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A Poem A Day For A Year - 19/02/15

Let’s start today with a controversial thought.

I like football.

I know. As I have said before, I think a Venn diagram intersection between football and poetry would have just me in it. But I do, I like football. In the past, I have said Keri saved me when we got together. This is quite true. When I was single and living on my own, I was a little bit sad.

Picture this. Saturday night. I’v...

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A Poem A Day For A Year - 18/02/15

As you may have seen, last night was the first Do The Write Thingevent of 2015, held at Bar Ten on Silver Street, Bury. This was a very special event as it was the birthday of our beautiful Editor, Keri. I do not mean to use hyperbole but I think it was the best event we have ever done. As we are off the beaten track, as it were, over away from Manchester proper, sometimes turn-outs can be a littl...

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A Poem A Day For A Year - 17/02/15

For a Tuesday, I do not think this is going to be a bad day. Pancake Day for one! I did try and make pancakes this morning. I did not go well. We bought one of those ready mixed bottles of pancake batter – the one that you just add milk to. I wanted to make heart-shaped pancakes for Keri. The first one was an unequivocal failure. The batter had not mixed in with the milk so I essentially fried up ...

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A Poem A Day For A Year - 16/02/15

Back to work today. Was nice to be out of my head for a little while. I think I have calmed down a bit after beating myself up all weekend. It did make me seriously consider why I am on the waiting list for CBT though. I don’t think it would do me any good.

When I had my original mental health assessment, it was on a morning where I had only managed to get out of bed at 11am. I felt a bit shitt...

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A Poem A Day for A Year - 15/02/15

Here is a poem. The prompt is this piece of literature. It was posted by FieryVerse

It speaks in diminutives.

Octaves caress sound waves

dancing along molecules

in the air to the drums

of the universe.

Here is another poem. The prompt comes from AshVerse and is ‘Lavender Essence’.

Furrows carve her cheeks.

Eyes glitter in morning sun,

dew and lavender drape


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A Poem A Day For A Year - 14/02/15

I had a bad day today. For the first time in a long, that voice in the back of my head was there. The chronophobic one. The one that makes me experience mental anguish on the second, every second for every second that passes. I was admittedly a little bit of a nightmare for all concerned today. I do not mean to be like this and I do not like being like this. I hope my time on the waiting list for ...

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A Poem A Day For A Year - 13/02/15

So, tonight, or last night, or some other doomed night in recent-past or near-future memory, saw the release of the phenomally-global cultural black-hole that is Fifty Shades of Grey. Now, I have neither seen the film nor read the books but I have read books and seen films. I feel this leaves as well-informed, on balance, as uber-fans of the series. They may have knowledge of who or what Anastasia...

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A Poem A Day For A Year - 12/02/15

Well, what with one thing and another, it’s not been a great few days but I did manage to get my philosophy essay in on time. In past assignments, I have tried to be as illustrative in the language and examples as possible, given depth to my arguments in the essay and quotes I have referenced from philosophers. This has not, so far, gotten me very good marks. This is very annoying because in my pr...

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A Poem A Day For A Year - 11/02/15

So I have just spent the last hour and a half typing an officiously-snitty email to my former employers. I received my final payslip from them to the tune of £16. Now true, I was off on sick with work-related anxiety and depression but still, sick pay. They expect to be able to get away with this and to leave me with £16 to live on for the month. That is not happening. Not with Valentine’s Day and...

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A Poem A Day For A Year - 10/02/15

So there is something I want to talk about today. I do not know if I am allowed to though. After the (admittedly minimalised) furore that my thoughts on feminism brought, I think my thoughts on something I was reading last night would spark quite a lot of animosity. It is about a particular group of people again.

Now, my thoughts are not derogatory towards them as people in their own right. The...

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A Poem A Day For a Year - 09/02/15

1. Barenaked Ladies – One Week

2. Dee-Lite – Groove is in the Heart

3. The Dandy Warhols – Bohemian Like You

4. They Might Be Giants – Birdhouse in Your Soul

5. Harvey Danger – Flagpole Sitta

6. Blur – Song 2

7. The Hives – Hate T0 Say I Told You So

8. The Bloodhound Gang – The Bad Touch

9. The Knack – My Sharona

10. Feeder – Just A Day

11. The Fratellis – Chelsea Dag...

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A Poem A Day For A Year - 08/02/15

This blog is being written in lieu of doing my university reading at the moment. I have spent the last four hours trying to get my head around what is being said and it just is not sinking in. Why did I choose philosophy? I guess in equal parts I can blame my hubris, arrogance and pretentiousness really. I am by no means an unintelligent man. I hope this has been coming across and I also hope you ...

