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All Upon A Whistle Wind

Came there a moment still over still
All upon a whistle wind

Written on a Stingle stone
Beneath the ragged rooted singing tree

Fast held by coiling twisting bind

Entered he her body shackled
Entered her in mind a tangle

Lighted all the dream walk stairway

Down upon soft dancing moments
Down upon that whistle wind

Came there in that mystical knowing
Carried upon his black rav...

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entry picture

Down on my knees again in the dark to please again

Wide closed eyes in a round brown blinking

Blue without thinking I prise open my mind

To find myself in mumbled prayer at midnight

In the sight of all that’s holy humbled into this darkest hour


Our Father which art in heaven

Heaven they say is just seven steps easy like a last drink

On the brink of nearly sleep


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Can You Hear The Drums?

entry picture


She’s wild and crazy, she’s lay abed lazy

just can’t get up out of her pit.

And shit, the dawning is no time

to sleep or reap the rewards

of a hard won night just on another flight of fancy. 


She’s a real a tough nut,

Slut rough, cut rough and ready girl.

Just the sort of slick chick

he'd pick

to blow out his lights in the morning.


She k...

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Ruby Like a Blood Red Flower

entry picture











Down beneath the grasslands swaying

Beside the rivers rush and roaring

Growing there a blood red flower

Round brown mice hearts a beating

Scatter beneath the grasslands swaying

Beside the rivers rush and roaring

Where woodland nymphs spin yarn a golden

Weave golden webs from tree to tree

Come them dresse...

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Prickle, Thorn and Deepest Thicket

entry picture

Oh, thou wicked, wicked man,

Prickle, thorn, and deepest thicket.

Doing the very best you can

To be half the man you used to be.

When lay you abed of wild wood flowers

In cool tall rye grass beneath a shimmering canopy of night,

Kissing out the stars until the morning hours

As if all dream magic of those moments can

Every find her heart amore,

Oh, thou wicked...

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Blue Bluest Blue Series 3

entry picture

Deeper deep and deeper yet down into that bluest light


Softly stealing ring jingle night

High above the fizzing streetlamp

High above the rain stained street

Where ancient drains sing and gurgle

Where black hobs and goblin meet

Beneath swooping flights of red and fury

Fly to attend her needs of plenty

Waits she in the room of warm and wanting

Waits she ...

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Blue Bluest Blue (Series No.2) ( To be read in conjunction with previous poem)

entry picture



















Came again the bluest blue  

Came again her reddening fire


Midnight came she into dream night

Came her warming perfumed kisses


Dancing kissed she face and finger


We were one as one can be

We were one as one for ever


Like the owl and t...

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Blue Bluest Blue

entry picture


Bluest blue

Blue rain and red rain

Blue and red and red again

Dilly dancing calling out my name

The same way that you used to do

Lost and empty and lost again

To where you were yesterday gone

So wrong to be as old as time

Time and rhyme and rhyme again

Oceans in her eyes flood the longing stone

Cold cold heart

Oh thou wicked wicked breath of...

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Far Away and Long Ago

entry picture













Whirls of white light spiralled

Drifted effulgent all about him

Gently, so gently taken up by the light

Drifting intoxicated by its immaculate wonder


Sunlight danced

Scattering bright freckles across his kind face

Surrounded by light

He felt the coolness of her touch


Heard the hap...

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A Ragged Paper Rose

entry picture













Between crooked fingers between painted toes

Tired words of love pulled out of a hat like a rabbit

Faded the years swirl like fallen leaves

Her blind eyes watch him in the big brown bed

Darting his red rude tongue into the far corners of her pretty mouth

His breath yellow with a time he knew better


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Dark and Mystic Waters

entry picture








Fire frosted sting and tingle

Stars alight in the twinkling of her eye

Comes she softly then upon a feathering dawn

Blinking into the risen edge of day

A chilling kiss before the first birdsong

Before the jangle tangle of the wetlands

 Before bejewelled webs spirit curling mists

Before dark and mystic waters

Where she wa...

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Wherein Freedom Abides

entry picture

I scream at my going



A knowing of the pastel edges of morning



Strumming low rhythmic harmonies



Dull drumming in my ears



A ringing



Singing out of auld long songs of freedom



Whereto distant blue faraway mountains



To bathe in fountains of everlasting youth



If truth be kn...

