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Big Sal on Lighter than Air (Thu, 17 Jan 2019 12:30 pm)

lisa donohoe on The Only Sunshine I Need (Thu, 17 Jan 2019 12:41 am)

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I lose Myself almost as much as I lose my keys.

Sometimes, I think I have a grasp on her,
And then she slips through my fingers, and dances away again.

I try and shove her into my body- 
Into my heart, my soul, my mind-
But she melts through my feet, and slithers away.

She follows other people around, too.
As if she wants to be a part of anyone but me. 
She tries to filter into other...

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Lighter than Air

Earth, Water, Fire, Air.
I could be stable, grounded, and stoic like the Earth;
I could be graceful, beautiful, and smooth like the Water;
I could be strong, loud, and smart like the Fire;
Or I could  d r i f t   a w a y  with the wind.

-from somewhere far

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The Only Sunshine I Need

Because of her, there is no sunrise.
There doesn’t need to be.
She is all the light I need.

Because of her, there is no sunset.
There doesn’t need to be.
I need all the light she is.

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Ink and Paper

Ink and paper,
A young boy,
A foolish little girl.
This became the beginning of my writing.

“Write what you want,” he says to me.
I do, because he knows best.
I write everything I want. 

I write worries,
I write sadness,
I write fear,
I write recovery,
I write my own lovely fantasies,
I write anger,
I write sadness and fear again.
Later I will write recovery.

He takes my ink a...

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