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Two Sides

I was standing on a street corner with a guitar in my hand,
She was standing on a street corner, though nothing had gone as planned.
I approached the stage; the crowd hadn’t heard my name
She picked herself out of the gutter I wonder who was to blame.
I thought it strange how now they sung back, they knew every word
She had been beaten up now her vision blurred.
I picked up a pen an...

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What could I be?

What could I be?
The blood pulse through your veins
the twisted beat that drives you insane

What could I be?
The compulsion, the need, the 4 in the morning,
days dawning, extra hour of this life to lead.

What could I be?
The adrenaline rush, of talking to that silent crush,
the sweaty palms, the hidden charms that only I see.

What Could I be?
The day to day the bland a...

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Sell out, make money,
that’s everything were told not to do.
I used to be Mike and now Nike, have taken my name too.

Be yourself that’s what they say,
with hair dyed neon pink,
am I supposed to think that, that was natural too.

Auto tune has killed pop, I read everyday,
but this isn’t my voice, it’s amplified,
the sound is changed we are all just insincere.

Everyone is v...

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Toy Soldier

There’s a wind up soldier
with his toy heart,
there’s a few pieces missing now
but it seems to start.

Still fighting the wars
an older imagination has made,
the tales are darker now
he has a place in the shade.

Fallen to pieces
more times than me or you,
the wind up soldiers be reassembled
for these days anew.

The soldier still moves on though
and his tale grew,

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Lost in time

I wrote a line about a girl lost in time
If she showed up later than tomorrow I’d be fine
Bloodshot and blinded I’d rather not be reminded
Of the day that time no longer held sway

I danced with the mirrored sunlight
Sang songs with the blue monkey
What was left of my mind didn’t remain with me
Spin, spin, spin tomorrows child
Don’t find me today I won’t stay alive

We have ...

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I never told you I like your smile
It sounds so simple, it sounds so easy
But I never told you I like your laugh.
It sounds so basic, it sounds so normal
Yet I never told you I miss you.
It sounds so much like a pop song,
Somehow I never told you to stay.
It sounds so silly it sounds so daft
I never said I liked you.
It sounds so trite, so insincere
I never told you to always be near.
It sounds so hard, i...

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Words gave us poets so that musicians had something to sing about
Music gave us a beat to wash away the pain
Musicians gave us songs to brighten up the days
You gave me laughter and that’s why I stayed.

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Facebook Nation

Chasing the next facebook status
If you like what I say click this button again and again
Follow me, Follow me, Follow me,
I need you to know every word that I say, every thought that is unique to me
Retweet, repeat, share, wait, wait, this is all me.
Watch me, watch me,
I crave to be observed, for you to see what I see
This is me, this is me, please see me
To me this is the sou...

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Cut of the deck

I was sat in airport with nothing to do,
Happened upon a deck of cards,
That led me to you.
Each one in the pack had a different face
Another dream: another journey: that I could chase.
I met a girl with a broken heart, who loved the number 7
Lost all my belongings due to number 11
There are many numbers
each with their different tale
Driven by fate, moved on by chance,
An interesting life full of song a...

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I’m writing now till I’m blue in the face,
None of my rhymes are hitting it though, they’re out of place.
I could never really hit the beat
Should I see, this as a sign of defeat
I was always told that I sing off key
Yet this is the voice that represents me

Others are writing about the road to success
Without the fame there life would be less
While they’re sitting there dreami...

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Music pulses through the streets changing everyone it meets
Music pulses through the town changing everyone around
Music Pulses through the world changing every boy and girl
Music is the pulse of life with Oxjam lets end this strife

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This is not another broken hearted lullaby
This isn’t about a tearful good bye
This is about a new anthem we cry

This isn’t a tale of bitter defeat
It’s not a story where star crossed lovers meet
Its time raise those arms and stamp your feet

This isn’t about the chances you’ve missed
All those girls you could have kissed
This is a new reason to exist

This isn’t another c...

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These conversations with myself that are bad for my health

I spend my time having these conversations with myself

No shouldn’t do that no-one else does

I spend my time jumping over barriers in my mind

No you shouldn’t do that that’s not how it’s done round here

I spend my time climbing walls that aren’t there

No you shouldn’t say that why would she care

I spend my time in a world of my own devising

No you shouldn’t do that y...

