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Last Night's Brexit Vote

Last night in the House of Commons

when the Brexit vote was lost

I thought that I'd be gutted

but I couldn't give a toss


I stuck my fingers in my ears

and said la la la la la

then headed down to the Queens Head

to prop up the public bar


With a pint or two for company

I tried to find some solace

but then someone mentioned Brexit

so I kicked him in the boll...

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This Way Up

entry picture

When I met my future wife

she had tits like two fried eggs,

she wore a sign saying THIS WAY UP

whenever we had sex


But too many chips and burgers

make everything go south,

though I'm sure if she ever reads this

she'd smack me in the mouth

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Dogshit Hypocrite

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Near where I live there's a dog toilet called Tolladine Wood.

Everyone lets their dogs shit there

and they don't clean it up as they should.


They look around surreptitiously

before covering the crap with leaf litter

or kicking it into the bushes.


They're supposed to bag and bin it.

Why don't they play the game?

But guess what...I'm looking after my daughter's dog


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Sunday Rhyme for Trev

In The Book

First tuesday of the month as always.

The barber sweeps the floor around the window chair, twice.

It is 9.55 am.

Diarmuid hangs his coat on the first hook

and sits in the chair.

He writes the time in his book.


The barber doesn't need to ask what he wants,

it's always the same


When it's finished he gives the barber the correct money.

The barber looks at him.


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This Fling I'm Having

entry picture




I'm having a fling with a fantastic forty-year-old fat female from Farnborough. She's friendly, fun-loving and feisty. I'm fascinated by her full figure and the way she fills out her frock. We indulge in frenzied foreplay, we fornicate frantically and play find the fingammibob.

Unfortunately I am forced to finish the affair as it's costing me a flipping fortune. She's frequently ...

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OvereatingSaturday Rhymers Club

The Primary School Teacher

He educates the kiddies

And shows a duty of care

Who does he think he's kidding?

The MILFS are the reason he's there!

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First of the New Year

Welcome to Twenty Nineteen

The very first minute

A whole year left to do

better than this, innit?

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