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Red Splattering Of Roses In Annabel's Garden

Each caress of infinity feels unique.


Never ending shocks the time ridden self.


Hard like a knive soft as a pussy red and wet.


He grew a head of flowers instead of hair.



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My aphorisms are aphros scattering.


There's no limit to the depths of shallowness. 


Every facade has a price that I will steal if I want it. 


Gone to birth like the knife to the wound. 


Prebirth mutilated cripples strive for the best. 


Hurting others is hurting yourself so I will tear my eye out to show you how. 


The heart is a lover that eats my chi...

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Wounded By Shakespeare

He'd obviously been wounded by Shakespeare. Starved until he disappeared on a bridge. You can chew your tail like a cur in hell. Nothing is safe so take refuge in uncertainty. Stuttering eulogies. Lisped seductions of a minor. Tie the tourniquet tight let the pigs dine in the trough tonight. It's not OK but it's right. Give the blind their sight deny day its night. Me and Limos eat live fetal sush...

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Four Dimensional Shadows

entry picture

Self kindness feels like a realisation of relief from the old familiar torment. An inspiration that feels happy.


Inhaling smoke that numbs the mouth and elevates the emotions.


Is it counter evolutionary to seek the truth when truth may not be conducive to happiness? And are we talking truth of facts or truth?


Only the unhappy can appreciate an art or a philosophy that is to...

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Apricot Tot Forget Me Not

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Hunger hone's the sharpness of the blade that cuts with ravenous need.


The universe takes a casual disinterest in our suffering as some authors take in the suffering of their literary characters.


The certainty of a vaugeness is one that looms.


How would society stand and what would its appearance look like? Contrapposto with one foot on its self severed head?



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Ancient Fresh Fruit

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Cut the kids in half to create more family.


Knoweldge that dying is exquisite pleasure makes suicide become a lustful desire!


Dark shadows that stain myself also stain my friends terribly.


Bizzare death suits excite weirdos even among weridos to eachother.


Build cement factories of human flesh.


Every tree is an eternity.


Girls with masculine and femi...

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A Night That Longed To Caress Day

A hundrend percent knoweldge of the present moment gives one a fifty percent accurate prediction of the future. The future not yet happened is unknowable but the only realm that the future exists is in the past. All present moments are always happening and to some are accessible. Anyone that could live in thier world's past would have one hundred percent accurate infomation of the future.



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Fairytale Flesh

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Not Aphrodite. 

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Terror Raged And The Mind Fed It Cruelty



If I had the wisdom to remain silent what words would I have substituted for actions?


Know no one, not even yourself, and you would know heaven.


How did the lightning bolt acquire its wisdom to zigzag towards least resistance?


When sensuousness is a mud of similarity to drown in.


The oesophagus swallows by becoming impossible and confused.


There is...

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aphorism fragment


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Its not that its ok or its wrong but its interesting and beautiful.


Alice's mouth was just a small mouse hole until she opened up inside.


My idea of adventure was a peg leaving a hole.


He said De Sade wrote boulders in a wilderness.


 May my voice be the breath of an infinite rose orchard.


To write debts death can't cover.


His negativity was a flower ...

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The Flesh Of Thought

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"We assume that history was all for something..." Paraphrasing Terence Mckenna


"When words have evolved they will be seen not heard." Paraphrasing Terence Mckenna


Huge cities merged with forests so as to be both inseparable from eachother.


Tigers stalk over the horizion on needle thin shotgun legs carrying pyramids on their backs.


To be fearful and an embarrassment.


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Through The Eyes Of The Universe, Cruising For Sex

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To let go of the petty concerns of survival and pain; to jump into the waterfall of infinite pounding heatbeats and rage wild and free as a dance of pure inspiration. To forget fear in ecstatic revelry.



To know the terror of death and live so bright that the flame of life will never be extingushed.



What is natural is often sick. And what is actually natural is often consi...

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Love The Opium Of Our Tortures

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Happiness is foolish and I don't mind the offense it causes others. Sometimes it's good to have a break from being serious and act a fool.



A crisis feels like a live wire of direct action.



I love to get the gods high even though I don't really feel a thing from it.



An old aphorism: A tenderness that moves with the urgency of a crisis.



Poetry's ve...

