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Away with birds and 40s on a furlough to an office to replay hits,

Today I heard the story of a hero and I wanted to relay this,

When suited with the tar to burrow in a circle with a burnt knife,

A human with a heart of pearl and a world on a turnpike,

Kids in a wheel will arrive hurt with fake fable books and reasons,

If this is real, you defy words and make angels look like demons...

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Big Salcancercollectivededicationelegyholorimekids with cancer

Black Rome

Passion stained and then act ashamed with

homes stacked like they’re cedar,


Gases strained from the acid rain with

Rome black as the reaper,


A bite through the ice when it tries to arise like the

honeyed sounds where snow is,


A scythe in this life with a price for the prize where the

bunnies bounce with no skins,


Try to find lines in the deep with your g...

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American demiseBig SalcorruptionholorimePressed Flowers & Other Poignant Poems

Laid to Rest

[Verse 1]

The water on the runways bubbling as it suffers too,

A father at a young age juggling what the mothers do,

Playing dumb, days to duck, memory will come if it blows up the rhyme,

Waking up, take the cut, check to see the son if he woke up on time,

He runs up with a zoom on the one-day smile when,

The sun is in his in room as his son lays silent,

He takes him up his hu...

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Big Salchildren with cancerelegyformer rapholorimeloss

Hoodoo Brown Blues

Hidden with the facts is something out of grasp

in the hidden trees and kola,


Whippings on their backs and cutting off their hands

if they didn’t meet the quota,


Turn the page in the spot ahead of ire where

manic soldiers fear the devil’s ardor,


Rubber slaves were the straw that fed the fire like

Spanish overseers in metal armor,


Discord was passed on to...

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Big SalholorimePressed Flowers & Other Poignant Poemsworld history

The Life - feat. Elaine Luna

To smoke the cedar on a stack of freedom with a hallowed jewel,

I rope the Reaper by his neck and lead him to the shallow pool,

Escape from the wrong pains and then weep where the rain fell,

Awake when we bomb trains but asleep on the same L,

Building in a labyrinth to then laugh when killers come around,

Children in a basket as we pass the pillars underground,

Pines in the sky w...

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Big Salcollaborationsholorime

Pretentious (Fake Poets Are Real People)

To slow the bleeding with a rope’s tweed and then the prick side of me,

I know you’re reading what I wrote even as you sit quietly,

Someone told me that they talk their shit next with hands like old leather,

Comment only on the opposite sex like, “Man, I’m so clever.”

You report anyone’s weed sack to stack up their world’s hurt,

You ignore genuine feedback and lap up the circle jerk...

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Big Salholorimekeyboard warriorspretensionVerisimilitude: Volume 1


The book was ripped and flicked to detours in a debatable, deferential loyalty,

We took a trip and did the research with the oregano essential oil free,

Paid Bowker with a toad and the people with my last tweet,

Eight hours on the road with the needles in my ass cheek,

Sitting on the road a while with footing in descension,

Checking on my profile and looking for pretension,


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big salcancerholorimelong way homeroad tripVerisimilitude: Volume 1


You can take the happy and spike

the government’s lore,

Humans make it manly to fight

another man’s war,

Shun the face of crooks if they

pine for their leaders,

Guns replace books in the

minds of the readers,

Once the page pushed on

behind all the cedars,

Burgers in your panza with the

sweets and the cordials,

Murder is the mantra for the

meats and the morsel...

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Big Salfalse idolsholorimePressed Flowers & Other Poignant Poems

A Chicken Named Girl

Pinewood slabs in the kitchen that stay in the libraries for the

tea and more to then laugh today,


I’m just glad that the chicken tasted the ripe cherries from the

tree before she then passed away,


Rickety boots on brick or beach roofs to stand in a silent storm where the sun’s palatable

rays abound with truth to then see,


Chicory roots or hickory shoots by the dan...

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animalsBig Salholorimepet poetryPressed Flowers & Other Poignant Poems

Review for the Album 'Screaming Blue Murder' - by The Crows of Albion and Ian Whiteley

          The choice to begin the album with the title track set the expectations high and carried its 1970’s vibe throughout the entirety of the first song, and much of the album. The introduction and addition of crows cawing feels like a deliberate attempt to get the listener high on expectation and excitement as Ian recites his lyrics as deftly as he can alter them from poetic form and still ha...

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Big SalIan WhiteleyreviewThe Crows of Albion

The Shining Path

Broken promises made in vain are conning thousands to hate the evil place we’ve seen,

We were hopping islands years before he was hopping houses to escape Pinochet’s regime,

Expectations then arise with no mention of the strong, sightless soldier,

Sent home and packing while unraveled by a stick as the pond ices over.



Hiding behind the mask made of bones, and the Auschwitz de...

