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You know it well that feeling,

hating that you’re leaving.

You’ve GOT to go.


First your inhaled breath teases your lungs, not to be regained

till an ever so minute enlightened spark enflames

your tingling nerves endings.

The ach is unbearable as jealous hands squeeze tight your heart

They the same killers and spillers of poison from cupids dart.

The poison ...

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The passionate whore,

Who opened the door,

Did not look to the future seas.

A choppy storm, the big waves formed,

As slowly she sank to her knees.

The love, no white dove,

Crippled fell from the leaves of her very tall trees.

Created so slow, but yet she didn’t know,

An object so small as a pea.

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The Climb

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Silence surrounds us.

Wind whipping hair, sun shining down.

The trees a rustle in the autumn chill.

Yet still we climb, climb this hill.

Our laughter evades the pores of the earth.

Sinking deep into its burning heart.

A lark it darts, flying free and high

away from the shackles of fate.

Tell me, why cant we?


Horse harsh breath flies as the bag we carry ...

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The chimes the so called roosters wail,

Aloud in many houses to no prevail

He sits upon his glorious throne oh high,

Then sets of sail through murky sky.




There we must wake, beat death another day.

Arouse from the comfort we seek to lay

For all the sides to jump out, in, right or left

We must choose.

Be the ones that win, or the ones that...

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