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Two Hearts Now As One

Counting the days

‘Til our new life begins

Waiting and watching

The calendar

Ticking off numbers

Hours and minutes

Until you arrive

Holding my breath

Until your kiss

Breaks the spell

Longing and wanting

Each other from afar

Love crossing oceans

Our bodies tingling

For each other’s touch

The moment of passion

Fulfilled by our hearts

Beating as one


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After The Storm

There were two layers of clouds today:

One fluffy, the consistency of spun sugar,

Like the foam at the top of an ocean wave

Frozen in time and motionless.

The blue sky and a colorless light,

Intense, like the light from a halogen lamp,

Giving them a luminescence.


The second layer, below and swiftly moving

From north to south at a constant speed;

In varying shades of...

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Gliding through the mist

Gliding through the mist

Glorying in the morning

Grateful for the day

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Wild geese on the wing

Wild geese on the wing

Chasing shadows at ev’ning  

Forming flocks in flight


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Overwhelmed By Our Love

Here we are together

Holding on to each other


In the union of love

Sharing not only our bodies

But our hearts and souls

Inextricably mingled

Like a force of nature

Naked and yet clothed

In a garment

Woven in Heaven

Only available when

Two hearts equal one

Mathematics discounted

Only the reality

Of our joining as lovers

Fulfilled by our pa...

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Whatever happened to one?


One telephone company –

Ma Bell!

You picked up the receiver,

Attached by a squiggly wire,

And dialed the phone – literally.

You put your finger in the hole

For the number or letter;

Rotated the dial and back it came,

Rotating in reverse, and making that wonderful sound:

Ti-ka - Ti-ka - Ti-ka - Ti-ka - Ti-ka - Ti-ka - Ti-ka

Then the pe...

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A yellow crescent moon

A yellow crescent moon

That overlooks the landscape

And hyphenates the stars

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New Tomorrows

New tomorrows

Sprinkled with uncertainty

Hopeful yet unknowing

Born of some spectral happenstance

That unites souls

Without knowing when or how

Looking in the mirror of time

And seeing infinity

Holding hands at the crossroads

Without questioning which way to go

Knowing the path to follow

Uncertainty gone in a tornado

Swirling in the core

Opening new vistas


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Once in a lifetime

If one’s lucky

True love reaches out

And grabs your soul

And if that love dies

Without understanding

You die too

And the hole in your heart

Seems irreparable

You drift through the days

Unaware of life passing by

Hope tarnished

As rust devours iron

Until it disintegrates


But if fate and destiny

Are truly sitting

On your shoulde...

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First Awakenings

First awakenings

Stirring the soul

Innocence turned tangible

In a mixture of hope

Opening windows

And letting the cool breeze

Drift across the horizon

Up toward clouds

That billow like cotton candy

Pink and white spun sugar

Held together by an adhesive

That can’t be bought

Can’t be found on any shelf

In any store

That can only find itself

And merge like...

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Now that you are mine

Now that you are mine

Sent from Heaven to be with me

I am yours forever

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There’s a saying

Time waits for no man

Time can be relative

Or a revelation

Time cannot be extinguished

Or diminished

When waiting

Time feels elongated

Like watching the grass grow

It levitates

Holding itself suspended

In a reality of its own making

Transforming itself as if static

Standing still

Yet time ticks on

Like the striking of Big Ben

And the...

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Crossing The Ocean

Crossing the ocean

Is more than just miles

Or depth to the bottom

It’s battling sea monsters

And waves that try

To scuttle your ship

Only love can conquer

The daemons setting their sights

On the rarest of feelings

When truly aroused

When the heart and the soul

Join forces and become one

To take on all comers

And conquer the darkness

Like a knight in shinin...

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Your Presence

I awoke several times last night

And looked for you on the

Pillow next to me

In my mind’s eye I saw you lying there

Your hair billowing around

Your beautiful face

Your breathing slow and gentle

The breathing of the content

Knowing of our love for each other

Feeling your presence

As I fell back asleep

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Half way to the stars

Half way to the stars

Finding true love forever

Golden days ahead

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Overwhelmed By Our Love

Here we are together

Holding on to each other


In the union of love

Sharing not only our bodies

But our hearts and souls

Inextricably mingled

Like a force of nature

Naked and yet clothed

In a garment

Woven in Heaven

Only available when

Two hearts equal one

Mathematics discounted

Only the reality

Of our joining as lovers

Fulfilled by our pa...

