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Finding it impossible to get a doctor's appointment

I began the practise of self-diagnosis

which revealed that I was actually more ill than I thought


I had athlete's foot, housemaid's knee and tennis elbow

My prostate was enlarged and pressed against my bladder

causing me to pee more...could it get any badder? (groan)

Yes it could. I had cancer of everything

and both type...

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She is no longer the love of his life   

She's not his soul mate

Not any more

They stay together because it's convenient

They keep up appearances

for the sake of their friends

their children and their grandchildren


They don't have really personal conversations

Not any more

They talk about stuff

ordinary stuff, like the weather

They're no longer intimate


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Changing Colour

Sometimes on a Wednesday 

if I'm not doing very much

I go out on my bicycle

and pretend that I am Dutch


I say that I'm Pieter van Basten

and I know this has to be true

because only just last Wednesday

I was Pieter van Basten too


It's nice to pretend to be someone else

for just the occasional day

It helps relieve the boredom

and keeps the stress at bay


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No Relation to Eleanor

I once knew a Brian Rigby from Liverpool

Big fat bloke with a good head of hair

Don't think he was related to Eleanor

He never picked up any rice in the church

Couldn't bend over far enough


Like most Scousers he thought he was a comic

He told us joke after joke

We'd heard them all before but we laughed loudly

He was a client you see

and the contract was up for renew...

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The State Visit

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The Great Unwashed don't like him

Neither does Sadiq Khan

I don't mind the bloke myself

He's never done anything to me personally

but would I go up the pub with him?

Probably not...he's a bit of a know-all

though I suppose he'd be useful on Quiz Night

Better be quick though as he's only here for three days


If it was me visiting him

I'd spend a day or two with him


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