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The haunting

2am is haunting 

It’s terrible and frightening and daunting 

I lay here wondering, pleading, begging crying hoping and eventually ... defeating 

Backwards and forwards about where our love is 

It used to be so bright I could barley see anything else 

It used to light up cities and sky’s 

Now I’m desperately running my hand across the bare floorboards, sobbing and praying to find ...

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Gave enough

I find myself alone and crying

Releasing our love is dying 

There’s nothing more that I can do 

I’m just so used to loving you 

I gave you every piece of me 

Gave you my thoughts so you could see

Gave you my heart so you could love 

Gave you my stars from up above 

I gave you clothes to keep you warm 

Gave you shelter, from the storm 

Gave you my wings so you could fl...

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I wish

I wish you looked at me with love 

And looked at me with passion 

I wish you held me all the time

Like I was going out of fashion 

I wish I was what you wanted 

When you start to feel alone

I guess what I’m saying is 

I wish I was your phone 


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Empty vase

You used to like to spin me round

When you got home from a long day 

You used to like to hold me close

Until my demons went away

I used to catch you staring

When you thought I couldn’t see

I always used to love it

The way that you’d stare at me 

You used to buy me flowers

Because you loved to see me smile 

And I would stare at them for days 

There’s been no flowers...

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