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Time is quick to remind me

That I just play at joy

Nothing strong and reliable

A quick fix ploy

Yet stubborn I push onward

I worry as an oar through the sea

That's turned thin and moldy

But it's fine to me

I would lay in this boat til death

I would lay with you

Nothing has ever torn me away

Because nothing will ever do

More than what you mean to me

Even in th...

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I walk always with a sword across my back

Poison in my voice warns of the lack

Of concern because I can't be concerned

I can't really care

I can't really learn

The extent of the destruction digging through flesh

To produce a world that fits the abyss

I can't take it seriously because I am a coward

I don't want to hear the pain they cause

Because it's always hurting, for ...

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It's weird that I should feel so dark

But instead have found lightness in my heart

I feel there's hope and I don't know why

I feel happy and willing to try

And maybe this all was just a personal quest

To rid me of forces that wished to beset 

My heart and my mind and my wishfulness

And now that I am sitting to rest

I find I don't miss what had seemed important

And I don'...

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There's something about the sound of the rumbling train

Etched with metal into the middle of the day

Infused through the walls to rattle my veins

A comforting pillow for an aching brain

I always loved the sound of trains

Crossing traffic in the dark streets

Graffiti a tale of color and change

On tanks and cars and piles of metal chained

And twilight at trailers of half-know...

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The potion works slick and slides down the throat

The feel is the boon if not the goal

Why would I ever feel wrong?

I want to be, it would be better than songs

Played then forgotten with only the wraith of melody

Flooding the heart and crisping the memory

Making the world a shadow locked

Between the freedom and prison of thought

And what could I ever know right

What coul...

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