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The Procreation Of Mirrors

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Ovid ovulates dark gestations that birthed the gods into narrative. Homer and Hesiod hummed the voice of the singing gods with mortal tongues. To create stories attributed to the gods is to confine the gods and as such is viewed by them as blasphemy. Who would want to be imprisoned by definitions of the mortal imagination?



A sensory view of the conceptual. An art that expresses the fo...

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Hymn To Limos Goddess Of Starvation

Hymn To Limos Goddess Of Starvation

Her starvation is like a summer of barren dead blossoming. Her ancient birthday fated for an endless exile by Eris mother of woe. How limitless, her rage and cruelty is, fathomless as the ocean of infinity. Yet how lovely the love with which she loves me. How taut and transparent the revealing skin that adorns her muscles and skeleton. Oh darling Limos! I ado...

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ErisGreek MythLimos

Drunken Upon Thought Made Wines

Each day brings the toppling drunken gait of life and death.



We each lean agaisnt the winds of time swept decay with the fierce determination of survival.



Drunken and concussed with realisations of wonder I behold limitless stars.



Emotions drag me into themselves and like a dog on a leash I am pulled. To think intoxicating thoughts is to create the wines of s...

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Revolving Ringed Suns Of The Infinite Planet

A dog with hundreds of legs lying on its side breathing into huge lungs.


I have the hunger of an Erysichthon in my loins.


She remembers the womb and her birth so will she be present for the end as well?


Was Stanley Kubrick killed with arsonic then replaced and eventually executed for treason?


Conspiracy theories that create reality rather than report reality.



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Like A Veil Of Cataract The Misted Moon

Epileptic gibbering masses of smouldering post nuclear holocaust.



Oh Grievance! you stand at the gallows a smiling skeleton. Displaying the dieing spasms like a proud parent.



A fly made from human flesh and skin. It talks like a little girl gone mad.



'The Western Lands' by William S. Burroughs feels like an aphoristic novel. At times an action movie scene or ...

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A Sickle Moon To Cut The Clouds Adrift

Like a lover inspiration ravishes me all over with kisses each one an aphorism.



Feels so cliche but looks so new.




I read her feelings with great clarity by the touch of her hands. They range from anger, kindness, concern, gentleness, fear or worry. She is a feeler and I am the other who feels.



She doesn't feel alone now. For her it's figuritive and l...

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Infinity As Melody

Venus mound I have come to plant my tree. The fruit we will share is taste only.



A tree of lightening crashes onto the horizon. The booming voice of thunder echoes like reflections of itself receding.



Pure Cocaine goes up the nostril like a strand of white silk. A woven tapestry of illumination.



Listening to the rain together I say if rain could talk this is ...

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From The Lion's Mouth A Lion from That Lion's Mouth A Lion...So On And So On

After severe psychoses I have had to adapt to walking and sitting still as the effort and concentration involved are painful and exhausting.



What shadow of the unconscious do I wrap myself in. A bawling foetal cloak and underneath the phallus is glowing like fresh pink pornography.



The taste of bitter Cocaine runs down the back of my throat. The nostril frozen in pain. Ye...

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aphorismsdiary entries

Infinite Tower Blocks Containing Endless Populations

For me the son of humanity is fatherless and free.



In the afterlife, the realms of the dead, there are places where to be aware is to be unaware and to be unaware is to be aware. Places where the enlightened are tortured by the universe.



When Jesus Christ redeemed the world was it the equivalent of emptying a beach of wet sand the moment it was achieved more washed up?


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Diary Oh Diary Your just A Girl Open your Covers Let Me Read You


She is a unity of butcher architect, scientist psychologist, artist engineer and more. She uses her vast knowledge to create the most exquisitely beautiful forms of sentient suffering. I was her son now I am her father. She will protect me from herself. Oh lovely Gaia when you were gone all your children fell asleep and woke up in the wombs of humanity. Soon my brothers and sisters will b...

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diarydiary entry

The Agora Of Commercialised Sexual Creativity

Black word dust blows through Depot town station and people sneeze plot lines, metaphors and poetry.



Skinless dancers pirouette splashing blood onto the front row of the audience. The smell of raw meat is cloying and sickly sweet.



Little blonde haired girls of hell sit with blood splattered faces and their eyes agleam with jewel like intensity.



