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Modern Bards

Modern bards - when you strike the lyre
let me not trudge through sludge and mire,
lost in the forests dark and tangled
of your perspectives jarred and mangled,
encircled by a mist of verses
which no revisiting disperses.
Be like the ocean deep yet blue,
that diving oft brings wonders new -
where Psyche's creatures quaint and strange
with Muses' help their songs arrange:
bring feelings s...

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modern bards poem chris laverty

On Visiting North Devon In October

There is an echo in these breaking waves -
these wailing gulls, these midnight winds that moan,
the unbroken silence of these caves -
the soundless echo of a soul alone.

There are reflections in these crooked faces,
these empty streets, these pregnant clouds that roll
through cheerless skies - and each reflection traces
the inner landscape of a downcast soul.

There is a kinship in thes...

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On Visiting North Devon poem by Chris Laverty


A butterfly I thought I saw -

with snow-like wings the field explore;

the smiling grass you flitted on -

your fragile beauty caught my eye -

I then gave chase – with longing sigh -

but blinked then looked – and you were gone.


A spider in its place I found -

poised motionless; beneath – around -

was spread your soft, alluring web,

which with a thousand charms was wro...

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poem by chris laverty


Your gates are open – Emelie,

your towers are unmanned;

across the gleaming moat I see

you wave with welcome hand.


No horses, arrows, swords or shields

for victory I need;

while bloodless stays the streets and fields -

your eyes I try to read.


But just the sound of your soft voice -

and I'm in shackles bound;

a happy slave that knows no choice,

who chains...

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emelie poem chris laverty

Thoughts on England while abroad

England – I never thought I'd feel

need for your damp and cooler days;

abroad I roam yet wish to steal

          from tiring rays.


Empty these southern climes now seem;

empty the sun, the sea, the leisure,

the passing souls. This former dream

          brings no more pleasure.


These shedding leaves announce September -

the birds depart - I wish to part.


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poem by chris laverty

In Despondency

The gifts of life I thought would fall in place -

the waterdrops and rays that some perceive,

which beams of friendship, love and purpose trace -

gifts that might rainbows of contentment weave -


they never did for me. Their paths I crossed

seldom – their colours glimpsing; to elope

with them I wished – from hours listless, lost -

but soon they vanished – taking with them ...

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in despondency poem by chris laverty

The Children Of The Serpent

Gales are gathering around your towers that lie crumbling -

bolted gates and doors seemed poised, the stained-glass windows restless rattle -

yet to revelry they're lost - deaf to the distant rumbling -

children of the serpent – born of warriors once formed for battle.


Leafless trees – whose boughs with dew are frozen – how you upwards reach -

as in supplication; sapped is ever...

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the children of the serpent poem chris laverty


Ever brush away the sleep

that around the mind may creep -

not the one of lunar hours

when it flies to airy towers,

but the slumbers oft that steal

over waking eyes they seal -

steathly elf that leads it stray,

blind to high delights of day.


As the treasures of the mind

need we seek not far to find -

for in forest, field or hill,

native glows will senses fill


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poem by chris laverty


The sultry day is panting low,

sweet whisperings the breezes blow;

your dew drops glisten in the sun,

swelling with kisses – then - you run -

a crack in the sky - lightning strikes

all of nature's put to terror -

a rain of daggers - flashing eyes -

eyes fixed with a burning blood -

silent the trees now empty lie,

shaken they stand and know not why;

the peeping buds st...

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poem by chris laverty


Spirited upon your wings

realms enchanted drinking brings,

with a taste the sportive elf

glint-eyed lures me from myself,

piping notes on which I flee

far from daily drudgery.


Vintages from caverns cool

cheer both inner sage and fool -

sooth the spirit's civil strife,

nature's binding blood of life:

reds reflective, deep, demure,

weaving warming myths of fur;


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poem by chris laverty


If beauty be a tingling taste of terror -

drink not too deep; for he who tempted delves

in the beyond - may see a place in error

where unimagined horrors find themselves.

A statue once there was – serene its face,

though round it one traced pain - the eyes

were fixed and riveted – a dreadful place

they spoke of - where the weight of ages lies.

His soul was a mosaic incomple...

