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entry picture

brush past the henna-handed


formica topped tables


& turn at the dead end

is Shangri-La


another world

they sit dirty feet away

yet never know my realm

of jasmine flowers

and lush green plants

that know no names


never see the shrine of 

concrete and candle wax

the glass of water, fruit

a garland...

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the kissing gate

entry picture

set the clock

for o-two hundred

wake, dress, drive for 30 minutes

on empty roads


the blink blink of the car alarm


in the blackness:

through the woods

around the reservoir

ten miles

nearly shit myself

with the things I saw

or thought I saw

and the things I heard

 - thought I heard


and I'm a grown man

it's not often ...

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is it just me....

is it just me or is WOL getting interminably slow to load ????

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sure, if it's cans you want I said:

I dropped off half a dozen

and a pair of trousers


the lady constable sat there with me

said thanks

for Geoff really


and so it continued

until the day the penny


my eyes opened

that it made no difference


he had money

what he lacked was an exit

a life

and his dead eyes


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