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Spring songs appear like ghosts

Hovering over the horizon

Happy memories

Playing in fields of daffodils

Golden rainbows

Mixed with stripes of hyacinth blue

Amber shadows projecting skyward

Against the rays of the rising sun

Time stands still as trees blossom

And fauns scamper among daydreams

Everlasting solitude of rebirth

For the dawning of a new day

A new seas...

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A Second Chance

Once in a lifetime
If you’re lucky
You get a second chance
At love
How it happens
Why it happens
No one knows
But the powers up
Life’s twists and turns
Run parallel in the universe
Fate and destiny hold hands
To bring loved ones together
Dearly departed team up
In Heaven
Guiding what appears
And yet volatile passions
Transcend eternity

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3 Haiku for Spring

Spring is on the wing

Seasons forever changing

Summer on the way


Wild geese appear

Robins nesting in tree tops

Signs of spring are here


Trees burst into leaf

Frozen limbs no longer bare

Harbingers of life





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Happiness Surrenders

Happiness surrenders
To the unknown powers
That guide the soul
In the right direction





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Fate Has Set The Day

I trace the hours
Then the minutes
Waiting seems forever
Golden seconds
Moving softly
Like your breath
From far away
Soon my Darling
Home together
Never more away
Loving heartbeats
Clocks chiming
Measuring the miles
That never should have been
From the moment
Joined together
Eternity now alive
Sharing love and caring
Now that fate has set the day
Forever remember
Our love has f...

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The End of Time

Prisms of light
Scatter the sky
With bands of color
Emulating bands of truth

Fortunes resounding
In echoes of canyons
Carved with a chisel
Of serpentine greed

A rainbow reminder
Wrapped ‘round a finger
Promising forever
A holier time

As Pharaohs remind us
With iconographic splendor
And timeless emotions
Unravel and unwind

When fate reaches skyward
Unleashing its power

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I'll Take Manhattan

My internal clock is set at Manhattan
I face the world with a jaded point of view
Manhattanites are chauvinistic, snobbish, opinionated
And relentlessly focused

Manhattan energy drives our universe
Like the taxies forge the streets
In a frontal assault

Art, history and multiculturalism
Remain the melting pot of stew
Brewed from micro to macro
But always after the brass ring


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A Woodpecker (a children's poem)

A woodpecker in a tree
Talking to you and me
Bobbing its head
In search of daily bread

Wouldn’t it fun to be
A woodpecker in a tree?
Bobbing away
Throughout every day

Hopping from tree to tree
Tapping tunes for you and me
I wonder what’s its name
Maybe he’s just playing a game

Another woodpecker in a tree
Just happens to be
Talking to you
I wonder what you’ll do

Two woodpec...

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animalsbirdschildren's poetry

Timeless Interventions

Raisins on the radar
Blips up in the sky
Momentary fragments
Dissecting the nebula
Into quadrants of infinity

Paradoxical parodies
Of timeless interventions
Parading down the highway
Toward the Main Street
Of all life

Opening credenzas
Containing empty virtues
Of Delft and Meissen statues
With layers of brocade adornment
Pretensions held up to the light

Fascinating sorrows

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hopephilosophicalPhoenixworld status

The World Goes Forward

The world goes forward

For better or worse

Time travels at the speed of light

Toward its own destiny

Artists toil under the canopy

   of forgotten memories

In the age of technology

Does anyone care

We surround ourselves

In a glass bubble

   of our own making

Shielding the sun’s rays

   from reality

While bending them into conformity

The bubble bursts


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3 Tanka Poems - 3/25/19

I wander the yard

Listening to the wonders

Watching the sun rise

A woodpecker in a tree

Finding peace with the soul


Heroes come and go

Life-long battles with day-dreams

Opening new doors

As flexing muscles abound

Under golden canopies


Following the day

Passages open pathways

Through the yellow dawn

In step with wind-swept moments

Following the pa...

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A Slow Walk To Nowhere

entry picture

A slow walk to nowhere

A metaphor for life

Hills and valleys flatten

Amid the daily strife


Of drifting ever onward

The ending never clear

If today or if tomorrow

The last hurrah is here


Like walking the dog through raindrops

Pellets of water coating my head

Sniffing the ground for nothing

Or something being dead


Longing for resolution

Holding h...

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Slaying the Dragon

Slaying the dragon

And opening the heart

Like wind-swept hair

Tousled by the hand of fate


Offering solace in a turbulent world

Remembering happy moments

Long ago and past

While dreaming of happy moments

Yet to come



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