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Senshi (戦士)

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My love is a two-edged weapon, wielded by insecurity and sharpened with fear. 


Akin to Pandora’s pithos, it remained concealed; destruction would only come of openly sharing it to the outside world. 


My heart is shielded, once scarred by mistrust, now a lone vessel playing a broken melody looped:



Just as soldiers march through wet trenches in perf...

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battlefightGreek MythJapanlovemusicmyth

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You leave me lost for words even when my thoughts aren’t pacing.


I just want you to call me mi amor, grab me, then have my heart racing. 


Though often I wonder, is it unrequited love that I am chasing? 


But I would risk it all for you —  even spend an eternity waiting.


Side note: 愛 means love in Japanese 

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I let you all down

               I let myself down

Now it’s time to go

               Time let my thoughts d 






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short poem

Veni, vidi, vici...

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Sometimes I forget about God's blessings,

I often lose faith... that's my confession. 


I allow frustration to fuel my heart,

and my actions lead by anger which is never smart.


This world will always test you, 

force hardships that you have to get through. 


It may even ignite depression,

but giving up is out of the question.


Just endure a little longer,


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Her mind imprisoned,

Captive like a slave in 1619.

Ravenous thoughts needing to feed on positivity. 


Depression dominating,

Free will screaming,

Emptiness settled and so did her demons.

Death felt like the only healing.


Words from her mouth tasted like neglect,

Just another unloved defect. 

Awaiting happiness to intercept. 


Antipathetic towards change,


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To be positive is to be naïve, 

I may see the world negative, but it's better than the fake fairy tale you perceive.


I see the raw in the well done,

I see the pain in the fun, 

through my pessimistic eyes I even see the wet rain and storm in the sun. 


This perspective avoids disappointment. 

Viewing the world as troubled and not worth saving is my ointment.


It n...

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Law of attractionoutlookperspectivepositivityretrospect

Absolute Zero ❄️

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The girl who iced her emotions.

Her physical and mental being out of motion.

A coldness within her grew,

induced by solitude and failure.

Sadness flowed through her veins, thus only

negativity remained.


As her tears fell like snow, weathered by


Because everything she once cared for let her

down, and people wonder why she carries a

permanent frown?

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Mi Anemone

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A warmth in her blossomed,

He made her smile from her heart. 

She was too scared to tell him,

So she played the friendship part. 


An unknown feeling flourished within, 

Her guard unfolded and withered. 

He stole her affection like a thief at night,

Replaced with emotions she tried to fight.


The attraction stemmed deeper,

She knew he was a keeper.



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flowersfriendshiploveUnrequitedunrequited love

Ready To Die

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She let anger consume her heart,

Rage and love was not far apart. 

All emotions bottled up inside,

Hence why she couldn't confide. 


Fury itself could not compete with her,

Madness just continued to stir.

Wrath didn't say a word, 

But temper suddenly spurred. 


A darkness clouded her whole being,

Realising her whole life had no meaning.

Praying one last time t...

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A WoMANs world

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I know it's her fault,

shouldn't of worn that short skirt.

You can't make out her words,

because she speaks slurred. 

They're antithetical to her actions, 

you think of your own self satisfaction:

"I'll take her no for a yes

because I know what's best."

Desires override your humanity, 

whispering in her ears profanities.

You go against her wishes,

stain her purity ...

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The Beautiful Disaster

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The girl, who gave into all her desires.

Lived for big dreams, in hopes of being admired. 

Her hard work leaving her restless and forever tired.

Awaiting to hear an employer say: "you're hired!"

Hearts hard-wired, dreams broke, all that is left for her is pain, she slowly chokes.


As her world crumbles to its core, she wonders can she handle any more? 

Thoughts erupt flowing ...

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