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poem by chris laverty


Earth, water, air and fire – creation's daughters -

that ceaseless merge and melt into each other -

for all is one – and he who creatures slaughters

is well to think he kills a distant brother,


as all the winding threads of life are bound

into the web of destiny; if changes

aren't just in earthly flesh and matter found,

but souls departed likewise make exchanges -



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poem on animals chris laverty

The Pillar Of Tears

It was an Eastern cistern underground -

a chamber dim of columns; once the key

to waters pure - slaves built it for the free;

a patterned pillar yet unchanged was found

whose frozen tears seemed but to break in sound -

the tears were notes – a silent symphony

of suffering they made – a melody

of unheard souls, that soothed each spirit's wound.

Their voices formed a chorus -...

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the pillar of tears poem chris laverty

The Trophy

Enwrought around a cup this rustic scene

unfolds: a fisherman there plies his wire

for hearth and bread – nearby, two fox desire

to feast on baskets rich with harvest glean,

and furtive eye the barn with movements keen;

two pale youths nearby stand with hearts on fire,

friends vying for the woman both admire -

her figure full as autumn, face serene.

The cup itself is covete...

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the trophy poem chris laverty

On the UK leaving the EU

Though ages leave your chalk white cliffs unchanged -

were I a traveller, they'd not prepare

my spirits for the scene that waits – estranged

your broken days I walk, days full of care;

no dawn dispels the curling fog you wear,

drifting the oceans rudderless – a ship

no captain helms, while through the twilight air

comes luring, voiceless songs - lulled in their grip

the cre...

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On the UK leaving the EU poem chris laverty


Higher and higher over oceans roaring -

vain was your writhing – captured, fevered snake;

this bird you yearned for - whose claws were knawing

deep in your heart – claws that your thirst might slake -

has dropped you on the waves that heedless break.

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poem chris laverty

The Turtle Factory

Down the assembly line we go;

the finishing touch - fitting the soul -

is done - we're manufactured - so -

off the conveyer belt we roll -


- one by one.


We make for the beach and cluster there;

an army of turtles - the lakes our lair.


We are green like the night,

and in the distance – the city light;

(stay away from the light).


Let's take a swim,


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the turtle factory poem chris laverty

Two Flowers

Two kinds of flowers are in life's garden sown -

the first are words and deeds that spread a name;

for laurel wreaths and eulogies they're grown

that blow such blossoms of the mind to fame.


The second are the flowers of the flesh -

their tenders wish beyond the grave to be

borne down their childrens' childrens' bloodlines fresh;

both seek one trophy - immortality.



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two flowers poem chris laverty

Idle Hours

The Idle Hours have found me out once more,

preyed on my straying thoughts - to murk and mire

you've cast them down in chains; lured by your lyre

they pace across the starless moors and shore.


You candle – like the flame of time you glow -

absorbed, unflinching as the gleaner stern -

time's wax its cull; say, have I wax to burn

for Idle Hours - say are you friend of foe?


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idle hours poem chris laverty

Two Cities

Tonight I walked two cities side by side,

walked nameless backstreets by the day forgot;

saw blank and faceless windows hollow eyed,


behind closed shops that snarled together squat;

heard silent screams that pierced white heated nights,

that stirred the trash the strewed the empty lot.


The city's breath half veiled her neon lights,

veiled buildings tenanted only by t...

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two cities poem chris laverty

Do Not Wake Him

Some say there is a changeless realm beyond -

more real - where life's Ideals like glaciers gleam,

and all things earthly with them correspond

as lesser shadows of this fettered dream.


But if they're right I do not wish to wake -

I hold a stolen piece of it in you;

and though for you my pipe can only make

poor echoes of its songs – I hope they'll do.

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do not wake him poem chris laverty

By a Waterfall

Only the lone, resounding roar,

of waters that you tireless pour,

breaks this solitude, silent and still,

as you your ancient task fulfil -

of fresh ablutions at your shrine,

with waters pure and crystalline,

that clamorous the canyon flood,

while bearing homeward nature's blood.


A traveller, in winter's reign,

once stood upon this treeless plain;

thrilled by rem...

