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Talking 'bout Storms

Here in Britain we like talking 'bout storms

but not too keen on letting one in

to spoil our doom and gloom

Would that we could stop one getting in

now, or anytime soon


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SOAP : Corrie

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Where's the most dangerous place in the UK to live?

Is it an inner city ghetto

such as Mosside, Handsworth or Camberwell

where gun and knife crimes are rife

and violence is part of everyday life?

No, it's Coronation Street with an unbelievable level

of accidents, incidents and murders

all within spitting distance of the Rovers


The residents should be living in fea...

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Prison Protests

They're picketing jails in England & Wales

showing derision of life in prison

Will my shares in G4S be worth any less?

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Dundee Culture

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Minnie the Minx and Desperate Dan

Associate members of Dundee's clan


And now on the banks of the Tay

Newly opened, the V&A

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Can You Still Buy This?

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Soap on a rope


No hope






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Vain Search

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She puts on clean combats and pulls on her boots

from which she'd cleaned off yesterday's dirt

She didn't find anyone yesterday

She's never found anyone, not alive anyway

It used to upset her, now it no longer hurts

She won't find anyone today


She doesn't wear a mask anymore

The stench of death no longer fills the air

As she leaves the shelter she looks in the mirror


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The Tump

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Driving home from Bristol

passing Stroud, Gloucester, Strensham.

Soon into view the outline of a hump.

Then the lone tree that sits atop Whittington Tump.

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Three Magic Words


Newly married,

we made love every night 

more than once.


But it's been a week now.

I'm wondering what's wrong

Why has it been so long?

Is she going off me?

Do I admit defeat?

Are we no longer singing

from the same hymn sheet?                  


And just when I thought our love life

had completely diminished

she said those three magic words


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Hips Don't Lie

Kebab and chips

On the hips



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Onboard Computer

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Let's assume for the sake of argument

that there was no big bang

and that God created man.

And using invisible thread

he sensibly attached the eyes and ears

to the outside of the head

so that when wading across a river

nothing could sneak up on him.

There was a lot of sneaking up back then. Still is.


The top of the head itself was actually empty.

God had to ...

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