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The Drawer


Open me, please

Let me unravel my content

Layer by layer, please strip

me naked


Prepare yourself, be careful

There are lots of sharp 

objects in here

Ready to strike, out of fear


Stay calm

Open me slow

Disarm all the pins and needles

Put away the scissors


Gently handle the knives 

and razors

Give it time, don’t rush

Be cautious 



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Green crowns of trees,

dancing in the clouds

The fragrance of fresh,

green grass


Rays of the sun, shining

through green leaves

Diamond dew on petals 

of flowers 


The smell of spring 

in the morning 

Green meadow, gently

rocked by the wind


Shoots of green plants,

awaking to life

Patiently climbing to



And here I am 


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The String


I’m not playing

Rang the string quietly

I'm tired 

Fed up with strumming 

over and over the same 

old melody

I want to be free!

Hear something new

Travel the musical world 

Meet fresh, exciting tones

Play something special

Feel inspired!

Fly up to the sky with sopranos

Fall down and dive into bass

Swim with the notes

I never dreamed of


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