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by a waterfall poem chris laverty


One morning a visitor had arrived;

that night a blizzard had orchestrated

the whirling snow into a symphony,

and by break of day, the familiar roads,

paths, hedges, gardens of our town now slept,

buried beneath a mantle of pure white.


Startled was nature to a dumb silence,

expelled were the winds to their caves.

Waist high curved the snow, half way up the door,


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snowbound poem chris laverty

A Night On The Moors

The final embers murmur in the grate -

the flickering ghosts of ravenous flames,

that licked the logs to ashes, that have warmed

this sharp November night – the only sound

rippling this stillness, save the ticking clock,

and faint stirrings of the dog. I listen -

a forgotten sound I can hear - the sound

of silence. And the city noise and heat

that weaves its fabric round my...

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a night on the moors poem chris laverty

The Music Of The Night

Tonight I've waited long for sleep, and lie frustrated while I I hear

a thousand voices tweet unseen, the dark rejoicing with their cheer -

the chant of crickets numberless, that stir the thickets murmurous,

with ecstasy of melodies, of evening music amorous.


A chorus with harmony as smooth as sweetest symphony in tune;

as mild and tender in the dim as pale and slender light of...

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the music of the night poem chris laverty

The Valley Of Melancholia

The sky is charged; a veil of frozen dew

enshrouds the earth; the distant hilltops wear

the evening's pall of sullen, sable hue.

Still is the wind. With cries that fill the air,

the haunted voices of the valley share

their secrets awful and enthralling,

of nameless sins and tales appalling,

at which the trees would shudder, the mountains tremble -

with madness laughing is t...

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the valley of melancholia poem chris laverty

To Winter

Autumn – your sweet yet melancholy strains

die in this air that's tinged with distant chill;

wreathed in your harvest yields that swelled the plains,

you fade from farms and fields whose barns lie still.

The pallid Sun and northern blasts commingle

to sweep away the remnants of your bloom,

while shivers the dreaming earth with inward tingle;

the earth - whose soil was once for...

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to winter poem chris laverty

Lords Of The Tempest

Lords of the tempest – ruling wind and rain

that lash eternally your mountain peak,

feel you the hearts of humans that you pain?

They are your marionettes when you chaos wreak,

and dash on rocks their reason; when on bleak


dead waters of despondency they're bourne,

by raging waves ungovernable thrown;

when cast on Cimmerian shores that know no dawn;

or into the mouth o...

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lords of the tempest poem chris laverty

This Malady

What cure is there to treat this malady -

that since we met, all else seems tinged with grey;

that hunger flees to mountains far away,

and balm of sleep no longer visits me?

That since we met - the joys that used to be

like lights that shone into my waking day,

and filled my dreams with their celestial ray -

now seem vague shadows of my memory?

Only in you is there a cure; ...

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the malady poem chris laverty

The Ballad Of Lorianna

Quaint Lorianna all adore;

around her dove white face

waves raven hair - with eyes where light

and darkness interlace.


Elusive nymph that all adore;

though she inhabits earth

she seems of lore; to hearts on fire

she unaware gives birth.


Sweet bitter nymph that all adore;

she's like the ocean's dim

retreating roar - and in her smile

lurks tempests at a whi...

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the ballad of lorianna poem chris laverty

To a Blackbird

Blackbird - silent sat upon this headstone,

in this antique graveyard wide and drear;

so still - who so suddenly had flown;

do you come – when steals the twilight near -

the secrets of these sleeping souls to hear?


Poet of the shadows, wind swift bird,

tell what shady haunts you've made your home;

haunts your cheering bursts of song have heard?

What woods, fields – sec...

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to a blackbird poem chris laverty

Music Over Water

Sleepless he walked beneath the wakeful sky;

a bright true crowd he saw - and envied them,

that in long life burn, and lone ease lie,

or fellowship gather; each silent gem


cheering the blindness that envelops us -

here for a blinking eye, a stolen dream.

Then suddenly there came - breaking the hush -

sweet music drifting on a nearby stream,


accosting him through b...

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music over still waters poem chris laverty

A Nocturnal Wandering

Beneath the revelling moon - that trips the lake,

and does our waking world of shadows paint -

with tuneful pipe he spun the pale light faint,

he spun a song for her, only to wake


to sunlight cold and grey, in which his tune

lifeless lay; which though he threw, then wishing

it to forget - it followed him - while wandering,

late and lone, beneath the revelling moon.

