A Mystical, Mythical Beastie...

A mystical, mythical creature

came up from the deep one day;

known as the Loch Ness monster,

or that's what the locals would say.


This shy old reptilian beastie

laughed, as folk shook their heads,

as they wondered if it was actually real

when at night they lay in their beds.


"Och aye!" the old men would say;

"'tis a monster that lives in our Loch,

so don't a...

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No Fool...

Foolhardy perhaps but hardly a fool,

when Dan ventured to stand on a two-legged stool;

people gathered around thinking he'd surely fail

but success was ensured by some glue and a nail!

Into the floor Dan had secretly placed

these anchors to hold the stool as he faced

the crowd of onlookers who said he was mad

but Dan was a winner and the people were had!

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Swimming Against the Current...


He was a young yet eccentric chap,

who was often puzzled and a tad confused;

for where others understood life's game

it left him dazed and quite bemused.

Yet his mind was quick in so many ways

thus to swim downstream he 'oft refused.....

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After the Rain...


Blackbird, songster after the rain,

rain ceases so others can hear you;

you who delights in sweet serenades

serenades as grey skies turn blue.


Warble and rainbow, both now combining,

combining with hearts full of joy;

joy in the singing and joy in the hearing,

delighting both girlchild and boy.

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'loop' poetry

That's a Wrap...



Flotsam and jetsam

of discarded gum wrappers

that once held news to be

chewed but not swallowed;

worldly-wise media murmurings

flavoured with sickly hype

which leave a sour taste of

stretched truth and opinions.

Rubbish abounds within some

channels of the gutter press...

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To Dream Again...


Grey hollow strips,

involuntary pathways that

transverse the uncommon land.

Erosive hollowness cannot

bear this heavy grey load,

for earthy depressions have

underscored the trail.


Yet a lighter load relieves,

with trails quietly restored,

enabling journeys to resume.

Acceptance fills the hollows

whilst hope navigates the grey,

ensuring a better out...

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Birth Write...

In a fragile coracle of woven words,

which had seeded in his imagination,

he left the shores of Blah and headed

out upon the beckoning Sea of Ink.

He sowed the seeds willingly into waters

that would either drown his words

or happily float them far and wide.

And thus another wordsmith was born.....

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epigraphpoetborn to write

Say Wot?

'I can knot spell four peenuts',

said the yellow bumble bee,

'my brayne just dussint werk that well

so reed whot you can see.'

But the other bees were puzzled

by his inability,

and said to him most earnestly

'But you're a spelling bee!'

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for fun

Light and Dark...


Illuminated streets,

lurking shadows;

light and dark

close together

   yet poles apart...


This is a 'gogyohka' poem ~ a Japanese short verse of 5 fairly brief lines to tell the story.

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Working from Home...

On our street they sell homes, drugs and frocks,

not from the same house do they tout

their wares to draw one inside;

at the drug house cars stop,

at the frock shop too,

open to view

house for sale;



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An Old Fashioned Gentleman...

A gentleman doffed his hat

when passing someone in the street;

inferring a respectful greeting

to all whom he chanced to meet.


A gentleman walked by the curb

when escorting his wife or mother;

placing a wall of protection

should they be hit by a car or another.


A gentleman offered his arm

to a woman when crossing the road;

incase she may fall or stumble,


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When the Parson Calls...


The New Zealand tui [pronounced too-ee], is a delightful noisy bird that mostly lives in our native bush/forests. Sometimes referred to as the 'parson bird', due to its white throated collar, its calls are varied and delightful.

Having a dual voice box the tui is able to produce 'sounds that range from a loud and complicated mix of tuneful notes, interspersed with coughs, grunts and wh...

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haibunprose and haikunature

Carpe Diem...


Victor or victim,

the head or the tail;

front foot or back foot

a win or a fail?


A yes or a no,

an up or a down;

now fight or take flight

a smile or a frown.


A can not a can't,

a will not a won't,

stand tall or lie down;

a do not a don't.



Seize the day and shine!

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The winter sun, poor ghost of itself,

hung milky and wan behind layers of cloud

above the huddled roofs of the town.

Buildings war-burnt and scarred,

tall trees charred and buckled, grotesque

monuments to what once thrived here.

Where was wisdom? Where was hope?

Had they become collateral damage too?

The people crept silently and wept openly,

fearful that their ...

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The Battle of the Corvidae...


The Battle of the Corvidae

took place in Woolley Valley

with treachery and murder

concocted in an alley.


The Ravens and the Crows

together planned and hatched,

thinking that their treachery

could not be ever matched.


They planned to take the Valley

and dispense with other foes,

these nasty warring corvidae,

the Ravens and the Crows.


But w...

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What's with the Selfies?!


Not counting on becoming a statistic

we've decided on being narcissistic;

self- praising we own

as we gaze at the phone,

 of ourselves we are now voyeuristic.....

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Cheeky Monkey!


A group of middle aged ladies,

all carrying a few extra pounds,

decided to put on a drama

enthusiasm knowing no bounds.


They practiced each week at the hall,

learning their lines and each part,

eventually getting things right

after many a shaky false start.


Now, wanting to add some effects,

that were special and eye catching too,

they contacted a yo...

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cheekydramachurch hall

A Silent Lament...


When the music fades and the lights go out,

when the last labored breath's exhaled;

is there a sound, a loud crescendo,

as the person's face is paled?

I think that there is, though not all hear,

for the sound is silently felt;

the loss for the one who has now passed on,

is a hit that's below the belt.

The surge of grief, a gut-wrenching blow,

is something we hav...

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Questions for Tom...



Answer me this Tom,

answer me this;

how big are the Alps,

the ones that are Swiss?


Answer me this Tom,

answer me this;

how do you know

if it's Mister or Miss?


Answer me this Tom,

answer me this;

when a snake speaks

is it more than a hiss?


Answer me this Tom,

answer me this;

when one is married

is it really all bliss?



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