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Forever and always

I want you to know that I love you 

That I admire you everyday 

That I stop and I just stare at you 

So many things I’m wanting to say 

I love the way you smile at me 

When you’re making dirty jokes 

I love that you’ve overcame everything 

That has happened this year with your folks 

I love what a character you are 

I love messing around with you 

I love that you’ve a...

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Sleepless nights

I cried once again last night 

While you lay your head to rest 

I didn’t want to wake you 

I don’t want to be a pest 

I know that your exhausted 

From working all the time 

And I won’t tell you that I’m crying 

By tomorrow, I’ll be fine 

But I really want to tell you 

What keeps swimming through my mind 

That I’m looking for my past self 

The old me I want to find 


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A hand in mine

I guess I find it strange somehow 

When people know that I’m upset 

That when I am, people don’t mind 

They simply make themselves forget 

But if I know a friend is hurt

Its on mind my mind all day 

I cannot just ignore the fact 

I can’t just push the thoughts away 

So how is it when it’s me that’s hurt 

People seem to just not care 

Ill reach my hand to anyone 


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The last time I saw you

The last time I saw you 

I will always remember 

A cold and dark night 

Half way through September 

It was The day that I lied 

And I walked out of the car 

The day we both cried 

But I didn’t walk far 

I watched you drive away 

There was a pain in my chest 

I think in that moment 

I knew it was best 

I wanted you to stop hurting 

So I didn’t tell you the tru...

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The girl I used to be

Hello can you hear me?

my voice inside your mind 

that voice of mines a memory 

I’m forever trying to find 

I lost myself when he broke me 

I lost the girl I could have been 

the good that non of you can see

the girl I should have been 

the abuse and manipulation 

burned a hole in my heart 

the Nievety, the temptation

signs right there from the start 

he met a g...

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My willow tree 💗

Her wiggles and little kicks 

Are the best part of my day 

I hold my stomach and close my eyes 

And then I begin to pray 

I hope life treats her fairly 

I hope her heart is pure and warm 

I hope she understands 

The calm comes after the storm 

I hope she knows I’m right here

When life knocks her to the ground 

She’ll always be my princess 

Right now my hearts her o...

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Have you ever?

Have you ever wanted just to cry

Have you ever dreaded a goodbye 

Have you ever wondered what will be 

Have you ever felt so lost at sea

Have you ever tried to hide your tears

Have you ever had to face your fears

Have you ever doubted who you are

Have you ever known all hope seem far 

Have you ever cried yourself to sleep

Have you ever just wanted to weep

Have you eve...

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I’m Not the girl you think I am

Think I’m a narcissist all you want

That simply  isn’t true 

A narcissist won’t admit they’re wrong 

And I admit what I did to you

You think I lied about everything 

Again that’s not the case 

When you doubt me, just remember 

The pain was written on my face 

Please stop  saying that  I wasn’t ill 

Please stop saying I was lying 

You were the one that helped me throug...

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The robin

You have to tell the truth in poetry

every heart wrenching soul draining truth,

every damned moment you close your eyes

and lift your head to the sky

in a desperate attempt to become the air

and let it swallow you until you’re no longer

the person you were before you closed your eyes


 We’ve all done it haven’t we?

We’ve all laid in the bath and stared at our feet


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I’m crying I’m scared 

Feel like nobody’s there

I’m bleeding inside 

I’m trying to hide

I’m growing a life

That I love oh so dearly 

But the path it is blurred 

I can’t see it clearly

I’m scared and I’m lost 

From my path I have strayed 

I’m forever wishing 

The old me could have stayed 

I need help and I know 

But no one has my back 

So I rely on the feel...

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The truth in the lies

When my mum kicked me out

Just a few weeks ago

I had no one to turn too 

I had nowhere to go 

So I stayed at Rebecca's 

And too me she said 

Justine would have put 

A roof over your head 

And something inside me 

Made me start to remember 

I've lied to myself 

About the truth of September 

Because, yes justine left me 

And turned a new page 

And after, I w...

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The finish line

It's happened, it really has 

I swear what I say is true 

I've never been more relieved

My god, I'm over you 


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My darling you are a burning fire

Please never let anybody 

Make you loose that strong desire

When they climb inside your body 

My darling you're the spotlight 

Don't let a man take the shine away

You can put up a strong fight 

Stand tall, and stay that way 

My darling, you're the main part

In this play that we call life

Don't you go back to the start 

Turn your ba...

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I am a lion and I am a queen 

I write my own pages 

I set my own scene.

I am a warrior, the battles I win 

I am no angel, my life's full of sin 

I'm not unshakable

My hearts not unbreakable 

I have gold in my soul I've been told 

I am a fighter, my heart is a lighter

To show me my way when I'm old

Yes I am sensitive, I'm usually tentative

My decisions are never pla...

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It happened once again last night 

While at my my boyfriends place, 

I passed out on the floor 

Colour drained from my face

The ambulance came quickly

While I laid there on my back 

And in the hospital I could feel

Another panic attack

As the nurses put my drip in 

And struggled to take blood

I just sat there sobbing silently 

My friends knew that I would 

The n...

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I can't shake this feeling

It's all very surreal 

There aren't enough words

To describe how I feel 

A friendship was lost 

A friendship sublime 

I hate her and miss her

All at the same time 


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A winters tale

The coldest winter I've endured

Has shown my colours true

The coldest winter without a friend

The coldest without you 

My mind feels like a winter storm

Because I can't see a thing 

The pain of not talking to you

Feels like winters cold sting 

I walk along the once black path

That is now paved with white

The cold sinks beneath my skin

Like 2 loved ones in a fight 


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Dreamless sleep

I can't even sleep

Because you invade it 

I thought I'd got past this

I thought that I'd made it

I'm sick of the thought of you 

You're there when I close my eyes 

Despite what I do 

Despite how I've tried 

I want them to leave my mind

The memories I keep

So I'm praying for, pleading for 

Just one dreamless sleep 


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I've been in love before

I won't pretend it wasn't true 

But there was a flaw with him

His flaw was, he wasn't you 

You save my life everyday 

And you don't even know it 

You've made me a better person 

You've made me a better poet 

I thought I had love figured out 

Until you came along 

And now every day with you

My life feels like a song 


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Just because

Just because I'm not crying 

Doesn't mean that I'm not sad

Just because I'm smiling 

Doesn't mean that I am glad 

Just because I am looking 

Doesn't mean that I can see

Just because I'm still here

Doesn't mean I want to be 

Just because I laughed 

Doesn't mean that I'm ok

Just because I'm busy

Doesn't make it go away 

Just because I'm strong 

Doesn't mean it'...

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Rarest gold

Rebeca I want to thank you 

For being kind, for being there 

For being brave,for being honest 

For showing me you really care

Rebecca I want to thank you 

For never once leaving my side 

For always answering my questions

For helping me ride out the tide

Rebecca I want to thank you 

For never giving up on me 

For listening to my dramas 

For being the one to make me ...

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