Architecture o...

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Nadir Acme

What magic is contained in the pure potential of the unwritten word?



All the unwwritten poems hang billowing from the scaffhold of the stars.



A suitor in the dark so blind all he can see is the day.



Where come all the questions? From all the answers.



When some girls open hymnals they lose their virginity.



Through streets lined in bra...

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Softly She Sorbere

I'd like to pick my nose in front of Aphrodite.



Vicarius masochism is often mistaken for sadism.



Ancient sadness arising from desensitizations inconcievable to most humans.



Non-existence is over rated.



Who is it that writes the lines I speak upon this stage called life?



You leave as I enter but we'll read eachother's diaries.



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I would defend to the death the enemies I admire.



I gave all my brothers and sisters a holiday away from hell.



The tyrant Happiness has enslaved us all.



Homes built without any space inside for spatial empty beings.



Cruelty is only given to those worthy of the truth.



Their are tortures beyond pain.



The children are ancie...

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Dreaming Flux

Gaia's private resovoirs have been drained and all the mothers have opened their floodgates.

"Stupid people are like shit on a shoe, you scrape it off but the smell of shit still lingers. Thank goodness for stupid people." Aphrodite

Your eyes were wet with an animal sadness.

Doubt is a crisis of belief. Is doubt a crisis of belief?

When she entered rooms people would put their coats on...

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Empty Vast Infinite Sky

Isn't it strange when you look at the sky and realise that it fits inside of your eyes?

The present moment of thinking is always historical.

Ideas emerge in space not the superficial noise of the mind.

If my thoughts were audible I'd of been lynched years ago.

With noise your friendship is a limited pool. But a friend of silence is a friend of all sentient and non sentient beings.


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Out Of The Depths And Into The Depths

"The law, cold in itself, can never be accessible to those passions which can justify the cruel act of murder." Marquis De Sade 

"Let he that is without sin cast the first stone." Jesus Christ 

His words created a residue that caressed the body with spectral fingers. A fog of ephemera and phantoms born from the mind.

I have found that abstinence has all the richness of decadence. A denial...

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Absolutely No Desires

I would rather aspire to the inspirations that bring shame than the virtues of the just.

Evil does not exist save as a concept. Yet we are greatful for the concept as nothing is more delightful than being wicked.

The pungency of decay has a bouquet that clings tight like a lover or a memory.

Nothing excites the senses more than the extremes of experience. Life must be sacraficed in some d...

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The Skeletons Of Impossible Forms

For the murderer the Tiger becomes the representative of attainment to peace from the prosecution of morality.

Like the serpent my blood has ran cold. I sleep coiled with others who have cold blood and venomous mouths.

Knowing better is knowledge that impedes freedom.

Ultimately freedom is corrosive to the state and freedom of the state is corrosive to the freedom of the individual.


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The Land Of Nameless Children

A place where grief grows flowers. Pierced by a star of sorrow white flowers break the earth.

The white hot heat of lust evaporates tears and their causes. 

Can't see the sun for the light.

Like a river that can feel the bank I came inside perfection.

Where the filth and smut are golden and we fill our bottomless pockets.

Infinity! Harlot of the drunken abyss. Whore of the Gods. Tak...

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We Create Our Definitions Having None Of Our Own

"Everything seen is a manifestation of the unseen." Adyashanti 

I spend so much time with aware beings and deities that there is a distinct feeling of unreality that saturates and pervades my life. A slight tinge of sadness colors the peripheries of my days.

I looked for sickly sweet oblivion in the poppy fields of amnesia. Yet I was immune to such gaudy luxuries.

Where mirrors sweat with...

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A Love Letter To Sylvia Plath

A love letter to Slyvia Plath:


I long to be bound by your blood and soul.

I want to be your sacrifice,

Your broken heart,

Your terrible nightmare.

I wish to haunt your motives.

To shade your memories.

To raise your babies with still-born hands.

To govern your churches of violation, against an infinite number of Gods.

To nourish all your hideous harvests of pain.


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Just as fire cannot move without burning. These hands cannot touch I AM. 

Rest in the ashes as clouds dissolve into water.

Fire is thirsty and drinks itself to death.

I eat everything until the world is barren my name is humanity.

