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As this winged mount I hitch, for the new lands beyond,
May I go with the music of your love as my song.
For I am leaving your side, for the next given place,
But whenever you will it, our souls can embrace.
For truly, I leave, all of my love to reside,
Safe at home, in your heart, while this journey I ride.


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Scooter Club and The Lost Boys

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It’s fucking mayhem at the local social, The music’s loud, the punters vocal.

Ten pints, pissed, a toke and toot. Lammy, Vep, which tribe of scoot?

Bondage kecks, and ripped up shirts, two-tone trousers, mini-skirts.

Stay pressed mods in classic Clarke’s, mad on speed, and purple hearts.

Purdy cuts, the Mary Quant, “a Chelsea cut, that’s what you want”.

Flat top, Slant top, full on ...

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My Eleos

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To ________________


Forgotten how, my eyes to see,

The kind of light that shines from thee.

Lately, lost, forsaken days,

Dead, and spent, in empty greys.

Arced the sun in countless skies,

Whence last I saw with youthful eyes.

Now failing sparks, in hidden haze,

See blurring inks, on foxing page.

And yet she comes, this clear blue day,

In all her glory, fresh, and...

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End of Play

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Nestled, spent, in sheltered field,

Mind and body still to heal.

All my troubles locked outside,

In natures armour, safe I lie.

Days adventures drawn to close,

Now to quiet thoughts I move.

Evenings breath, upon my face,

Its soothing vapours leave no trace,

But cool the glow of summer fun,

And now to you I turn upon.


Look! The faultless azure spread,

Tie dyed ...

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Raven Beauty

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Come The Raven, darkest Queen,

With beauty rare, if seldom seen,

And with her come a dire dread,

The finest dread I've ever had.


Her sorcery it boils my blood

Commands a spell, for love to flood.

Spite all of dark arts that I know,

I’m Powerless to halt its flow.


For free will now, I have, and yet,

Around my neck, a yoke she set,

And lock my heart, in dungeo...

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NHS Reform

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How could they do it to this man?

This tired, and threadbare artisan.

Healing art used over years,

Restoring body, blotting tears.


All he’s seen in times gone by,

Lines in his hands, these stories lie.

Everyone a different tale,

Calloused palms, hard times regale.


Now it seems his tools are worn,

Blunted, rusted, faded, torn.

His treasured craft stood times ...

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Today, Bowland rain bathes its languid lane,

Off gritstone tiles it runs, and courtyard plain,

Drowned and drenched, in rivulets it weeps,

Steeped in seep, soaked and still, it sleeps.


Seductively soothing in sadness, lullingly forlorn,

Bank-ramped blooms, now earthly drawn,

It plains, and slips, into another faultless day,

Of silent haze, and drizzled grey.


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The Willow Girl

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Of nature’s majesty, she is blessed,

A single grace amongst the rest,

The willow girl, I have seen,

By the river of her dreams.


A heart aglow with liberty,

And yet her soul cannot be free,

Roots in earth, fastened, grow,

Held in toil from below.


She frees her leaves in venture’s river.

To lands beyond, it may deliver,

As boughs hang low to touch the waters,


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Honey Bees

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A honey comb, they have found,

Rich, and sweet, and golden brown,

And amongst the syrup screen.

Bumble bee has wooed his queen.

Sugar from his kiss she taste,

Slender arms around his waist,

This little bit on which she dined,

Leaves her wanting more she find.

So off he fly to find a bloom.

Nectar from its core he hewn.

To fly right back, set lips upon,

His honey gi...

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Seeing Dying

Today I helped someone die.


He didn’t die at home,

But He didn’t die alone,

He didn’t die in pain,

And He had no discomfort,

He just slept, and He slept,

And They wept, and They wept.


The Love Ones close by,

I saw all of Them cry,

And I did what I should,

and I did what I could,

And He slept, and He slept,

And They wept, and They wept.


At the e...

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Autumn Capriccio

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Autumn Capriccio


In the rain, see again the paling palate there,

On poplar tree, stick thin, boughs all feather flared.

Edges which North-Wind rustle-tussle to dainty shimmer.

Lingering, the varnished drops of umber glimmer.

In every breath, a florid flood of clusters pour,

Earth’s face they grace, each freckle placed, upon the floor.


The bleak break, in Heaven’s nam...

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Family Vine

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The Family Vine


In sweet tilled earth, the vine we sow,

From nought but seed begins to grow,

But know not the wind it carried fro,

Or if at all our way will blow.


The light crave first, the single vine,

And more she finds as on she climbs,

Then outward cast, now two betwine,

Together now the pair be bind.


By wind and rain these vines be fashioned,

And s...

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Treasure Island

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Treasure Island


End of summer, 'fore winters coming, in term break set a sail,

We cast the mast to roam from home, for Treasure Island tale.

Pirate ship, holiday trip, on beach in foam, and spray,

Black Jack and Long John on stormy Whithorn play.


Wave on wave the crest curls surge, breakers roar and smack.

Surf in retreat, sound carbine rounds, pebbles tumbling back.


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