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Fight for the Night

entry picture

I’m chained to the timber by the hunter with a horn,

I trained through the winter, and the summer, and the storm,

I came to the picture of the lovers so forlorn,

It rains on the fissure in the come-up of the morn.



A king that shot his queen is a killer that

killed his near madness,


A dream is not a dream if the pillars are

built on fear tactics,


See ...

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Big Salholorimelogic of evilmoralityVerisimilitude: Volume 2what is right

The Bog - feat. Poemagraphic

entry picture

Bleed when you lack Heaven’s presence

and you lack the hidden tools,


Steeped in the black evanescence

in the back of swimming pools,


Smoke from the trees as the rose will then bleed from the

rope and the reed in the autumn where the log is found,


Oaks in the peat on the roads in the deep like it’s

hope and defeat at the bottom of the bogs then bound,



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collaborationholorime/rhymemetaphysicalpoetic dictionupcoming book releases

Happy Thoughts

entry picture

Splashing in the paints in outfits and masks in the devil’s house,

Basking in the strength to salvage the scraps of her mental health,

Strap it on a bison when they’re laughing at a lion as the rooms shake the posts a bit,

Stranded on an island and the planet of the tyrant where the moons make the most of it,

Smite the weak and we will mind, the water’s loam and Heaven’s goods,


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bigotrydelusiondenialholorimepretentious poetsTrump supporters

Controversy Courts Opinion

entry picture

Love the lass that shows she’s strong, but touch her ass and blows are

thrown from a mercurial stance changing out,


Cut the grass and mow the lawn to fuck the past and know it’s

wrong with the proverbial pants hanging down,


A block to run is often fun to cock the gun

with the high sea on the seaboard,


A wad of gum if God were dumb to block your thumb

and you...

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Big Salfuck Trumpholorimeoffensive measuresscorch and burnsupporting bigotry

The Dandy and the Grindstone

entry picture

This story is rich with end games and enemies,

The hand that locks the winter’s latch will talk about the sick,

Euphoria licks the membranes and memories,

The man atop the gizzard had to walk without a stick.


Climbing from his home when so blind to snow season,

Grinding on a stone with no rhyme and no reason,

This land to mine will pass the time when thorough as a washed ass...

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Big Salholorimesurrealist storyVerisimilitude: Volume 2yeah like I said

Keloid Scars

entry picture

Walking through a place of humans and greedy moss that grapples streets,

Wafting on a wave of hubris and weaning off the battle’s teats,

The park and grass are hard at math and live through this sinner’s dream,

A shard of glass and heart of gas that whips through the wintergreen,

Pleading for the wordless, and then glossing up the burnt leather,

Eating all the birches and then cough...

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addictionBig Salemotional traumaholorimemob mentalityVerisimilitude: Volume 2violent end

The Color of a Wing

entry picture

This future of a hundred bones in a sea full of a soap or lye,

‘Tis sugar of a rugged stone from the twinkle of an ogre’s eye,

Emergencies are in power like they’re dead men in a gator glade,

Eternity in a flower but the present on a razor blade,

Greeting visions with a braid and sash like they’re corpses with a morgue lever,

Seeing prisms in a blade of grass and the horses in the W...

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Big SalholorimephilosophyVersimilitude: Volume 2What do YOU think it means?

Mrs. Slocum, Would You Be Mine?

entry picture

She embraced less than middlemen once to feign a price to sell,

She escaped Death’s imprisonment just to gain a life in Hell,

Love the ones that take ‘em home if the homes make love to malice,

But her sons were made of stone and her stones made up the chalice,

A limp jump with witless fucks (this is luck) that kick the dust to then raise a rifle,

A pimp cup and visage stuck, is this...

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