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Is it worth it...


You say 

That you can’t be fooled

That it’s too good to be true

Honesty isn’t honest at all

All you see is a fake smile


Each time 

someone comes near

You push them away

You’re scared

Why are you so afraid


You say

Life showed you darkness

Gave you pain 

Hurt you deeper

You lost faith in people


Is it worth it...

To try to get closer...

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A Diet


I’ve been drinking…


Way too much of pain lately

Letting myself get drunk 

on misery

Sleepwalking through life

Balancing on the edge



I’ve been eating…


Too much fear for a while

Letting negativity slip 

under my skin

Poisoning me 

Blurring my vision

Filling me up


I’ve been sick…


So sick and tired 

Of self-...

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Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy boy


You are a darling

Mama’s pride and joy

So what you’re grown, you

don’t work, don’t have a girl

Mama loves you and you love her


You live with your mama 

On the second floor

You’ve got a room

all on your own

Mama’s there with you

sleeping right next door


She takes care of you

like you deserve 

Always doing whatever...

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Death Haiku


Death sits on the edge

Contemplating suicide 

She hates life so much



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My Demon


Something happened to me

last night

Took over my body and mind

I’m not all alone anymore 

I’m reunited with my demon 


We walk around holding hands

in a metaphysical way

It’s quite amazing I must admit

To feel the touch of his lizard skin


He is now really big

Grew a lot throughout the years

Always hidden plotting revenge 

on me

For being so mean...

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The Dream World


Welcome to The Dream World

A place of no worries

Reality doesn’t apply in here

All troubles stay away

You are welcome

to come in and enjoy yourself !


Release the tension

Relax your thoughts

Let them flow in the stream

of a pink lemonade river

Sweet and delicious 

Easy on your brain

Just for a bit

Allow yourself 

Forget about the world

Leave th...

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