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Away from home

Away from home....

Here I am , taken far away,

Far away from where we stay,

All I know is that this is not home.


I am surrounded by strange,strange isles,

And home is far away many,many miles.


I lay on a strange pink I land,

I know that this is not my land.


In my home I want to lay,

I don't want another adventure today.


I don't want to be stuck in ...

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Inner beauty

​​​​​Inner beauty 

Beauty mustn't matter,

All it gets is flatter.


Inner beauty is what you need,

With it you will succeed 


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Save our planet!!!!!!🌎🔥🔥💦💦

Save the planet!!!!!!

Once I got a time machine,

I zoomed into the future you won't believe what I saw,

An circular ocean in the place of our beloved planet I have seen.


See what global warming has done,

We must stop it,

Or we will perish each and everyone.


We can still change this fate,

We can still avoid the damage, 

It is not too late.


Just stop the ...

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Today it is the New Year's eve,

It is enjoyable and brings happiness

I've got that excitement up my sleeve.


Tomorrow a new year is gonna start,

YAY!To 2020,

In the New Year many days will be there,plenty.


The coundown begins now 3,2,1,

It's soo much fun!!!


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Acrostic poem

Pretty little sentences that usually rhyme

One needs a lot of talent to write poetry

Equipment for writing poems are only a pencil,paper and ideas

Makes us sharpen our creativity

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My super hero!!!

Oh ! dark Pegacorn,

You have what a majestic horn.


Your horn is in a shade of dark blue,

And you are very much true.


How beautiful is your mane,

As you dance in the rain.


Just as you are  graceful and  beautiful,

You are fiery powerful. You did many a good deed,


You did many a good deed,

You helped many in need.


With your enchanting magic,


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