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2015-2018Big SalPablo Nerudathrowback poems

Verisimilitude: Volume 1

To pack the bag and skip time for then the crooked will eat kids,

I had to make this shit rhyme just so they wouldn’t delete it,

A few sad looks when deceiving the whole mixture and its every word,

A new chapbook is releasing in November on the 23rd,

Staring at the ceiling too while you run and then breathe among the trees' smoke,

“Verisimilitude: Volume 1” and it’s free upon releas...

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free chapbook comingHolorimeVerisimilitude: Volume 1

Smile for the Day

Smile for the day lost, smile for the time killed,

Smile at the same dross, smile for the rhymes built,

Smile for a halo, smile if your son cries,

Smile if he may know, smile if he jumps high,

Smile if you do right, smile if you may hurt,

Smile in a blue light, smile in a gray shirt,

Smile for the moonlight, smile for the painter,

Smile in a new fight, smile at the danger,


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HolorimePressed Flowers & Other Poignant Poemsthanks everyone

Escape from the Dark

Boogeymen in hoodies and with cookies sent to Santa in the

fire escape,


Should we send the pushy into what could be dens of Krampus with the

criers in crates?


Like a jack-in-the-box having a talk with an axe and the moss

when the monsters never seem to stay,


Right on track in the palms handling the knobs if their hands

are across the honored evergreens today,


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big salHolorimePressed Flowers & Other Poignant Poems

REVIEW: "Shhhh!!!! We Don't Talk About That" by Taylor Crowshaw

               Where to start? Well, first and foremost this book is much like a memoir written in rhymes and poetic metre which give their true value when read in succession without setting down the book. The more you read, the more you understand the emotions and mindset behind Taylor’s reasoning in writing this unique piece of literature. Each poem is a single piece of the jigsaw, held together...

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Anthology Reviewbig salTaylor's book

To Catch a Firefly

The grass as I arrive is alight in a finite sight kind of like it’s a

friend of mine to decide,

To catch a firefly tonight the right light might shine so bright that the

end of nights is alive.


Mired skies at buyer’s price are a finer prize than water rights or

firefights in a child’s eyes replete with rage,


Fireflies inspire lives to inquire rights on higher lines if I...

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HolorimePressed Flowers & Other Poignant Poemsrecital

The Animal Kingdom

     Pears are then ice cold,

     Bear with a rifle,

Share with a stare and then care that it’s libel,

Hare on the stairs and then swear that it’s liable,

     Paired with a bible,

     Where is the fight though?

Spared from a dare when they tear through a cycle,

There at the fair is the chair that they might know,

     Tears in a silo,

     Fears of the bright glow,


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dystopianorwellianPressed Flowers & Other Poignant Poems

Get Some Bud

Lyrics now posted below!!!

This is a song I made with a former best friend almost 10 years ago. We were making a rap CD, and this was one of the final cuts on the album that ultimately got shelved and never got published. This is where I started writing poetry - turning rap songs into poems since I drifted away from the music scene after leaving high school. I figured it may intrigue a select f...

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beginningsproductionrapspoken word

Firewood & Watermint

Haunt and fret the wax seal to find skill and a garçon to

burn their brass with their pain,


Mama said to stand still and rhyme ‘til my heart’s gone and

turns to gas in the rain,


We will make the books and such for kids and try to look at the

drop in a somber stint to connect,


Appreciate the woods and what they give from the firewood that I

chop to the watermint ...

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Pressed Flowers & Other Poignant Poems


entry picture

Slaying them like pagans or like Raiden or like Slade in a foe cutting seams,

Waiting for a dragon and a maiden with a blade in the old fucking thing,

It’s kind of quiet in the dark like copper mines when you’re bored and you pay penance,

Lobotomized by the word and cauterized by the sword in the same sentence,

Praying to their Satan and they’re hating any sport,

Taken to the haven ...

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abstractheroesspoken wordsurreal

Jacob's Rhyme

Bear for a minute as I say to your face that these hallways glow with your touch,


There are chickens that lay their blue eggs, and you should always know that you’re loved,


I’m sappy as I write this but just please delight in December's lore,


Happiness is priceless just as the tree of life is forevermore,


Strength is a passion that then trusts the same verbatim you,


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2017 recapdedicationelegyloss of life

Jack Dempsey

Larks on the branches are all undercover

with brass empty,

March to the madness and maul motherfuckers

like Jack Dempsey,

Scream like a bat shrieks and feast on the rat’s meat

when knowing autumn is a djinn,

Meet on the back street with trees in the black sleet

and throwing caution to the wind,

An unholy botchling without skin in an oak-free coffin

for its sin as its mot...

