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Bruce Levine on On a Roller-Coaster of Fate (2 days ago)

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keith jeffries on On a Roller-Coaster of Fate (2 days ago)

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The River of Time

The river of time

Flows through the essence

Of human existence

Forging canyons in the soul


Following a path

Of its own creation

Leaving silt in its wake

Stones along the shore


Rapids interrupt

Its meandering migration

As the current overtakes

Rocks scattered in the bed


Casting spray on daydreams

Leaving empty holes

Where the future

Would ...

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The first snow

Early this year

The middle of November

Wiping away years

Of deprivation

Awakening the senses

Of cold refreshing renewal

As frozen water

Sprinkles down and

Melts against my face and clothes

Tiny sculptures

Crafted by nature

To enlighten the soul

A shower of fluff

A curtain of a

New reality

Carrying me away

As it coats the ground


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On a Roller-Coaster of Fate

Blistering weather withers

As cooler climes take over


Revealing the emptiness that surrounds

Pervading the hollowness that echoes

Like an empty cavern

Floating through a ravine of longing


For the improvements that signal


Regaining the equanimity

Of our own circle of life

Holding fast to passions and fancies

Foibles and follies


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Fall is for color

Bounty and splendor

Spring is renewal

But fall toasts

The future


Nature’s own blossoming

In earth tones that

Shatter the rainbow

With rock solid

Treasure to last

The year


Harvest balls

October fests

Foodie’s delight

Magnificent moments

For taste buds

In sight


Fall holds a promise

Crisp air to breathe

That cle...

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Late Afternoon

The late afternoon

Changes the mood of the day

A cooling breeze

Erases the oppressive heat of the morning

A crystal blue sky

Without a single cloud

A tiny plane slips suddenly

Onto the horizon

Where it’s going – unknown

I watch my dog

As she stretches out on the grass

In the dog park that she truly believes is hers

And hers alone

She rolls and lays her head


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A Second Chance

Once in a lifetime

If you’re lucky

You get a second chance

At love

How it happens

Why it happens

No one knows

But the powers up


Life’s twists and turns

Run parallel in the universe

Fate and destiny hold hands

To bring loved ones together

Dearly departed team up

In Heaven

Guiding what appears




And yet v...

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A Half-Dozen Little Necks

A half-dozen Little Necks

Clams on the half shell

Whetting the appetite

Eaten raw

A squeeze of lemon

And cocktail sauce

A perfect respite


Afternoon snack

With a bowl of clam chowder

Or a prelude to an entrée

Like trout almandine

With crabmeat stuffing

An ideal combination

For dinner any day


Supper after theatre

A lovely aperitif

With after ...

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Filling the atmosphere

In stillness



Mixed with

White and gray

To almost holiness


Fallacy of fate


The unknowing

With helplessness


Testing the tide

Pressing forward

Through fear

Of loneliness


Watching the idle

Wither without them knowing

Through vacant



As the nouveau ...

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Ten years of anguish

Ten years of sorrow

Ten years alone

With people all around


Three flights up

In an empty bedroom

Devoid of any loving

Devoid of human touch


Living each day

The life of a servant

Practicing retreating

A shell of who she was


Hoping for a savior

To end the mental torture

Never even knowing

If saving could exist



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