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A Poem A Day For A Year - 07/02/15

Well today has been a mixed sort of day. Things have happened. Things that I cannot rightly talk about. One thing is a bad thing that I cannot talk about.

However, there are some good things that have happened today. One of them, which I cannot talk about, I am not allowed to talk about.

The other thing, which I’m not sure if I’m allowed to talk about, I shall not talk about, because I do no...

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A Poem A Day For A Year - 06/01/15

Really short one tonight. Had a little bit of a stressful day and some of the depression demons I thought I had exorcised came bursting out tonight. I tried to get up off the sofa to do this at 10:30pm but fell asleep until about 5 minutes ago. Maybe I am still catching up on all the sleep I missed due to the toothache. I don’t know.

There will be a whole lot more on the demons in future posts....

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A Poem A Day For A Year - 05/02/15

Well tomorrow could play out one of two ways. One way will see me give a very acerbic, volatile rant on this blog about a particular subject. The other way will see me give a very acerbic, volatile rant with many of the swear words on this blog. Things have not been great at Bunbury H.Q this week. None of it to do with the magazine, don’t worry! As you may have seen from my last few posts, I have ...

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A Poem A Day For A Year - 04/02/15

OK, so the last few nights I have either been a little too drunk or a little too much in searing pain to write a proper blog. Even a proper poem. I did a haiku the other night. I’m not saying haiku is a cheap form of poetry. I know they take skill and precision but I felt like I had cheated a little bit.

Right now it is 9:30am so I am getting a little jump on this today. I have just gotten out ...

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A Poem A Day For A Year - 03/02/15

few days. Hard to concentrate with the pain. Hard to see, walk, eat, sleep.

Here is a poem.

The Queen is eaten over and over,

chewed up but

never spat out.

The carpet is

worried away to floorboards.

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A Poem A Day For A Year - 02/02/15

Short one. Here = poem.

Shell creaks under sand,

snow and frothing tide, claws dig

for stability.

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A Poem A Day For A Year - 01/02/15

OK, so last night’s post was very brief. As I said, I was almost too drunk to type. My friend from university came up for the night and we had a few beers, then a few more, and a few more and enjoyed quite a few lucky dips in the bar. The lucky dips are a phenomenal idea. Pay £2 and pull out a ticket and get anything from a pint to a shot and everything in between.

Anyway, this guy was one of m...

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A Poem A Day For A Year - 31/01/15

Very short blog tonight. Almost too drunk to type.

Will explain tomorrow. Here is a poem.


shifting shapes

twisting the reality of A star

students into drug-addled heroin-addiction

maybe one day freedom maybe one

day cleanliness. maybe one day

a bloodied hand-print on metal.

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Poem A Day For A Year - 30/01/15

Right, I knew there was going to be some negative feedback from the post I did last week about '#meninism'. I knew it was coming and I was going to take it all in good grace because I knew it would be coming. I have just read two comments that were left and, given what has happened tonight, I am really in no mood to take it with good grace. Let's start with the first one, by Anonymous One.


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A Poem A Day For A Year - 29/01/15

As you know, I have had a few opinions about some things over the past few weeks. Feminism, racism, aardvarks. I’m returning to feminism today for a little bit.

In my new job, I don’t have to wear a uniform. Smart casual only. I own some clothes in that region but I don’t want to be wearing the same things over and over. So I have been looking around to try and get myself some new little jumper...

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A Poem A Day For A Year - 28/01/15

Well, the first month of this challenge is almost at an end. 28 days down, 337 days to go. 337 days to hang on to whatever small vestiges of sanity I had to begin with.

7% down. I’m not even going to go into a word or line count. As you may have seen, the shortest poem has been 4 lines long, the longest has been 112 lines. I’m not even convinced most of it is actual poetry. I think it may all j...