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Your Picture

I look at your picture

Your eyes glow

Your smile brightens

Your beautiful countenance

Frozen in the time of a photograph

The apples of your cheeks

Lighting your eyes

Which search deep into my soul

And still reveal

The wonder of yours

Filled to the brim

And waiting to burst forth

Yet containing itself and hoping

I look at your picture

And see the love


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A Dream

How do you measure a dream?

In ounces? Pounds?

Inches? Feet?
Centimeters, meters or miles?


Do dreams have weight?
Can you hold them in your hands?

How does it feel if you touch a dream?

Warm and tender?


Can you hold hands with a dream?

Can you put your arms around it?

Feel every fiber of it and yourself

Meld into one?


Dreams are ephemeral

Like dand...

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A new day

A new life

Parting with the old

But never parting

Holding on to golden moments

Like a bee sleeping

In the palm of your hand

Looking toward newly made memories

In a Tiffany setting

Made of silver and platinum

Crafted by the deft

Hand of fate

Intertwining two lives

Like Rococo filigree

And sent off

To find their destiny

Amid the chaos

Of e...

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Reality Forsaken

Reality forsaken

For a chance at the golden ring

And though it’s only made of brass

A chance to grab it still could bring


Dreams of glory yet remain

Waiting on the shelf

For father time to come along

To turn them into wealth


And so our good friend harkens

And listens for the call

Remembering dreams of glory

Before a mighty fall


And time alone can ...

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A Special Warmth

It’s overcast and rainy

But I feel a special warmth

A warmth from above

A warmth inside

As if the sun were shining

For me alone


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Your True Love

Finding your true love

Is not up to you

It can take years

Or an instant


That equal lightyears


The heart chooses

And destiny is revealed

In a single moment

An hour

A week

Two people

Whose hearts are like

Opposite poles of a magnet

Drawn together


Yet inseparable


Oceans apart

Or right next door

Love transcend...

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I sit on the porch

I sit on the porch

Watching the moon and the stars

Holding hands with God


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As the sun focuses on a single tree

As the sun focuses on a single tree,

Like a lighting “special” pinpoints an object on stage –

Life projects its essence of humanity.

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What is a marriage?


The joining of forces;

A partnership;

Equal standing in the corporation

Of life and love.


Writers pooling ideas,

Scientists testing theories,

Two people sharing.


Marriage is not the contract

Or the piece of paper;

Marriage is two people who love each other.


And when their souls mesh,

Intertwined and inseparable

The piec...

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Sunrise wakes the day

Sunrise wakes the day

While dozing rejuvenates

The mind and the soul

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The Romance of Home

For some

Any place they hang their hat is home

For some

It isn’t physical

It’s metaphysical


There’s an essence

Intangible, unimaginable

Indescribable, but real


For every cliché in column A

There’s a single word in column B



Travel and transience

Can never subjugate

The pull

The allure

Of the quintessential


And as the song says


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The Crooked Tree

The crooked tree stands alone

Reaching for the sun

Half remembered, half forgotten

Lonely in its isolation


Limbs extending in a-symmetry

Branches growing

Where no branches should grow

Twisted upward toward the light


Darkness shrouding the branches within

Struggling for a place

No one knowing, no one caring

The crooked tree remains

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Being Old

Do you know what

I like about

Being old?
Senior Discounts!

I love to walk

Into the grocery store

On Wednesdays

And say:

YEA! – Old People’s Day!
And get

5% senior discounts.

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Late last night

As I was walking my dog

We saw three deer

Munching away


We stopped to watch

And they watched us

And must have decided

That we’re okay


I will admit

I’m still not used

To deer so near

Who have no fear

And make it clear

They’re going to stay


Who munch and watch

People go by

And wait for

Another day

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Waiting is the hardest game in the world.

How does one pass the time?

How does one even know what they’re waiting for?


There are so many things to wait for;

Even for that e-mail that says

Yes to some unasked question.


Waiting for answers.

Waiting for responses.

Waiting, simply waiting.


Too many things.

Too many options.

Too many choices.