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a nocturnal wandering poem chris laverty

Fallen Days

They stole from heaven fire to meet their needs;

raised up, they less felt nature's fitful lash,

whose pitiless waves their hopes on rocks would dash;

knowledge then bloomed - near wisdom's withered seeds,


as soon they fought themselves with crimson creeds,

and always, somewhere, could be seen the flash,

and heard the distant din of armies clash,

while cenotaphs with glor...

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fallen days poem chris laverty


Away with loneness - he whose winter bites,

who haunts the wasted wilderness and shores,

born in thunder on the misty moors;

who, bred by wolves, with howling fills the nights.

But bring his smooth browed sister Solitude,

decked with autumnal charms and plenitude;

with contemplation's brimming horn of flowers,

and baskets graced with fruit to fill the hours;

often you'll ke...

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l'eremita poem chris laverty

Abyss Of Doubt

I knew one once, who wanted to believe

in something, and to bless it with the breath

with which he played his pipe, and made it weave

songs of youth and friendship, love and death.


And then he sang of wonders near and far,

of sights sublime, on mountains, hills, and sky,

sunsets, lightning, or a falling star -

and sighed, though he knew not the reason why.


He soug...

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abyss of doubt poem chris laverty

The Moonlight Hours

We'll no more pass the moonlight hours

by the riverside,

or share a silence as we stroll

beneath the colonnade.


Or shelter take from sudden showers,

or watch the settling tide,

or lie still when we moments stole

in some forgotten shade.


Those tender days, of light and shade -

the fading summer stole,

and so we'll no more pass the moonlight hours

by the ri...

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the moonlight hours poem chris laverty

The Shamisen

One night I met a traveller,

here from an oriental land;

he little spoke, this wanderer,

and held a Shamisen in his hand.

His fingers danced across its strings,

the music told of far off things:


of an exotic summer haze,

and rhythm of a rural pace;

timeless, gentle, carefree days,

and bustle of a marketplace,

where people talk and laugh and sigh,

hurry - or wa...

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the shamisen poem chris laverty

Autumn Leaves


Leaves – whispering ghosts of Summer's sultry ease,

you languid lie in withered loveliness,

while dreaming in the morning mist; a breeze -


like an Aeolian harp – does you caress,

and does a melancholy music make,

round silent solemn trees you once did dress,


in woods alive, mysterious. You wake,

and dance once more to nature's subtle song,

and borne by winds ...

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autumn leaves poem chris laverty

Her Final Dream

The wondrous moon, enchantress of the seas -

enthroned - its routine watch began that night;

Queen Mab, in chariot, on her eyelids light

glided; her dreams unlocked with silver keys.


Mab flew apace upon the midnight breeze,

and carried her, on to the ether's height,

over billowing waves, and alpine regions white,

on to the astral sphere - to rest at ease.

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her final dream poem chris laverty

Last Night

Last night I saw you - still young, turning your head

so gracefully, and laughing - robed in light;

as I on dream's soft fabric gently tread,

while stealing forgetful sleep before daylight.

What was this hazy world? the uncharted land

of final sleep, of neither space nor time?

where we'll watch clouds, and every grain of sand,

until the waking bell of dawn does chime.

The t...

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Last night poem chris laverty

Lost Seas

The lights of truth that faithful hung on high -

that lit the restless nights with sacred glow,

sleepless beacons, to sailors far below

adrift in storm - in clouds now shrouded lie;

lost seas they sail beneath a starless sky.

The Muses of sylvan song, long ago

fled their valley; wishful winds there blow,

once fertile springs of Helicon run dry.

But if, when lost in whisperi...

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lost seas poem chris laverty




In fertile Asgard, one autumnal day,

the skies hung low, the stags not far did stray.

The goddess Freyja wept red tears of gold,

and seated by the Well of Urd, her sorrow told:


'You valleys, echo far and wide my song,

that might it reach the ears of whom I long -

- my Oor - for you my aching heart still yearns;

though absent long, the flame inside still bur...

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chris laverty poem Freyja

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