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The Knot Within

entry picture

Memories stirring

Butterfly kisses drum beat light

Tightens the knot within me


Hushed whispers

Stubble breath upon a blush

Rough fingers pinch beneath my chin


Curtains closing

Afternoon shadows cling to the wall

Tired cold creased cotton sheet


Stained ceiling

Wardrobe door hangs open mouthed

As he drinks in my nakedness



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Biting The Bullet

entry picture

Please don’t bite the bullet darling


Just lay it upon your tongue


Kiss away all my troubles


In your silken underdone


Take me to my dream street


Wherein the night is warm and wet


Clouds spin silver rides across the moon


Electric darting nearly songs


Flashing fiery moments  come…


…and go





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Oceans of Time

entry picture

In the deepest darkest dread black spot of night

Wherein silence crashes soundless

Wave over wave

Against the distant shores of your mind


Warm floods of sweetness

Curling fingers to layabout you

Moody sirens dream to call amore

Crossing all oceans of time

To be with you

To be with you


To be with you


Painting  - Gus Jonsso...

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entry picture

When all the world was when and truly

When all the world was who you were

Wherein the waters brightness hiding

Wherein the stillness silent sacred


Came the lightness through the grasslands

Came the smoke light zephyr touch

That’s where all the world you’ll find me

That’s where all the world I’ll be


In the pure white heat of heavens

In the pure blo...

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All For The Dippity Do (Rachels Poem)

entry picture

For a lady

A really crazy Jane


Lay me in the daisy may

Lay me in that crazy way

Lay me until no one will know


Which way along our winding lane I’ll go

Faire fingering whistle wind

Lingering redden after glow



How slow love burns

How sweet the searing pain


Lay me still as darkest night

Lay me still as winter’s spite


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Threes Allowed - Haiku

entry picture

Yvette marks my neck

Martine kisses my pearl blush


I rub it better

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Indigo Gown

entry picture

Quicksilver fire flash

Eyes bluest moody

Bangle dancing lady love



Your flowing gown


Lay cushions of night

Upon roses and thyme

Kiss me in your dreaming

Wherein we are all we need to be

To lay and love

Oh sweet gentle night hold fast


Last for all ever


Harsh morning has no love like this

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In A House Called 'Heaven'

entry picture

There’s a blood red stain on the ceiling

In the room in the house we call ‘Heaven’

Red drip drop dripping

Tripping down the stairs in tired underwear

Stripping then all of their dignity

Pastor Paul pays for his blessing


Undressing another gift from God upon a red silk bed of roses

As she poses down upon her knees

Tumble down rollin...

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On Such A Night

entry picture

The brightly stars dance in the forest

Near the river beneath the trees

Hidden within the deepest thickets

Hidden so no one can see

Came then demons

Dilly dancing

Came them wicked

 Hor ned  prancing

Beside the river deep and wide

Danced there nymph and water dryad

Danced there toad and water beetle

Hidden down between the thickets

Hidden so no on...

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Life's Spark

entry picture


Died today

Open in his hospital gown

My grandfather’s scrotum




Hanging down beneath his bony arse

Like a crumpled paper bag of pears





Wherein my own life’s spark once dwelt

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Tipping The Balance

entry picture


Lay a bed my Darkly



Spread wide your pretty shining wings

Show all your lovely things to me

Lingering Finger moments

Tripping the pearl dew

Tipping the balance

Like sand running from an hourglass

Lay across my canvas Darkly

Night has painted you with new colours



Lay a bed my Darkly


Lay a bed my Darkly


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Milk Chocolate

entry picture

A cool cool moon

came a frosting,

a hundred thousand beads of love light

dancing through my window.


Smooth silk shimmering,

slipping from us.


Floating layer after layer to the floor.


Chocolate blending into milk,

sipping, dipping into me.


Softly a stiffening honeyed sweetness

cream thighs melting,



She stif...

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Amber Beads

entry picture

No matter Monday morning melting away

The swan early jackdaw crack of day

Pocket deep sting

The ring jingle of being stony broke

Like the red straps on my shoes

I had nothing to lose but the words

As they drift from one dream to the next

Perplexed and broken my words surround me

Scattered to the everywhere


Amber beads


Amber beads

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Splashing Emeralds

entry picture

Into the roll me down roll me over,

Of the folds of silken softness,

Of the long lost and forever,

Nowhere can find me out.


