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Devon Brock on Birth (Thu, 4 Jul 2019 12:23 pm)

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on Birth (Thu, 4 Jul 2019 10:06 am)


Mind is freed of personality, soul is lifted out of eternity. You stumble and fall crawl into a ball the world sways and falls. A hand firm and light lifts you up and guides you through the night. As you stumble  it tumbles out of you they grumble and mumble and drag you out of it. 

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Blasted masted mood swinging up high crashing down through the sky. I thought I made it past the line but alls for not because now I'm fined. The car towed away and I no money to pay. Stuck fucked far from home time to roam on the long open.

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A dark haze glazed your mind is blind suspended in time your free yet trapped you have no map to go the flow or be the thing you need.

Confusion  delusion you have a contusion your lost yet found how profound forgotten the soul to save the mind now you know you left behind the thing you need to truly succeed you bleed you bleed you bleed.

Bled till dead now to feed to grow to heal and start to f...

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