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I remember that floral scent

Grey upon gray and onward bent

Circles bright to see our say

Games on paper games we play

Blissful movement towards a goal

Memories seated in class- ordered rows

The words were new the time unknown

But I wanted, so wanted to know

And now I know

The words are mine

They are bearers of newer times

I sing my own stories with notes

That o...

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Every cell floats away

Gravity released without a care

And I reach to keep me here

But what is here that doesn't start to wear

I don't want to be tired of fear

But what can be expected

Every grain before my eyes

Never seen in brighter sides

I bring them in

Every molecule of sin

Every scratch that left a scar

Oh my sensitive, little heart

I want to be made of iro...

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5 to 1

I didn't understand

You usually don't when you're 12

Just lyrics offhand

You don't think it's your future

But prescience comes in many forms

Many mouths, many words

Tunes and chapters and metered verse

Written in stone and carries by hearse

Live by the sword die by the pen

Scoff and scold if you think of when

Only forward, one now at a time

Dust in my eyes, feet a'...

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I've been dreaming

Of a lost Christmas

A matchbook girl upon the stair

The world around

A world calm with ease

Where even death

Was to please the peace

What world we see

Our bodies in shock

There is no long in this world

Except for when we forget

I will never forget death

Every child deserves a home

It is the adults that fail

Make excuses, have parties, si...

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17 Listening to White Stripes on Repeat

I have an acorn in my hand

I am curious as to what it will be

Will I grind it into flour

Will I plant it in the ground

Will I throw it to be gathered

Will I keep it safe and sound

What does the acorn want?

Does the acorn even want?

How will I ever know?

It will not respond.

It is my choice, then

Use, grow, throw, keep

It's always my choice

My universal affect...

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Can - Paperhouse (1971)

My God the world is what it is

We are all imperfect

In fact, we're downright mongrels

Idiots, narcissists, drama queens

Why is it so important to be right? 

Just see what is in front of you

Madmen, hungry with power, twisting the screws

They hate us cuz they ain't us

And how cool are we?

Poor and afraid and meek

There is no division

We are all obscene

We all mak...

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Want to disappear

Deep into the stars

Slicing through and bouncing 'round

Find a reason and a sound

Find a girl at her desk

Pushing pencil lead into styrofoam

Dripping makes the sphere

A drop and we're all here

In this room together

Carpet moss and hair feathers 

If I sing loud enough will the universe hear

Just stop and think before you move another step

My hat...

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Maybe in twenty years I'll see

My utter ridiculousnessary

I'll smile at the joke

My ignorance evokes

It will be a smile

Smeared in lines

Wiggling jowl

Maybe I'll howl

Alone in the car

Or blinking at stars

Wherever my folly finds my life

Wherever I am my eyes burning bright

Whatever will forgive and place itself

Neatly upon its littered shelf

A piece fit ri...

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Sometimes the idea will come and hum and hum

Until my mind no longer ignores the thrum, thrum, thrum

But man there's light in just wrong line and

I need to tidy up that side and slide

A little over there

What's that stare

Means nothing


What did I say

Break away

Forgotten my say



Not my finger


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Strings Push High Across the Sand

I hear that strain so loud in my mind

Pushing visions clear and wide

And I'm not sure the world I live in

Exists except to my decision

I want the blur to be so bad

I want what ribbons beg

I have the mind of feeling empty

Waiting patiently for the word

I'll never capture as I fear so weakly

I am too soft to stir the world

I had to convince my guilty heart

That tranq...

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Mr. Watts

I am not religious

Organization has always seemed like doom

My piles of useful materials

Add color to the room

But I have read the Bible

An odd collection of words

Ezra was just mediocre

Not what I'd consider good

The New Testament, though

Is what saddened me the most

The first four books were cameras at a fight

Each with its own angle and host and lights

And af...

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Time is quick to remind me

That I just play at joy

Nothing strong and reliable

A quick fix ploy

Yet stubborn I push onward

I worry as an oar through the sea

That's turned thin and moldy

But it's fine to me

I would lay in this boat til death

I would lay with you

Nothing has ever torn me away

Because nothing will ever do

More than what you mean to me

Even in th...

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I walk always with a sword across my back

Poison in my voice warns of the lack

Of concern because I can't be concerned

I can't really care

I can't really learn

The extent of the destruction digging through flesh

To produce a world that fits the abyss

I can't take it seriously because I am a coward

I don't want to hear the pain they cause

Because it's always hurting, for ...

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It's weird that I should feel so dark

But instead have found lightness in my heart

I feel there's hope and I don't know why

I feel happy and willing to try

And maybe this all was just a personal quest

To rid me of forces that wished to beset 

My heart and my mind and my wishfulness

And now that I am sitting to rest

I find I don't miss what had seemed important

And I don'...

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There's something about the sound of the rumbling train

Etched with metal into the middle of the day

Infused through the walls to rattle my veins

A comforting pillow for an aching brain

I always loved the sound of trains

Crossing traffic in the dark streets

Graffiti a tale of color and change

On tanks and cars and piles of metal chained

And twilight at trailers of half-know...

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The potion works slick and slides down the throat

The feel is the boon if not the goal

Why would I ever feel wrong?

I want to be, it would be better than songs

Played then forgotten with only the wraith of melody

Flooding the heart and crisping the memory

Making the world a shadow locked

Between the freedom and prison of thought

And what could I ever know right

What coul...

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