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Leon Kamm on The G7 (2 days ago)

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The G7

As I was going to St Ives

I met seven people 

with their heads in the sand

whilst holding billions of lives

in the palm of their hand

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Predictably they showed The Longest Day

though most think it's A Bridge Too Far

stuffed with macho Hollywood stars.


The Disappointed make mental notes

about the lack of little boats.

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Change was in the air.

The part-time job had served him well in the past

but it could end at any time.

Perhaps this could be the last?


Like the condemned man he ate a hearty meal.

Tomorrow would be challenging

and he had to keep up his strength.

Alone in the room he finalised his calculations,

laid out the rope,

and adjusted the length.

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Chin Chan Chinaman


I can't remember, nobody can,

the names of the actors who played the parts

of Fu Manchu and Charlie Chan

though I do remember David Carradine in Kung Fu,

like the others an unlikely looking Chinaman.


Perhaps this was part of the joke

but it wouldn't be allowed these days

when everything has to be PC

and everyone needs to be woke


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Emily Vaughan RIP

Not destined to reach ninety

she died at eighty nine

after a period of ill health

one month after her grandaughter was born.

Her sands ran out before her wealth

the greater part of which was left to Emily Vaughan


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Boo hoo


Two workmen remove the sign

but you can still see

the imprint of the letters

on the wall beneath

of an institution

that seemingly after 243 years

is reluctant to die

and now cries real tears


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If you take  the Metropolitan Line from Baker Street to St Pancras,

then the Piccadilly Line northbound to Finsbury Park,

change platforms and take the southbound Victoria Line to Oxford Circus,

then northbound on the Northern Line for two stops,

you will end up precisely where you started from.

Which begs the question - what's the point?

What IS the bloody point???

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Living in a Box


Living in a box

Keys turned in locks

Afraid to go outside


Ignoring the phone

No-one at home

Turn out the light and hide


Family long gone

Knows she was wrong

Shut out the outside world


Aware of the shame

brought on their name

White flag not yet unfurled


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Something of a Loner


He'd always been something of a loner and would occasionally vanish, re-appearing in Barcelona comfortable amongst the Spanish, to drink, and eat tapas in various bars on Las Ramblas.

And mooch about the looming future.


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She is bang on point

She's a la mode

She buys her clothes in Camden Road


Labels are vital

Branding is key

Her aim is exclusivity


She oozes class

Her style is bold

Never knowingly undersold

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Incident at Gordano

Reported in the Bristol Post - Police were called out to an insurrection

at Gordano Services on the M5, near to the elevated section.


 Fights broke out between rival coachloads of Chavs heading west,

those going to Butlins Minehead versus the rest.


The Butlins lot were too strong, causing the others to flee

down the M5 to junction 22, signposted Burnham on Sea.



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Wearing The Fez

Is there a ship stuck in Suez?

Yez, sez the man in the fez

who probably isn't Egyptian

as they no longer wear them

and judging from his diction

and a one-armed affliction

it's a scene from a comedy sketch.

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Understanding the Process


The building works had finally ended. The finished effect was fabulous, worth all the setbacks along the way, not apparent at the outset.


Would they undertake such a huge task again? Maybe, but at least they now understand what must be done In the process of making an omelette

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The M4


The motorway from east to west

runs through a seam of rock ingress

like Joanne in a summer dress

with little correlation.


And inner cities never grow

when pedants feel the need to know

the cost of underlying blows

to patriotic nations

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Only one person did the talking, 

the rest of us just listened

and watched the pictures sliding by.


I didn't know the others' names -

only Ronnie's, who played his part superbly,

sliding silently into the flames.

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Tongue Tied


She is heading in my direction

sashaying across the floor

stopping briefly for goodbyes and kisses.

I am completely in awe.

I rehearse the words in my head

but in the event my legs turn to jelly.

I mumble goodnight and hold open the door.

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Back in Basingstoke

the holiday is history now

but she can still dream can't she?


As her tan slowly fades

she is often transported back

back to Paco's bar

sipping her drink on the terrace

hiding behind her shades.

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Bringing Them In


Voluptuous in a tight black dress

and adorned head to toe with bling

she picks her way through the tables

stopping to chat to diners

until she reaches the mic

and begins to sing.

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The Accused


Saw his name in the paper.

Arrested in Rayleigh.

Appearing at Chelmsford Crown Court in the morning.

Killed a guard during an armed raid.

Picked out on an identity parade.

James Warburton.

Warby to his mates.



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Sasha & Daniel's Barbecue

He took white wine but drank Belgian lager.

Everyone was in couples. The talk was all about kids, cars and Ikea.

Fish out of water he decided to slip away.

On the way out he noticed the un-opened white wine.

So he took it home.

Blossom Hill. Tesco. 5.99

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Wednesday Morning at Nine O'Clock

She'd allowed thirty minutes to pack

but in the event needed just ten.

Not wishing to remain in the house any longer

she'll wait twenty minutes at the other end.


She's not meeting a man in the motor trade

but she is nevertheless leaving home.

With no regrets she removes her rings

and leaves them by the phone.


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Late for Her Lecture

Slim and athletic looking

dressed in black lycra

hair in a pony

she emerges holding a book

no doubt something quite rare.


Breaking into a run

everything moves in unison

except her pony.

I call out to her

but my words are lost on the air.

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Astrid aka

Turns out she isn't Dutch at all

and her name isn't Astrid,

it's Claire

she comes from Weston super Mare


Her accent is so good you can hardly tell

She is always out and about,

riding around town

on an old silver Gazelle



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