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Grace and Favour

Grace and Favour

For all that a life that's truly led

provides the anxious soul with balm,

yet a gentle breeze, invisible and calm,

precedes the storm where the meek have fled.


In Summer's graceful darkling glides the hawk

in flight over burnished grain, 'till late

a final stoop unearths its prey: its fate

the slashing shadows where the killers stalk.


Though se...

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The Reefs of Armageddon

Occasionally, Far North Queensland experiences the full force of a Category Five cyclone (also known as a hurricane or typhoon). Their strength is phenomenal, as can be the damage caused, and I certainly would not like to be out on the battered Barrier Reef in one.


The Reefs of Armageddon

Warm and deadly waters shine like beaten silver

wrapped 'round kaleidoscope cays in the morning ...

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The Goddess is Dancing

Many years ago I was intrigued by the appearance on Perth roads of bumper stickers displaying the enigmatic statement that "The Goddess is Dancing". I had no idea what this advertising campaign was all about, so I put together my own preferred explanation.


The Goddess is Dancing


Far from the powdered sand-tracks

in dunes dry beyond ages,

past unwatered acacias

where the wh...

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