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My Answered Prayer

Growing up I accepted the life I was given
Always knowing that something was missing
Not with who I was as a person, but deeper from within
My heart kept on telling me something was not right
And that I should never have given up the fight
Because I know God does not give us things we always ask for
Instead, He makes us work and pray, but He will never ignore.
For what I a...

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Missing You..

Dear Una,  I remember everything like it were yesterday,
two little sisters, hand in hand, if only I could rewind and replay,
Remembering the times when we just had each other..
Searching around, asking people 'are you my Mother'?
Time went by when all we felt was fear and pain,
but this anger inside me I can no longer contain..
it's tearing me up from inside my soul..

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blamedispairemotional painLosssister

No More Waiting..

Ive been patiently waiting around just for you to say hello..
Just show me a sign that YOU dont steep that low..
Day by day, Oh dear Lord three things I pray ..
That I see another day ..
That you show you care ..
and that you will be there..
But no stop dreaming child ... grow up..
Your mama said she would always be there! But I dont see her anywhere!
She said ' I love you A...

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