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compassionemnitythe struggle

Rifles in the Cold

      Underneath the truth in our hands are the water

drains where devils sleep,

      From the seas to roofs or the sands where the monsters

make the metals meet,

      Blend the loam, Heston roams next to crones if

heavens show a message shown to face fears,

      Left alone, breasts and bones deck the homes with

weapons owned you’ll never know were made here,


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hopelabyrinthinescorched earth


entry picture

      Spoils of war fill the floor with gilded noir

for America or the Ottomans,

       Milk of lore still deplored with pilfered gore

and Cressida in the commons,

        Lugged from the cart in the darkness

sent our way from the silence,  

        Love from the heart if the heart isn’t

heart-shaped in the slightest,

        Mortals are burned and hung from the


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Stay for a Moment

Winter sent sinners next in defense of dead presidents and Internet’s center page,

Intricate inner wit senses what the timber did – impotent, inner rage!

Pleading Fifth like demons did as reading lifts a reason skipped and why kill days if they’re broken?

Even if I’m leading this to freezing cliffs where Eden is, I’d still stay for a moment.


Say that we’re hoping for a lake and an...

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big salRhymes galoretop notch

This Once Was a School

War-torn and begotten with the grass reaped from misery's wanton and imposed sun ceiling or prism,

Forlorn and forgotten in an ash heap of history long lost to those unwilling to listen,

A human's wants hoping to kill pain with fruitful cups of conscience for their lost kin and martyr chants,

A putrid sconce holding an ill flame puking up the contents of the dustbin and garbage cans,


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elegyremembranceschool slaying

Trail of Sweets

A soak in the dreck if the winter cools the dam and the madness pools with cowards,


A boat to the depths with the river full of salmon and a basket full of flowers,


A rope for the neck as the sinner’s stool is handed to the catacombs and powers,


A bold tone for the gods knows we’re home in the trough in the bones and the slop with the canvas black that people see,



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condensed epicfairy talefantasy

The Snake That Eats Itself

Streamlined lobotomies if the soldiers know summits are never this far when sitting highest,


Mainstream monotony with its overblown coverage like Kendrick Lamar winning prizes,


So lately facts take me to fence with fall heavy to carry us to Nazareth when hiding balanced us a sovereign state,


Don’t make me laugh ladies and gents, for it’s already hilarious what passes for wr...

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overrated writersself-fulfilling prophecy

July Forthcoming



December will pass to tell the child to dominate a dog and forever educate the SEALs, 


Whatever you have to tell yourself to moderate the blog but you’ll never replicate my skills,


Go stick your pole in a vehicle if sitting at night thundering lies in the black sky,


Oh little pobrecito living your life wondering why you just can’t rhyme,


I’ll ravage memory...

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July 4th, 2018

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Not a Writer

I'm not a poet, not a writer, and not a thing of note,


Try not to show it, cross the fire, and toss the kings in moats,


For all layman’s for everymen that felt medication makes a happy life and wish to be in excess,


We're for draining the merriment when self-deprecation sates the appetite and is the key to success,


Past the government in lands that draw the sampled ...

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I’d never trust their tridents since a profession matters when passion doesn’t and empowers too,

Monsters crushed into diamonds as their reflection shatters the glass in front of it to devour you,

Now with the syllabus scary and promised with the sun pouring pieces on stones for throwing hegemony,

How is the military a hostage when it’s the one storming villas and overthrowing democracies...

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political satirestate of affairs

Faith (For the Voters)

Covered canvases sold for a bad place to pork corn holes and cum on base two,

Southern Baptists will hold court and have faith that George Soros will come and save you,

Burning cost of a Republic to call it anomaly with a strong fighter punching back and taking place if friendships end,

Jerking off Republican policy like Sean Spicer sucking ass and saving face on HLN,

Sickly dogs often...

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The Showing Shores of Mercy


One can hope that everyone sees adulteration proliferates like a president that instigates shit,

Or unbecoming of oneself like when a corporation incinerates evidence that incriminates it,

Put together like two and two or when cultivation innovates a pair of plants to inseminate with,

You see my listener, a dog only knows battle if you teach it war,

But if you let the fog smother ...

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Absolution Inters the Peace

Patriotic propaganda given out in daily missives as the Contras bled,

The redundant and true facts will be gravely missed if it’s a long lost pet,

Blown to bits with bodies of the sappers disarmed in a past pursuit,

Being just a Nazi with a brick arm and a blacker suit,

Supporting by force an overgrown spore of plutocracy where the richest are preened,

You bastards have overthrown m...

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Goodness for All

Attacks on our mountain with a lion in a hall and alluvion en masse,

Any drunkard can tell you it’s hard to keep an eye on the ball through the bottom of a glass,

I applaud the flag and draft card burners where a crooked law can rot or rust for fun,

It’s only the fair thing to do to advocate goodness for all and not just for some,
So promise me the moon, and then renovate everybody’s lof...

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