constant reminders to stay in the game,
In a world of recurring thoughtful change.
No acc...

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Loving Oneself (Poem)

When he truly loves himself,


Accepts himself as he is,


Why does he need approval, 


From anybody else.


If he is secure,


The critics don’t matter,


He knows where he stands,


Controversies don’t last.


If he truly loves himself,


Then why does he need convincing,


To prove to him, only what he can.


For if he is secure...

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If We Can Be Children Again (Poem)

When we’re newborns and toddlers,


We’re so eccentric and authentic,


Eager and ecstatic,


To start living our life.


Gazing at the night sky, 


We ponder the brilliance,


An amazing masterpiece, 


A great work of art.


There must some force,


That created this world,


That’s giving me breath,


That’s protecting me and ca...

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Creation And Seasons (Poem)



They come and go.


Like a withering Hand,


And a beautiful pearl.


A beautiful day, 


Along with the raging storm,


It always comes back,


To a beautiful day. 


The storm rushes in, 


With little no signals.


We hide in the safe harbour, 


As fast as we can,


Where peace and safety,


Is in our reac...

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Pulled Myself Together And Claimed (Poem)

When I lay in bed,


Remembering the nights I spent in dread.


I realize it was not long ago,


That I felt so sad and low.


I so wanted an escape,


To solve all my problems and my rage,


Prayed for help from up above,


Said help me now if you're a source of love.


Confusion swept away,


When nothing happened I burst away.


I kept...

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The Mountain Of Clay (Poem)

Out in the wilderness,


Where winds burst away.


We are all creators today,


On a mountain of clay.


The mountain can be atrocious, 


With its height and surface.


But we keep pressing on, 


Until the day we’re gone.


Our nests high up in the trees above,


The winds toss and turn its branches and trunk.


Our nests shake upon the...

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