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Saga of April Dark: Song Seven

And here I am
In this dark
And there he is
Padded and on guard
I see his movement full of thought
I see his breath 
Not quite soft

Maybe not tonight
Maybe he senses
All of my want
My need 
My attrition
It's been such a long, long trip
Just once more, sleep

I remember when Anders first walked in
So tall and pale and dark within
The depth of eyes that felt too big
When concentra...

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Saga of April Dark: Song Six

We tracked the town that Anders left from
And we all pitched in on a wagon
Ann stayed behind with her family
But Vera and Robert would not leave my side
They posed as a couple and I hid from sight
As we traveled through the coyote's howls
Our mules strong and maddened
And at night I would sneak
And search and seek
Any sign of Anders Hardwick

The trail has been so long I feel
My feet a...

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Just a few moments

That is all allowed

For me to have this feeling 

Before letting it fly to the clouds

Just a single thought

A slight smile

A crinkle

Under my eye as I let it loose 

The vibration of the sound

Flung from my lips

Into the wind

And I let it go

Because we all must let go

At some point

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Saga of April Dark: Song Five

April, dear, you must let go
April, please, please, let go
I don't remember how Robert pulled me free
I only remember him taking me home
Washing off the blood
And tucking me in to bed
He brushed the hair from my face
And kissed my forehead sweetly
April, it will be okay
April, please, just sleep


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Was there ever that moment

Where you decided 

Though nothing has changed

That you feel better? 

I still can't write about

My Grandfather without crying 

But maybe that's okay

Because the things he said

Are still bright words in my head

And I never want to lose that love

To time

See you later, Alligator 

Afterwhile,  Crocodile 



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What does the fox know of the bear?

And what does anyone know of care?

We can assume as much as we like;

Figure out if it's hate or like.

But there is no way to really know,

Except to ask,

And hope it's truth that spills

Forth instead of walls.

But who will be the first to say

The truth no matter where the cards lay?

Someone must have courage enough 

To be the fool...

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Saga of April Dark: Song Four

Vera was my brother's love
Loud and vibrant and cared little for chores
Wild as vine she was with him when
Anders mistook her veil for hair
And sunk in his knife as he pulled Tole off her

She screamed as blood spread upon
Tole's shirt and down the seam
In a rage Anders pulled his knife up
Splitting my brother's spine 
and then cut his throat

Anders ran as Vera screamed 
And Ann and ...

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When I walk out of those broken doors

And the cracking asphalt crunches

The wind blows across my face

Threading my eyelashes 

Filling my nose with the sweet scent

Of traveling atmosphere 

I feel the cool arms around me

And alone at the end of the night

I find the world with me

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The Gypsy's Curse Never Ends

Sometimes it goes down so easy

And in my thoughts I'm there

On my bunk in the dark reading

A grin on my face

Lesson learned 

A walk around the castle before rest

The nightmare will be relived

The hero will feel distress

What soothing songs does the dark swan sing

Into the depth of the clouds

What world does she open for me

Her mirror glimmering and unfurled


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The puddle rises

But does not speak

It fills with murky

Silt and sleeps

Knowing the rain

Will not continue 

Enough to lead

It through the cracks

To fill the meadow 

And free its mass

That builds when the sun

Finally emerges

To dry and take

Away it's urges

The puddle waits

To be air again

To rise above

The trap within

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Saga of April Dark: Song Three

Song Three

My brother was just a year above me
Ann's age and her friend unending
We grew together in the same acreage of pine
Our families close together but not confined
The town was just there
So as we aged, all of us close to town became
Their scourge and joyful delinquents

Robert Hall and Vera Coal
April Dark and her brother Tole
We were spoiled with knowledge and good humor
By ...

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Gorgeous skies.  I love gorgeous skies. 

Skies that bleed the atoms dry

Skies so bright darkness turns

Skies of silver-gray filled doom

Skies so blue it feeds my heart

Dressed with clouds of feather stitched shards 

Blues so dark they are black at night

Filled with the bright pinlights of life

We know they're us in the skies

Just how we know we're us on either side


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February is my New Year

I'm afraid of my mind sometimes 

It carries me away

Past the dim fog to the bright and shining

Fantastical mixture of influenced display

I want to own my sanity

Keep it locked and ready to go

But smoke leaks out

And there I stand

It twirling from my ears

And staining my grin

Never take me seriously,  folks 

I am not a single thing within

Instead I'm every past y...

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The Saga of April Dark: Song Two

Song Two

She was the epitomy of the definition of beauty when you're young
The very bright, shimmering presence that turns play into song
The fall of a lock of hair upon her cheek
And the smile that speaks especially to the weak

As children our mothers taught us constantly
The rules of abiding by standards of society
A lady was one concerned for others comfort most of all
Before her pl...

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The Saga of April Dark: Song One

entry picture

The Saga of April Dark
Song One

I sit here crouched in this night
I slowly breath and side to side
Rest my weight as I wait and wait
Wait for the moment the light has died
What tales my toil will make below
And how they're there I don't know
I'm just letting it loose to the wind
It keeps me warm against this dim
cold night I hide and wait and grin
Thinking of his death and thinking of...

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The beauty of the world

It's mine when I have the time

I can't think of a single thing to say

Other than please let it stay

Stay within me

The beauty I see

Every little particle

Sparkling before me

When they stretch and smile 

That slow waking style

All with me


Til' time decides otherwise 

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The greyness dims with the push of clouds

Rolling in with their dark,  real sounds

And there,  again,  I hear the hound

It's call a small memory found

Rolling in the curves of my mind

Trying to hold when there is no time

For the fantasy found in the warmth of its fur

It will always wander and I will stand

Upon this cliff and watch it wind

Its way around and above the lin...

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I can't stress

I can't stress

Enough or less

Where is my best?

I left it back in 12th grade

Can I find its cave?

I want to pound out my brains

I can't stress

It will never let me rest

Just let me loose

And I'll find a boorh

And sell useless things

And be uselessly

Rested as best

As I could guess

No stress,  no mess

But also no best

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The Devil

Sometimes I wonder if what I remember is from when I was small

Because it seems it happened later than when I recall

But matching up the events and dates it doesn't make any sense

My memories have coagulated into a lumpy mess

 I don't know how old I was when I seemed to be much older

I've begun to question my childhood like it was just a smoke-filled holder

Of the mind that curre...

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Santa came late this year

As a fuzzy old bear

That kicked Babylon in the rear

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Frogs are evil, Turtles are good

Encouraging my boy to fall in love with the moon

A wonderful pastime,  I know

Little boy shark and the jester that croons

Sparkling like Narnia in her eyes

This is the way the world turns round

This is the route's beginning and end

Falling in love all over this zen

Plaid upon plaid upon plaid and then

You make me giggle 

Moranis as Mom

Dragons would never really lower...

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