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Drunk call

I usually dress it up in nice prose
like a set of vintage clothes
Or hide it in lyrical verse
tonight i’m going to say some words I haven’t rehearsed
You see I’m drunk and I’m lonely and I’m missing your face
So the words I usually go with seem so out of place

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I told you I’d be with you,

I said I’d be nearby,

the moments I would hold you,

would slowly pass on by.

One day I’d like to show you,

Those sunsets under a foreign sky,

for the moment we have tonight,

Till dawn breaks the sky.

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I run and I depart

Lets run away to another place and time,

where there isn't the rush,

the pulsating rhythm of busy streets.


Lets run away,

where we aren’t more man than machine,

there's no need to be jacked in anymore.


Lets bathe under moonlit stars beneath a foreign sky.

Get lost in an unknown town,

a new adventure made for you.


The thing is you've got me h...

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Sap - Distant Memory

The roots of the tree slowly entwined themselves around his fingers,

he could feel the tree pulsating with life, the sap thundering through his veins.


It was as though he could feel the plants heartbeat but that was not what he was after,

he needed to go deeper beneath the surface.

he tentatively allowed his conciousness to trickle into that of the sap, just a little thoug...

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My Quintet

Good Day,

Time is going fast,

I wonder if it will last,

At least today we had a laugh,

So pause.

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Replacing Santa

When I grow up I’ll be a famous wrapper, 
I’ll wrap some presents and put them in a bag,
Didn’t you know that santa clause used to be my dad.
Although he got the colour of the costume wrong, and one day he turned up in drag.

No not girls clothing, but a drag race, we went zooming, along we went crazy, we went all over the place,
From catmandu to timbuck two we raced around the world, ...

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She Stood thin and very Straight

I was at a MIND writing class today in Macclesfield given, 5 minutes to write about a line from a book here is what I came up with 


Tall and slender, looking from the window,

the sun rose across the sky, a mesmerising enchanting lulaby,

awaking her senses breathing new life into the day.


Yet it was broken by the crash of thunder, the smash, last, the rain whipped aga...

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BooksLove lostMINDMr MenRainWeather

Unfortunately the title has had to be Censored



I wonder if people care that our freedom of expression has come under attack,

This poem used to be funny but now its jokes that it lacks.


You see CENSORED was doing CENSORED whilst CENSORED turned her back.

Now all people seem to care about are CENSORED names

It’s become a bit of idle gossip over a drink could there be more to this well what do you think?



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The Dead like to Party 3

The ticking clock is strangely still,

Was it beacause the mirror smashed and you thought that you had breathed your last.


For the mirror had told you to get out,

it scared you half to death,

the spiders crawled all over the house.


A house of imagination and where imagination drew it's last breath.

The dead came out crawling all over the walls, the monsters to...

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Doomed to repeat itself?

The shop fronts are bordered up where only weeks ago a town sparked with life,

Deserted streets people no longer content to roam.

Ghosts of the riot prowl the corners,

A wall of rememberance thoughts of a City that was once great.

Touching messages from a loved one,

Quotes from the words of stars, do they understand their meaning or is it just a repeated parroted back phrase...

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The God Particale - Thaum


This one is more of a story I guess, a work in progress


Time was getting old,

Things had changed from those early days.

When it was just chaos and confusion

Excitement of not knowing what would happen from moment to moment.


That was a long time ago though

Now the years where starting to catch up on him,

Age was leading to forgetfulness

When you ...

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Twisted Corridor Pathways in my Mind


I retreat into the sublime and the surreal, trying desperately to define these emotions that I feel.

Hidden doorways pathways in my mind, desires that will never come to pass, corridors of regret and memories frozen in time.

Walking down these pathways the corridors of my mind, I come across a point our souls forever entwined, trapped in that moment forever lost.

I could paint...

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lost lovememories

Lost in translation upon a sun kissed shore - Sulina's Maudlin Charm


On a sun kissed shore long ago I left you crying

Along a forgotten highway we used to tread

Down by the river delta we screamed our hearts out

Places where we were only recently two lovers, hand in hand instead

I’m not sure your heart was quite ready for the emotions that I brought with me

Yet for a while we were the talk of the town, for you had never before walked ha...

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holidaysLove lost

Home Town



I’ll stand here and moan about this town

All my dream revolve about moving away

Stuck here though till my grave that’s what they say.


Stand and complain that there’s nothing to do,

Nothing happens here

Half these fools don’t even have a clue


Have you seen what they wear

Henley’s and trainers

That permanent slouch 


Satisfied someh...

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