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Due to the language barrier

There was an unfortunate incident

Involving a banana fritter

Mistaken for fried chicken


In I went like a vampire

At sleeping beauty’s throat

Taste buds expired

And turned the air blue


I hacked up clumps of hot and sticky

Banana for the rest of the holiday

Rancid and sickly

My sister found it hilarious



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Fixed verse advice

 "Choose a sonnet over a sestina

Save yourself writing 25 whole lines

You need to start small to build stamina

Fight instead with the rhymes (and the half rhymes)


Remember how you screamed on the waltzers?

Your 'A'  'R'  'G'  'H' tumbled out; Frisbeed

Past hooked ducks, candy floss and young lovers.

If you don’t do dizzy, then the frenzied


Sestina lin...

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Finding myself superseded by the supermodel
He found while driving his
Souped-up profile along the
Information superhighway,
I 'divorce diet' from sumo to
Super skinny.

My super-ego - superior -
Supervises his id packing bags 
Slams shut the car boot
Exorcises the past and acts 
Super natural for the neighbours
Waving off that once-super man

For the last time.
My eg...

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YouTube when you should be working
Distracted by dance steps
Make-up tutorials
How to wear your hair in a bun

Humongous sticks of carrot
Dipped in garlic houmous
Washed down with Corona to
Commiserate missing your deadline

Europe when you dropped out of uni
Questions the time was never right for
Emailed frantically to hostels in Amsterdam
Your answers on a postcard


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