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The End

The end

Is the beginning

The next piece

The next moment

The next chapter


The end

Is movement

Moving forward

Moving backward

Moving wherever


The end

Is transitory

Tracing progress

Tracing moments

Tracing journeys


The end

Is a signal

Guiding airplanes

Guiding steamships

Guiding lifelines


The end

Is the ending


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Summer - Winter

I was recently asked

If grasshoppers

Blow their nose

In winter

I immediately answered


They have to hold it

‘Til next summer

But in winter

Millipedes ski


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Back To Who I Am

I looked in my closet

And discovered

That I went back to

Who I am


I tried being what I

Thought I should be

Wanted to be

I changed my wardrobe

I changed my hair

I thought I looked

The part

But playing a part

Doesn’t mean it’s real


True to oneself


Oxford shirts and jeans

And haircuts may not

Make the man

But they go a long way


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Osgood the owl

Is three inches tall

A constant companion

Even though he’s green

With yellow eyes that watch me

From morning ‘til night

And faithfully sits there

‘Cause he’s made of stone

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Winter's Grace

Exploding into the clarity of winter

Icicles hanging from tree limbs

Creating a crystal palace

Woven through the vines of frozen lace


The shadows of winter

Guiding the traveler to a haven

Where the cold refreshes the spirit

And cleanses the air they breathe


Longing for a freedom

From the turbulence of seasons

Chasing after rainbows

That never could have b...

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Leaving a trail of


Following a path

Known only to


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Where I live

It’s so quiet

You can hear


Blow their nose

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Plastic People

Upper East Side

The Hamptons

Aspen, Colorado

The plastic people

Follow each other

Moving in herds

Like cattle to the





Shifting focus

From one charity event

To another

Whatever’s trendy

Whatever’s fashionable

Whatever’s happ’ning

Whatever’s the need

Tainted new artists

Society’s rejects

The film-maker who fits ...

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Old New York

I had a daydream

That I was transported back

To Old New York.

But the time was confused,

The eras overlapping.

Was I a New York Knickerbocker

Or a Gilded Age socialite?

Were my friends the Theodore Roosevelts

Or Mrs. Astor, the Vanderbilts,

Carnegies, Howells or Upton Sinclair?

With Gilded Age manners

And pride in couture.

Was I living on Washington Square


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To Go Forward

Going backward to go forward

Finding my true identity

The hidden core

That represents my reality

Overgrown with twists and turns

Carrying me in wrong directions

Swimming upstream

Pummeled by the surf

Battered by rapids

Working on goals

That seemed long forgotten

But only frozen by cryogenics

Waiting in the wings

Hoping to be rediscovered

Looking in the mir...

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early evening sunsets

early evening sunsets
pink and orange clouds
holding hands with moonlight

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A Pocket Full of Weeks

Where does time go

And yet remaining

Every Saturday

Another week


Flying by

Yet standing still

Looking forward

To another dawn


In the distance

All the longing

Soon resolved

By a pocket full of weeks

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hidden dreams of glory

hidden dreams of glory

soaring over trees

flocks of birds on an august morn

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The Butterflies Are Back

The butterflies are back

To carry off my soul

Leaving only the shell

To walk the earth

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Pathways of Time

The pathways of time

Blending hours

In a mixture of

Light and dark

Casting shadows

Into a homogenous



And yet time moves on

Like a river without end

Forging a course

Of its own making

Burning in limestone

Hard as granite

An eternity forsaking

All boundaries


Black holes notwithstanding

The empty void

Sucking time into a vacuum


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The tapestry of the mind

The tapestry of the mind

Filled with golden threads

Like the orbits in the universe


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The Dogma of Grief

Grief prevents momentum

And sadness sustains limbo

Seconds become days

With relentless stagnation

Fate playing tricks

In ways unforeseen

As calendars remain

Fostering the season

Lessening reality

In intangible ways

That heightens the dogma

Of grief

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The yellow light of dawn

The yellow light of dawn

Burning through the trees

Awakening the day

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Gentle Breezes

Late afternoon

A gentle breeze

The trees a full rich green

On the cusp of summer


The sky’s a perfect sky-blue

With wisps of clouds

Barely visible


Like cigarette smoke

In a film noir

Slowly drifting across the tapestry


The sun

Just before it sets

Bright, with that extra glow

Of eventide

Showering the tops of the trees

In a halo o...

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