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To repeat the same, insane, insane 

That's the game I play with myself

To wonder if it will ever end, ever blend

Into the background of my history's shelf

I say I have control but here it goes

To repeat is to remain

I thought murdering the clocks would rid my soul

But the parts just melted, mixing in

And so I am the same

Will I ever change

Will I ever be more than ste...

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Update: 2 outta 3 ain't bad.

Yes I am a Meatloaf fan. I blame my childhood. 


I thought I'd pop on here and give an update about where I'm at. The last time I posted I was beginning my book of poetry, which I'm about two-thirds done with. I got a new job and hit a roadblock, and then I started school and writing poetry was completely replaced with writing papers for school. And then I got a new job writing, which is a ...

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