Moon and sun are hidden from me,

As my eyes close in the exquisite pain,

Long hours of neversleep or dream,

Sweet breath exchanged one for another.


Tangled cadence of liquid after music,

Surging rhythms pulsing to the a...

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lovelove making

Oh! Darkly You are Lovely.

entry picture








Oh darkly,


You are lovely,


Down and lovely, down and down my Darkly.


Kiss and kiss and kiss again my dark, my lovely,

Perfumed sweetness of a moment passing,

Deep within the gentle of your eye.

Love like the darkness comes a dancing,

Passion joyous, flying upon the wings of night.


In the ...

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Electric Tapestry

entry picture

Came close

Kissing the cold stone

Turning down the sodden edge of somewhere beautiful

Hushed pallor

The voice of unreasoned reason


Words falling from a window painted by storm

Brush strokes against a bloodless night sky.


Tip tongue pearls upon my every breath

Weaving words into her warm soft mouth

Pretty painted dream talking doll

Dancing wonderment jewels joyous.


Singing stori...

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An Apple Leaf

entry picture



First glance

Round brown eyes

Following the every long shadow of day


Was never too far away




Tissue of lies


Sighs that numb the inner heart


Bruise feelings

 Reeling spinning


Long gone





So well remembered

Lays broken


Into her pillow







Curling overedged



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The Edge Of Time

entry picture

I am empty, thin despairing,

paring the curling flakes of cold damp grey dirge

from life.


Swimming hard against the tide,

landlocked, marooned,

cocooned within a ravaged shell.


Wind swept, ragged upon ripping tides,

deserted by my intellect.

I am overrun by self pity and doubt,

without a way forward or back or out.


In a kiss of moment I will cease to be,

no more than dust an...

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So Long Ago

entry picture

In the cruellest depth of winter



Where to where


Brittle bone so sore to bleeding

Stealing stinging

Bruising biting

Came the glorious dressed in light

Son of God

King of kings


So long ago

So long ago


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A Wild English Rose

entry picture

Take down


Take me down

 Upon downy soft white


Whiter yet

Tingle tongue my midnight river

Stinging shimmering

Quick silver

Float me out to the wide open sea




Oh! Come

Take all of me

Take not just the sweetness


Sweet repose

Take all of me

Tangle tearing thorn


Tangle tears again


Take me



Wild English Rose


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Hunter\\'s Moon

entry picture

Came the cold and distant midnight

Tolling long bell steel and frost

Calling all to bide and cherish

Calling all who were cold and lost

Came the silk black wings of night

Came the moon birds sweetness calling

Feathering high upon their flight

Mercury stars fire flashing


 As though to meet them

Beneath a hunter’s moon for light


In the silver bright extolling

Came there witc...

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The Loveless

entry picture

My bed was cold last night

The loveless

Folding nebulous depths



Icy chiller kisses

Killer darkness


Upon a moaning wind

Its ragged breath


Crawling beneath the coverlet

Fingers of bone tightening


Searing splitting


Seeds of ice

Into a furnace too long cold for the lighting


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Hand to Mouth Haiku

entry picture

Turn hand to all things,

such as a Salad Nicoise

feeds, biting the hand.


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Voyeur On The Wall ( Date Rape ??)

entry picture


Desiring your memories,

desperate to see, to feel, to smell

touch and tremble.

Watching undisturbed, listening to every word.

With every response, your eyes shine to a body language,

 rhythmic and liquid.


Lip to mouth, hear your voice, how it changes.


Squirming, unsteady, heady

beneath his embraces.


 Reciprocating hands, his hands, your hands, what to do?

 Surrender or en...

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A Thousand Oceans More

entry picture

My mind is spinning dreams again

Weaving wonder


Schemes again

Sailing uncharted seas again


A thousand oceans

To the colour of your eyes


To the colour of your eyes

 My love

To the colour of your eyes

A thousand oceans more

My love

A thousand oceans more



I will love you

Ten thousand oceans and raging seas

My Love

To the colour of your eyes

My love


To ...

