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Not a Writer

I'm not a poet, not a writer, and not a thing of note,


Try not to show it, cross the fire, and toss the kings in moats,


For all layman’s for everymen that felt medication makes a happy life and wish to be in excess,


We're for draining the merriment when self-deprecation sates the appetite and is the key to success,


Past the government in lands that draw the sampled ...

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I’d never trust their tridents since a profession matters when passion doesn’t and empowers too,

Monsters crushed into diamonds as their reflection shatters the glass in front of it to devour you,

Now with the syllabus scary and promised with the sun pouring pieces on stones for throwing hegemony,

How is the military a hostage when it’s the one storming villas and overthrowing democracies...

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Faith (For the Voters)

Covered canvases sold for a bad place to pork corn holes and cum on base two,

Southern Baptists will hold court and have faith that George Soros will come and save you,

Burning cost of a Republic to call it anomaly with a strong fighter punching back and taking place if friendships end,

Jerking off Republican policy like Sean Spicer sucking ass and saving face on HLN,

Pretty dots often...

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The Showing Shores of Mercy


One can hope that everyone sees adulteration proliferates like a president that instigates shit,

Or unbecoming of oneself like when a corporation incinerates evidence that incriminates it,

Put together like two and two or when cultivation innovates a pair of plants to inseminate with,

You see my listener, a dog only knows battle if you teach it war,

But if you let the fog smother ...

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Absolution Inters the Peace

Patriotic propaganda given out in daily missives as the Contras bled,

The redundant and true facts will be gravely missed if it’s a long lost pet,

Blown to bits with bodies of the sappers disarmed in a past pursuit,

Being just a Nazi with a brick arm and a blacker suit,

Supporting by force an overgrown spore of plutocracy where the richest are preened,

You bastards have overthrown m...

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Goodness for All

Attacks on our mountain with a lion in a hall and alluvion en masse,

Any drunkard can tell you it’s hard to keep an eye on the ball through the bottom of a glass,

I applaud the flag and draft card burners where a crooked law can rot or rust for fun,

It’s only the fair thing to do to advocate goodness for all and not just for some,
So promise me the moon, and then renovate everybody’s lof...

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In No Sense

Innocence is in no sense only if tens in nine wages is apartheid of the population,


Corruption on an official level means that friends in high places are the dark side of the nomination,


A story of truth is more glorious than literature knowledge first derived from the wooden fillings,


Respectful reputations that are more notorious than Christopher Wallace certified on the ...

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Address to the People

Legal tender accepted everywhere there are civil writs advocating kill them all,

Teachers faced with low pay, and little kids then chanting, "Build a wall!"

Miniature mediators aren't going to offend them here but still he's a beaten bitch,

Any dipshit can prop up a fence boys, but it takes an engineer to build a decent bridge.


The gods of old shall prod the cold cuts on the stone...

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Holes in the Ground

A new horizon to look for since atop city poles we're seeing clouds,

Draining our own swamps as sickly souls are reaching out,

Morose meters begging for relief from the savage beatings,

All with verbose leaders raiding in the streets for some average heating,

Which gives men room to relax a spell if their home is heated,

Rhyming is secondary to the morals that a poet teaches,

So ...

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Wish in Another


Quick to preach to the choir until one loses love themselves,

Held close like wicker heat from the fire I feel from hubris stuck in Hell,

Nothing compares to death as it creeps up on all of us,

Even if some of us are scared of debts or street thugs that follow lust,

A rebel with a weapon, and a mother with a sense of logic is all that is needed,

Slaps on the wrist won’t know if...

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Tickle That Ivory


Written as a riddle in a diary that lately has dawned,

But the simple ass irony will say we are wrong,

Yes folks, tickle that ivory and play me a song,

Even if it comes out jagged like we’re cutting meat with a piece of glass,

Give me something to live for; in other words something sweet and nothing crass.



All comers welcome to arrive in a noose,

Pick a day and I’l...

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Idle Hands Occupy


Execs think there's no greater threat than a day of marijuanos in the land of the rugged grass,


Throw them off their pedestal like when René Barrientos had a hand up his puppet ass,


Sticky fingers cannot grasp the concept, so can't you capture a bygone plea?


Isn't it ever questioned which companies manufactured Zyklon B?


A prefrontal cortex contemplates if tact...

