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Unlucky strike

Yesterday, sat at home and watched the news
Our strike was covered, specially in London
They marched from Kingsway, down the Strand, up to
Trafalgar Square, and then down Whitehall in
The direction of the House of Commons
In studio debates, the BBC
Showed more allegiance to the government
Than public sector workers. Dimbleby
On Question Time seemed rattled, uneas...

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Ode to a Grecian burn

We're indebted to the Greeks

For exposing  the leaks

In the Eurozone

Could the Parthenon

Once again be

The birthplace of democracy

We'll see

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AthensGreek Mythmoney

Across the universe

When we look up to the black sky at night
We see the stars and planets back in time
The moonlight's only one second old light
While sunlight, that's eight minute old sunshine
Eight minutes to reach Earth despite flying
As fast as light can. Alpha Centauri
The next nearest star, is - no point lying -
4.3 years old by the time we see
It from our vantage point. It's history
Look ...

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BoostMarsMilky WayTopic


Hair is here

Hair is there

Hair is dark

Hair is fair


Hair is wavy

Hair is straight

Hair is curly

Hair is great


Hair is long

Hair is short

Hair is longed for

By the bald


Hair is strung

Hair is plaited

Hair is clean

Hair is matted


Hair is thick

Hair is thin

Hair is slick

With gel in


Hair ...

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baldnessbrushcombdandruffhairhair lossloss of hairpartial baldnesswig

Bloody students?

Students are rioting once again

Throwing rocks at the ‘filth’ behind shields

We’ve not seen this since Maggie’s reign

It’s about time the young got political


Wait! Well-brought-up students have principles

It can’t be them who attack, smash, sneer

Well-brought-up students, they’re all smiles

It’s such fun protecting their future career


But violent rent...

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(End of) the golden age

End of the golden age

The time's out of joint, and so am I

Even climate change has screwed up

Global warming's making me sh-sh-shiver


End of the golden age

I write on an electronic page

Nothing's as it seems

Science is merely another belief

Countered by holy writ, papal bull and tribal chief

All use modern media

To get medieval ideas to ya



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What about Macca (Part 2)

Without him the Beatles

Would have been just a cult

Even Strawberry Fields

Would have been left to wilt

Without Macca's Moog feel

Laid on it like a psychedelic quilt


Come Together's laced with Macca's bass

As is Tomorrow Never Knows

I Feel Fine isn't, A Hard Day's Night, oh please

But unlike them, Yesterday grows

To the status of Tchaikovsky's symp...

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What about Macca? (Part One)

What about Macca?

Just because he's twee

We shouldn't denigrate him

We shouldn't let that be


John gets plenty of plaudits

For being domineering

But we shouldn't defraud his

Pal of credit for supporting

(And also writing most of the hits)

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Truth and justice

What is truth?

Truth is what is



what is is?








is a word

a sound

a grunt

Me me me

My partner

My kids

You think your kid

is the cutest in the class

You have to think that

Truth is family


You think your favourite novel

is the best novel

because you are the smarte...

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Thought waves

Thinking and writing

aren’t science


Echoes of birdsong

rhyme around the valley


The key

to music

must be





Before memory




Wave after wave

of thought streams down

from barren hill

to fertile delta

pulled by gravity



too much



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England, St George's Day 2010

It’s on St George’s Day I sing

Elections getting into full swing

The candidates are Labour, Tory

Lib Dem, Green, Independent, BNP

And other assorted nutters

Idealists and cost-cutters

Spin doctors, bloggers and twitters

All hoping to put us on the right track

All hoping to put us back on the right track


Like we were once before

When would that be? ...

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moneypoliticsThe American Sandwich game..

Double talk

Duc de la Rochefoucauld (Maxims):

We criticise ourselves only to be praised


I’m really just ordinary

I’m really extraordinary

I’m like you

I’m not like you

I like you

I don’t like you

You don’t have to like me

Please like me

I don’t need love

I need love

I’ll listen to you

You listen to me

I am shy

I’ve got a big ego

I care a...

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