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Four Ways Five

entry picture


Takes away the things that matter

Scatters the who you used to be

Four ways five

Then five again

Brings it all down

To drown

In my sorrow


What ever it needs

To brighten your day

A brief stay in the light

Bright righteous sunshine

Golden sequin glitter

Oh dear

That has left a bitter


 Doesn’t waste a second

I hadn’t reckoned

With your pretty mouth


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Love Me Until the Morning

entry picture

Love me until the morning


Love me through the easel and canvas of your day

Love me to your everywhere

Love me into the singsong of your smile

Treasure my moments

Moments of madness

Given up like a child

Love me through my kissing

Kisses that fall to you like mist stingle hangs upon a leaf

Kisses like two swans upon still water

Wear me close to your dream

Watch the which way of my...

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Cold Edge of Morning

entry picture

A dalliance

A dance untimed

Spanning bridges of indifference

Showing me theirs

 Me showing them a goodtime girl


Roaring like the sea

 In rages of song and rhyme

Undulating as one in the all together of getting there

Heralding the lip stained cold edge of morning

Kissing wine red a good bye and never letter



Love and loneliness wrapped in tissues of confusion

flushed ...

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One Night Stanza

entry picture

Push me hard up against the wall

Brick dust prick lust it doesn’t hurt at all

Cold folds of night splash the moon’s ghost

  Wet tickle

Trickles cold

Tremble like emptiness  

Sodium beads a necklace of bright light

Humping bumping rich bitch

Are you sure

Sure thing

Does it sting?

Sure thing

No ring of truth there then

Rough tough Billie boy

Sing a song for me

Let it be Billie boy


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entry picture


Against my skin

I can’t take you in

Not for another drink Charlie


For a feel and fumble

A jumble of innuendo

Bending the night into nowhere go


Your mind is matter

Splattered by alcoholic dreams


Reams of story telling


A tear welling as the last chore of clumsy lovers waits


Flood gates open


Flashing life

Love passes like running mercury

Swimming thr...

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Crazy Girl

entry picture

Crazy girl

 Matisse red dress

Out to impress

Kiss night

Squeeze tight

Until the milk white

Bright of dawn

Click chic walking

Giggle whisper




Slow burning

Yearning for a cigarette

Go home Charlie

Cold coffee chancer

Hot fingers dancing


no man

in the moon


Slippery silk sheet

Morning into day


Upon a pillow

Dreams walk sleeping

Keeping darkly secr...

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Love Me

entry picture

Treasure me


All that I can be


In all my golden gone time

In the heaven of my mind





Dancing a slow tango

Treacle waltz

Marshmallow moments

Filling fissures in a cave of dreams



Love me      Love me

 Love me   Love me

 Love me  Love me




Love the very soul of me

Eat and drink of me your fill

Make me ill

For your love of me


For I am pre...

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I Am Your Beautiful

entry picture


I am your beautiful

You are my whirling dream


Through my long brown hair

Your passion

Holds me

Pinning me to the floor of night

Spread me

I am your





Enfolding me



Within the other


Mouth to mouth


Tongue to tongue


Beads that jangle

In hair to tangle

Clinging sprayed

A black shroud of silk

Across my pillow



I a...

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Baking Bread with Mother

Baking bread with mother,


        the Thursday drear


               the window pane.



Watching tears that have waited weeks to fall,

he left

 in the rain

slamming the door.






 out of her song.


The song that she had been singing

was still ringing

in his ears,



as he downed,


        in another glas...

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The Kiss

entry picture

I kissed a Brazilian

 Beneath the sun

Upon my bed in her underdone

Prickle me

Tickle me

Trickle me



Wild away


Upon my bed in her underdone

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Frightened of The Dark

entry picture

Beneath my duvet,

wrapped up tight,

I love myself to nearly sleep.



That state wherein


ghostliest creep.



Deep in the deepest, dancing darkness,

my tightest eyes are wide asleep.



That state wherein


 ghostliest creep.


Fingers wet,

fingers warm are still intent.



Hell bent

between my legs to stickle keep

heart beats numbing ache.


That state where...

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Wednesday's Child

entry picture



                                Exact moment


Moment of birth.



Wednesday’s child

Early closing





 the end of the tunnel,


                                               never again,

                                                              never again.



The world is a

rowdy aggressive pl...

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