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I Don't Do Open Mics

Sadistic freedoms if divinity is lost and pawned to the seas,

Prophetic imams religiously respawn in the trees,

Pacific regents with salinity upon it in sieves,

Submissive seasons in stability are gone in the breeze.


Silos blued as broken pipes if the serpentine stone bleeds it as bloody,

I don’t do open mics, and I certainly won’t read this for money,

Why won’t you soak in ...

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Why the Skies Fell Cold


The frozen wastes have chipped at us like battleships in the pockets of weather,

Extinction only matters to a capitalist when the profits are severed,

A great loss in the age we stand in can still manage to find the win cordial,

Caves lost to man since the passage of time immemorial,

Unprecedented contamination as sandalwoods unplanted are burned with air masks,

Retarding the f...

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Uncommon Piece

I’ve lived my whole life by the cottonwood trees,

If just to give up all my rights for the common of the peace,

Never did I think that this day would ever come,

Basking in martyrdom that the fray could never shun,

The question of life isn’t a cost of embryos to the end pay,

Giving hope to the people like los remedios de la gente,


Our footprints in the sand shall fade ...

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Inauguration Day


A round on me since all of the faint pain is about to cave soon like it's coal,

All voices awash in a sea in the same way that sound waves boom in a bowl,

I can say to them now though, let's go ride for an evasion,

I'm suited up and wearing my best bowtie for the occasion,

No umbrella or ruined method while the pitter patter of the rain sticks like a cosplay date,

Damn nothing ...

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Desert Sands

The sandstone ceases to erode in spite of her heavenly fares,

No matter the trials she shares or child she bears, she is one who definitely cares,


She is my sunshine that huddles the planet into dusk,

Her womb housed the child I made as her heart crumbles the granite into dust,


I piece together this Eden without the rain and shore bliss,

I don’t intend this to sound like t...

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City of Stone in the Fire


Grief is given yet titillation earned on coat racks is kind of a trite list,

Art evolves when visualization turns to protest like The Binding of Isaac,

Sour to the stomach as carminatives unsettle a fart that spawned for the comedy,

A journey to the center of artistic endeavors embarked upon as an odyssey,

A man sees that couples fight and for sakes they’re fined as crooks or kid...

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Chrysanthemum Tea


The windy road winds around the bridges that are spared immunity,


A flower in a clenched fist, and he misses her flair and beauty,


A remarkable pacing lauded on as the speed to keep,


The particle phase beam is caustic if freedom bleeds,


Unconvinced and utterly speechless yet scared to come back,


Whup-ass is lesser known than how many peanuts can fit in...

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Math vs. History


The world's in a vice as the ghetto's psycho riders hold the zone,

  Preventive measures are taken to reduce microbial offspring with methylisothiazolinone,

So the rich die rich as their plan failed when civility is quelled,

Let's hope your talent of control is greater than Dan Quayle's ability to spell,

  I hate a fascist bi...

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Gullible as ever the Sandman is speaking the verse as the revenant suffers,

Left in dreams like when wondering which of us is leaving this Earth before a significant other,

Shallow shores are raked for pearls especially ambrosia where a sandglass leaks,

It just feels like I have insomnia when I cannot sleep,

Bad thoughts cross the line when they should stay in their t...

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Diamonds (Are For U?)


(Are For U?)


You deserve a bloody ring,

Yet these diamonds are for you,

Too submerged- the body sinks,

As fifty rioters start anew,

Somehow I don’t think that you really deserve this ring,

All soft lust that’s bound in blood who’s so silly to usurp the king?



Now is the time to settle in and converge in the city’s hunt,


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Saucy Fromage On Yesterday's Table


Time awash to watch pendulums have a fair glow and change as viscous as tar lakes,

For those innocuous, or an incredulous and serosanguineous heart breaks,

And mostly for those that are really certain that the vitals signal a true pal,

RNA to DNA like biliverdin in the bile pigment of a blue shell,

Constantly evolving as the bounty bu...

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Mask of a Million Faces

Mask of a Million Faces

Red ribbons tied to posts, and protests broken up as soon as they start working,

Man meets the meek with the hopeless sobered up and hewn in a park searching,

Left on a bench like the lonely realizing all the good men are taken and bound,

Sadistic machismo has existed since before Hollywoodland was the talk of the town,

A horcrux of evolution heeds back to th...

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