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Poem A Day For A Year - 27/01/15

Well once again it has gotten very late so once again it will be a short one tonight. I do promise to give you something meaty to get your teeth into at some point. As you have seen though, it’s been a very busy few days for us here at Bunbury. It didn’t stop tonight as we had our weekly Do The Write Thing meeting. As always, the writing was phenomenal. My mother’s in particular was a tour de bril...

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Poem A Day For A Year - 26/01/15

I really wanted this to be a longer post tonight but it is 1am, I've only been in for about 45 minutes having been out of the house since 8:30am. It's been a long ol' day. I started my new job today, for which I was five minutes late thanks to my taxi not turning up so I had to run the mile-and-a-half down to town. Now that doesn't sound like a long way but I have about as much capacity for runnin...

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A Poem A Day For A Year - 25/01/15

Today is the day I should present my self-evaluation for the week. That will come on Tuesday. I am more than a little bit drunk right now and watching Fringe. (For those of you who are regular readers that is a little clue to the amazing news I had for Bunbury a few days ago.) I would do it tonight but, as I say, I am a little drunk and am starting a new job tomorrow. Tomorrow night would be a gre...

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A Poem A Day For A Year

Today has been another good day. I finally made the big leap and got WordPress Premium. We got some email accounts set up with the @bunburymagazine domain name. I think I went a little bit over board with that. I did however stop short at creating! We do have advertising@, submissions@. admin@, marketing@ and then personal ones for our dedicated Bunbury workers,...

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A Poem A Day For A Year - 23/01/15

Oh my god, we have news. Bunbury Magazine has some amazing news. This news is so fantastic I can barely hold it in. I need to tell you all. You'll wet yourself. you really. I promise you will absolutely fill your underwear with wee once I tell you what the news is.

I can't tell you though. It is still early doors on the news and I do not want to jinx it by revealing it to you all. If it falls t...

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A Poem A Day For A Year - 22/01/15

It is too late for a long one tonight.

I got a new job today.

That is all.

Here is a poem. The prompt tonight is ‘idiosyncrasy’.

Excess sugar flurries

down from a heaped teaspoon back

into its receptacle. The man

uses a butter knife to perfectly

level the spoon before tipping

it into a white mug.

He repeats this four times,

excess flurries

butter knife level


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A Poem A Day For A Year - 21/01/15

I had another job interview today. I walked into the room at 9am and the chap interviewing me was having his breakfast, dressed in combat pants and a hoody. He was a proper gent, wide-boy I think they call them. Down to earth but knew his stuff about the business. We went through all the usual garb - about his business, about my employment history, about why I want a new job. It was all fairly sta...

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A Poem A Day For A Year - 20/01/15

So tomorrow I have another job interview. Another chance for something better in my life but another chance to highlight that things have stalled a little in my development. It’s not been a great start to the week in terms of my self-evaluation. Having said that, we launched a new issue of Bunbury Magazine and I am still doing my blog so thing could be worse. I have played, I think, a little too m...

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A Poem A Day For A Year - 19/01/15

It always makes me laugh when a person’s bio on their social media account says ‘All thoughts on this account are my own and are in no way demonstrative of those of <name of corporation they work for>. What they are essentially saying is ‘these are the things I really think, when I am being myself in real life but when I am in the office, I think what they pay me to think.’ Since when did we becom...

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A Poem A Day For A Year & Self-Evaluation - 18/01

So Sunday is the day on which I am dedicating to self-evaluation. As you may know, at the moment I am going through a bout of depression, which comes and goes and affects me to the point where I freeze at the thought of doing anything even remotely helpful. I am trying to combat this by forcing myself to do things that I see as ‘putting myself out there for the world.’ This blog and Poem A Day For...

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A Poem A Day For A Year - 17/01/15

I’m a little drunk off lucky dip tokens at our local bar so today’s blog will be brief. I think some of you may appreciate that after yesterday’s anti-feminism post. Though that post garnered the highest reception since I started doing this so maybe I should lay into good causes more often. Oxfam, I’m coming for you next.

As far as weeks go, it’s not been a good one this week. My productivity h...

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A Poem A Day For A Year - 16/01/15

I’m starting today with a controversial thought.

I do not agree with feminism. Now I’m fully aware that may put some of you against me right from the start of this but let me explain (and this is my own actual thoughts on the matter, as possibly ill-informed as they are.) I agree with the aims of feminism. To put women on the deserved same platform as men. To have an equal chance of getting gre...

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