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Big Sal on I'm Sorry and I love you (Fri, 28 Sep 2018 06:27 pm)

Don Matthews on I'm Sorry and I love you (Thu, 27 Sep 2018 09:22 am)

I'm Sorry and I love you

I'm so sorry,

I love you so so much,

I think about you all the time,

I miss your smile,

I miss your jokes,

I miss your hugs,

I miss so much more about you than I could possibly write,

I know I messed up so many times,

I know I'm to blame,

I ask myself why your face haunts me at night,

But I know why,

I replay our memories together a lot,

When I see something tha...

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Why do you get to be okay

while I struggle to breathe.

Why do I have to see your face,

and see the same brown eyes that forced me down.

Why can’t I feel clean,

no matter how hard I scrub.

Why do I still feel your hands,

no matter how much I try to forget your toxic touch.

Why do you get to laugh,

while I fall apart trying to survive with this.

Why do I have to suffer ...

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