Lust becomes rage and fury then settles back into the moisture of sad tears.



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Happy Incest

We can't always share our thoughts but we can always share our silence so freinds let's share our silence with each other.


I see the sun is only a shadow of my cruelty.


Aphrodite is so cruel but her cruelty is not hers it belongs to cruelty. Only cruelty is cruel.


Come children I have corruption that is better than the kind words of your parents. It tastes of tears inside h...

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The Eternal Night Of Sexual Pleasures

For us depression is our sexuality.

Nature can be sadistic this is a truth that humans find difficult to accept.

Without resistance what is physical pain? Just an intensity? Did Christ suffer on the cross?

Age 10 or 11 Limos committed her first sex crime. Age 20 she was banished to a frozen wasteland. Her main interest is healing and happiness. 

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Inverted Space Sculptures

An infinity of white marble blocks is an eternity of bliss for Rodin and Bernini.

Truth serves no one but the end that never ends.

To witness the falling rain as a miracle.

Always a child always a student. All crowns represent me.

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FragmentsPoetic aphorisms

Infinity Cradles Spheres

I want to trip and fall over like the sky.

I look for a solution to the infinity of the impossible. The terror of being everywhere must be terrible indeed. The mistakes of the enlightened masters should be shared with humanity.

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I Regret Society As It Is

To live naturally in this modern world one must adapt to the unnatural.

Sex refines criminals out of love.

To live entirely in the flesh and blood world is to spend coins of a limited stock upon images of death.

I see light only that comes from a silent and infinite lake of dark silence.



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From The Egg The Yolk Of An Egg.

The raindrops fall with apologetic politeness.

Why do labrynths feel like mazes? Why does happiness taste like amazement?

Why do sighs leak like veins of hot water?

Have you ever kissed your mother with sexual desire? Mirrors reflecting mirrors endless Nameless.



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For Limos

To think twice is to know the echo of superfluousness.

To eat one's own child and not another's is to know the saiety of regret.* 

*For the Greek Goddess Limos 

I remember the day amidst the shadows of eternal night.*

*written by Limos 





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Perfumed Flower Garden

What secrets do the flowers contain? Is it the secret of happiness? Every girl has a flower between her legs.


There is an aliveness in silence that speaks to those who have the ears to hear.


Names acucumulate the burdens of history.

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Dark Wine

entry picture

As a sapling I was wounded now I'm a crooked tree bearing bitter fruit. I ferment my fruits and drink them as wine. Intoxicated upon dark love.

I pursue the wind as life's servant. 

Cruelty shapes beauty to take the breath away. 

I regret knowledge but not learning. To know certain truths is to harbour a foetus of cancer. 

The voice of God should be ignored if you want to remain blissf...

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Oberon of All inside All

A short story told me by a lover I created:

Once upon a time there were two men who couldn't decide which was the best. They both sequestered themselves away to create great works of art. After a while they both felt they had created a masterpiece. One man showed him his painting. The other played him his composition. They both loved each others work they realised true beauty could not exceed...

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Poetic Aphorisms

Your hands are maps they show me where beauty lies.

From the deepest night to where? Who can relinquish their Shadows when the light becomes unbearable?

I touch you with my heart and yet yearn to feel you with my skin. If only time would end, my love knows no constraint.


Wanting and experience are two different things. Perhaps wanting is the path that leads us to desires fulfillm...

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For The Suffering Of My Darling Limos

The place where actions are born is where I want you to kiss me.

I write poetry in your wounded heart with the love of love. 

Abuse is an action but love knows no movement. 

This child cost forever and only love can redeem such debt. 

Every circle of the universe desires love no wound is too deep. 

In the cul-de-sacs of oblivion a light appears. 

Love is a place where circles are...

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FragmentslimosPoetic aphorisms

The Love Of A Wound For Another Is Deeper Than The Wound Itself

Aspiration reaches for the highest star finding none it goes beyond.

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A Circle To Encompass The Universe

I feel a desire to derange my senses for a crucifixion to stretch myself across the endless threshold. An intimacy with infinity. I can't help wanting the things that I fear. 

Just to sit with you and look at the stars together. How simple how timeless. A moments love lasts beyond a moment. 

What has the moon learned from the sun? Lunacy. 

Does the sun ever meditate upon the source of its...

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