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White Winter

entry picture

With gusts of tumbling snow
White winter has long thrived
Colorful flowers no longer grow
And gardens have been deprived

Birds have flown to far away land
And greenery exists only in words
Ohh.. I miss the sparkling sun
And the chirping of morning birds

Lonely cold wind whispers in night
As autumn slowly turned into winter
Leafless trees stand alone like knights
While golden leaves lay ...

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Fairy Tales

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When  sun  meets  the  endless horizon
Or sky beholds the shimmering rainbow
It  is  then  a  hidden  door is revealed
To  the   world   of  baffling mysteries
O' It is a  sweet  fairy tale  so read on
For the magic and mysteries it reveals

A  place  where  fairies  and  elves dwell
And ferocious dragons fly so high in sky
Where there is always a sparkling spring
And  flowers ...

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fairy tale

It's Autumn Again

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As summer bids a tender farewell, once again this time
Autumn unveils with beautiful chromatic colors in line
Golden leaves fall gracefully in grief from heaven to earth
Covering the shivering earth with a blanket of crimson leaves

Leaves fall, as if they were never meant for withering trees
But to break free and sail in the silent autumn breeze
The music of the falling leaves in autumn...

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nature Autumn

Hush Little Angel

Hush little angel, close your eyes

Mama is going to sing you a lullaby


Dream queen will take you for a ride

Mama going to watch you all through ride

Hold my hand and close your eyes

Mama is going to sing you a lullaby


On that ride you shall meet fairies

They shall play with you in your dreams

Listen to the fairies, close your e...

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My Gracious Moon

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When the beautiful night unveils with darkness
I look for you in the starry sky above
And I find you glancing through the clouds
You feel so close yet so far, my love

Everything about your existence is amazing
The waning gibbous, the waxing half moon 
And the solitary crescent, I have always been praising
But I adore the most, the gracious full moon 

When everything shin...

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O' beautiful wind

O beautiful wind, where do you live?

On the highest trees or over the deepest ocean

I see you nowhere yet I feel you everywhere

I hear you whispering sweetly but want to talk to you sometime


O beautiful wind, why are you so shy?

In your company I shall have none else

I will close my eyes when you shall come

And will embrace you with a gracious smile



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Thought, a word that feels so much ours,
yet nothing can be stranger than our own thoughts.
Positive thoughts are like ray of hope and full of life,
negative engulf you into the darkest corner they can thrive.

If former exists somewhere latter can't be far behind.
To master the former is the hardest task for our mind,
but it is easiest to be slaves in the hand of the latter.

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Sea and the Soul

entry picture

Sitting at the coast on a beautiful evening,

I was amazed to see the beauty of the sparkling sea;


The roaring sound of the water was a melody to my ears,
As if it was whispering something to me;


The coastal wind was brushing through my hair,
As if it was telling me I was not alone there;

Every time the sea water touched my feet,

I felt it wanted to take me wi...

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