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Brooke E Addison on Broken Bottles (Tue, 20 Mar 2018 04:55 am)

the mask

powdered, light-tinted dust strokes the crevices of her porcelain face.

red liquid plasters the outside of her perfectly shaped lips.

black goo strikes the thick corners of her luscious eyelashes.


the girl staring back at her she does not recognize.

Perfect. Beautiful. Good. the voices in her head say.

A faint smile warms her face;

painted, covered, and disguised in the lies...

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beautydomestic abusehurtingpainsocietal impactssuicide

dirty pigs

Cut deep into my flesh.

Tear me apart like a pig being slaughtered.

Take my heart and rip it to shreds

Make me feel again.


Tell me endearing lies.

Look into my eyes.

Paint me in the skys.

Take me in between the lines.


Show me your sorrow.

Your pain.

Show me everything.




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pain. sorrow. heart break

Broken Bottles

It shattered across the floor

I knew this was coming, it was no surprise

I couldn’t take it anymore

Oh, the fire in his eyes


His hand against my neck

His breath against my cheek

I pulled away hoping not to wreck

Yet his presence felt so meek


The way he talked to me

The way he spat on the ground

The way he grabbed my knee;

It had me all turned around



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alcohol abusemoving onsexual assault

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