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Silver Foil

Silver Foil upon my head

keeps the bastards out my bed,

they zap me here

they zap me there

trying to get

inside my head but

silver foil upon my head

keeps the bastards out my bed.


I see them here

I seem them there

but they won't get me

cause i've had my rum, and

silver foil upon my head

will give me peace

when I'm in bed

yes, sil...

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He had a nerve yer know

calling me seven bellys,

lift up yer chin he said

and the other four he said.


So I thought to me self

fuck you, you lanky streak of piss,

then I hit him with the cue ball

and danced upon his head.


Now that's what I call nerve

yeah that's what I call nerve

when I danced upon his head

cause all his nerves were dead.

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Skipping Stones

entry picture

Skipping stones

skipping stones yer say

have yer nought better to do lad

then skipping stones.


I tried dad,I really tried

but I was not that bright at school,

now jobs are hard to come by

so I spend me time

skipping stones

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Afghanistan 74

Me , Polly Perkins and

Cheap Charlie Brown were

the vanguard in Afghanistan

back in seventy four,

we had a back flipper

called Ripper and

some belly dancing ladies

who came from Peru and

lot's of lovely hash.

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Brown Paper Bag

entry picture

Sometimes I wear my medals

sometimes folk ask me

what are they for?

I tell them, they nod and sometimes

put a little extra in my begging bowl.


But I'm ok tonight

got my whisky in

my brown paper bag,

got my brown cardboard box

it's what I call home,

got Kevins old sleeping bag

to keep me nice and warm,

poor old Kev' he don' need it no more


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My Puppy Died

entry picture

I was a good lad my mum said

until I was ten

my puppy died when I was ten.


Twelve years old

I drank and smoked

smashed up cars and got my dope,

fourteen I was in the gang

the no-hopers that was us,

stealing cars , causing grief

raped a girl about that time,

just a game we no-hopers played,

just a game.


At sweet sixteen it was mugging t...

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The View over Maimana

entry picture

The view over Maimana

was almost biblical as

I watched a young girl

leading a laden donkey

across the dusty ground


Her younger brother,

just a toddler was

playing games with the dust

that billowed around them,

seemingly trying to hit

the dust clouds with his stick.


The setting sun over the

brown barren hills and

mud brick houses


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entry picture

Vodka brains

screaming and whirling

bloodlust eyes

the madness deep inside

no mercy, no regrets,

no pity either.


So much more to do

before the cleansing is done

then we will be free,

we will drink to rejoice

we will drink to forget.


Vodka brains

madness inside

twirling, whirling

screaming out our hate

dancing once again.


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The Bakery






Standing in the bakery at four am

the smell of freshly baked bread

is mouth watering,

outside the snow is falling

the air freezing and

soon they will start to arrive

to wait in line

for their daily bread,

no one is left out

no one goes without

at the bakery.


ACTED a French Aid Agency used to run a bakery in Kabul, u...

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She is without doubt

the one for me

the one to be my wife.


Her mousy hair and

pimply nose matter not a fig,

I shall shower her with

love and devotion and

praise her womanly charms,

for it is true she is

the light of my life,

Big Aggie is the one for me

the one to be my wife

since she won that lottery rollover

on saturday night.

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Kevin The Keyhole

Kevin the keyhole

is a nasty old man

peering through keyholes

whenever he can

watching those ladies undress,

Kevin the keyhole

is a dirty old man,

pity he's me dad

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Painted Faces

Painted Faces


Eating Chocolate





The Darkness Descends

Vacent Stares

All is Lost,

All is Forgotten

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Then the Rain Came Down

entry picture

The second attempt at crossing failed

when we hit by

bullets,shell and gas,

I became I passenger

when my legs were taken.

I lay in the blood and the mud,and

cried and cursed with the rest,

but then the rain came down

and washed away my tears

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Words that have no meaning

even to the ghost that speaks them,

shadows of youth

lost in what might have been.


Sons of the workers

daughters of the flesh,

even the dreams die

before they are born.


Stillborn babies talking to me

Stillborn babies smiling at me.


should i leave out the last two lines!

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entry picture

I am the darkness that devours the light

the stealer  of the light

the bringer of chaos


I will take your love and

will  abuse it

I shall steal your life.


I will strike down your children,

their heads a necklace around

my bloody neck.


I will watch and cry tears of joy

as you suffer for eternity,

your pain and suffering

shall bring...

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Passng of the Moon

entry picture

I,m sat here with you

and it's only just gone two,

the waiter sighs at

the sad old bastards

in the sad bastards corner.


But were just waiting,

just waiting for the

passing of the moon

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The Girl With The Night In Her Eyes

entry picture

After years of searching,

yearning, wanting

I found her,

the girl with the night in her eyes.


She told me


Beware of red boxes

they are not for you

they will drag you down

into doubt and greed

you will be better in the blue box.


And I will dance no more for you

not even in your dreams

for you could never dance the tango

and yo...

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entry picture


it makes the place look untidy



graffiti writers sould be made to

eat paint


covered in graffiti

be sent on the road

of divine inspiration

which is to be found

at the bottom of my garden

where the goldfish swim in

ever decreasing circles.

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Plastic Sheeting and Jerrycans

entry picture

Blue plastic sheeting

you see it discarded

with the garbage.


They fight for them,

they are importent

plastic sheeting and jerrycans,

women scream and scratch

men vicious in their need

for the best of the

plastic sheeting.


They are importent,

for survival,

the sheeting to protect from

wind, sand, rain,

the jerrycans hold the fam...

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My Heavenly Guardian

entry picture

My Heavenly Guardian

sprinkled me with holy water

and told me I was free,

I never felt so alone.

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Dushti Laila

entry picture

The spirits of the dead

cry out to the living in

Dushti Laila

their voices carried across the sands by

the nightwind.



so many voices

crying out in the wilderness,

justice for the dead of

Dushti Laila.


As you drive across the desert

you can see the bones of the victims

for you can hide nothing forever

in the desert,the shift...

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Jimmy The Dog

entry picture

Jimmy the Dog

cleans windows,

it's what he does nowdays

it's his day job,

Jimmy the Dog still fights though

at weekends when he's pissed.


Got the name Jimmy the Dog

after biting that blue bastards nose,

would not let go you see,

like pitbull with that nose was

Jimmy the Dog.


Jimmys getting older though

he will tell you that himself,


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Mothers Dumplings

entry picture

Being the way I am

being a endomorph

I know I should not do it

but who could resist

a bowl of mothers dumplings.


nice and hot and spicy,

cayenne and peppers,

potatoes and that lovely

red picked cabbage,

who could resist

such a feast.


so you see,

it's not my fault

it's plain to see that

mother is to blame

her and her dumplin...

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entry picture

I was sold when I was ten

to help feed my brothers and sisters

my mummy said.


they took me to

a strange place

where the soldiers slept.


where me and Victoria who is my friend

would sell our trinkets and ourselves

when I was ten.

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