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Reality or virtuality

 I followed my heart

And loved the shadow

Caring and loving virtuality 

Now an indispensable part of life


No one can see it around me

Its within my soul, flowing in my vein

We are love, we are life

Dont ask me how, where and why


An amalgamation of romance

Knitted along with threads of faith

We have woven tapestry divine

Only for us to feel and see



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Divine assistance

We seek not from our will, but from thine

We love not from our will  but from yours

It's only then we are truthful to ourselves

What is hidden is known to you alone

I haven't any power of my own

What thou blessed us with, is now for us to reap

Every seed was sown keeping in view our highest need

We aren't souls lowly with lowest desires and needs

Holding head up and high we...

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Forgive the pain away

There's no better place for one to be

Than a home where you've lived since birth

The memories happy and those that are sad

Reminds of those whom we were once attached

I feel so blessed yo have a family and a home

Living a life purely heavenly when we forgive eachother tremendously 

Theres nothing that can kill the live family has for you

A true bond, falsifying all negative ju...

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Not a poem

I stitched my torn and tattered dreams

The patches rough finally smother green

A whole new perspective to rich tapestry 

A woven nutmeg of algebraic beams


Laughter of colours roared an everlasting stream

Hopes and fears swimming in tidal of tsunami

How bizarre are the wondrous sights this seen

Silently happiness resides within my heart to loudly scream





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Flying into the open and ever widening sky

Beyond the horizon which marked my flying high

Soaring above the heavens and the nightly skies

Into the realms of wonderous star studded abode

I reach a garden filled with passionate love and hope

Into that castle of romantic love and faith

I bid my loyalty and welcome my ever warming fate

Saying farewell to all the scars, darkness an...

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Poem 3

Love flows gently from the inner core of the heart

Onto the lips of a lover in the form of a lyrics pure

The breeze doth carry all the words to travel far

Into the land of the loved one where he dreams of her


Could you name the verses one by one that the soul may sing

Along with the birds on a moonlit night near the stream swift

As damsels heavenly dances to the tune so love...

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Thought 1

Once upon a time, there lived a great Pharoah in the land of Egypt,

He captivated the people of God and made them his servants

Caused much harm to their life and dignity, killing sons and misusing daughters for fun

Moses came to their rescue and caused the great split to occur in Red sea

Escape was God made easy for the people of bondage, now set free

Freedom made them happy and soo...

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Flowing through

Until we move ahead, we will never know

What lies beyond the yonder shores, we need to explore

Like a river swift we need to keep flowing  on, without retreating 

It's only a fear useless within the heart and soul, doubting the future sure

For its but destined for the river to merge within the oceans water pure

Once it reaches the mouth from where it enters the vast ocean floor


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Poem 2



Inspire me with words that can have lasting effects on hearts

Words that can break through mountains of massive rocks

Words that can cause the soul to look within, a deep searching

Words that stumble and tumble after the blissful ignorance it sees a miraculous light


Inspire me to write what needs to be told

Things that can move the widest oceans from ever gro...

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Synopsis 10

It was the sultry heat of past few days that was getting unbearable. Those who have home and air conditioning didn't feel much tortured. The poor always bear the brunt of nature's destructive energy. Just when we thought this weather wouldn't change there were deep dark clouds seens in the sky. Suddenly the air became bearable and started soothing us with its gentle cool breeze. Finally we assumed...

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As she lay her her head on her soft pillow, her mind drifted into an enchanted world. She knew not how to cross the bridge for she had never seen that land. Trying to figure out each dream that could help her achieve all she wanted but she saw none ho help her there. She retreated to a safe spot where she could get inspiration from God in order to follow the safest and purest route. A beautiful do...

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She was learning to walk, talk, read and write. At a tender age when children get love and parental support they are able to achieve big in life but this doesn't mean those without parental love and care are losers. Allah loves an orphan more than seventy mothers together could love. So there's no loss but gain only if you realise the power of Allah with you.

It so happened this little girl was...

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Synopsis 3rd 2020

entry picture

The girls were excited and the house was filled with shy giggles and loud laughter of women and young girls. It was tomorrow that the most awaited day was arriving. The ladies of the house gathered today for applying mehendi. It's a custom to apply mehendi on hands and feet before marriage. The bride was being beautified for the nikah. She patiently sits to get her hands and feet painted and decor...

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For sake of life, silence is better. It keeps many problems at bay but it doesn't mean a person is angry or hasn't any love and care. Silence simply is a pause when things around are creating a mess burdening souls with unhealthy emotions. Let the souls talk and find the words in silence, the words of true love care and everything beyond words can Express. Words are golden, silence is better than ...

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Article 2

Spirituality is a zone less traveled in today's times. We are realistic in our approach and this is how we in today's world survive. Talking about scientific discoveries and medical breakthroughs makes one intelligent and interesting whereas spiritual talks is considered outdated, boring and primitive. As far as I am concerned I think we need to have a balance between both. We can't renounce eithe...

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Messed up

I need to hear the words, before I plan

I need to see, before I believe my thoughts

I need to speak, before I blabber like old times

I need to know the way home, before I start the car


When destination is not known

When there's no guide to tell you the way

When the thoughts are creating mess in the head

What can be the outcome of such a crazy situation 


I wish I h...

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Unfinished work1

It was a beautiful day, as the morning sun shine had a new warmth. I was eagerly looking forward to those hours which were now minutes away. While walking in the garden I planned each moment for the day ahead before their arrival. All excited and enchanted by their thoughts, I submerged my past a little too deep reminiscing each glorious day. Those golden days weren't enough unless they had memori...

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Synopsis 7

I stood there gasping for breath, whatever little of me was left within for me to feel alive. As I gained conciousness I stumbled but made efforts to stand balanced and walk. Walk away from that which wounded me and broke me, walk away from the darkness that engulfed me and left me dead. It wasn't easy at first to walk away from something that was a part and parcel of your own set up, that which n...

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Sleepy muse


A sleepy muse randomly speaks

Words are nothing but drowsy

As I type each letter thinking about these

My muse hides under my pillow 

I sang a lullaby to put my thoughts to rest

Removing all the growing anxiousness 

Soothing my heart and soul basking under moonlight 

The breeze won't just let me peacefully sleep

For it brings the familiar fragrances of my...

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I was just waiting for the right moment to write about covid 19. It's taken me three months to understand what it's all about. Reading articles, newsletters, scientific researches and layman's guidelines I collected a box of information for my own self.

The attitude of this Corona virus is really bad. His parents did not teach him any manners. Where ever it goes it gets stuck. Cloning is anothe...

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Synopsis 6

The moment I look at the the negatives of the photographs I had clicked long back in time I realize, the negatives when developed into positives makes the pictures worth seeing. No matter how ugly a situation may turn into always try to change the negatives into positives. But how? That's the main question, how do we change the negatives into positives. Well...you can wait for some one to do it fo...

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Synopsis 5

Life isn't a fairy tale but it ain't any nightmare too. So what is life? Well..its the mixture of the above two. Sometimes it's a fairy tale at others its nightmares and most of the times its neither of the two but a sluggish cart ride.

In past many to few years of my life, I have learnt many lessons and taught many to others. My broken past left me with experience making me wise and the good t...

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Synopsis 4

I sat there admiring the beauty of the noon. Unlike those hot summer days, today it was raining. The wind added symphony and music to the words of my thoughts. I framed and reframed many an images in my mind's eye. Slowly painted it enough on the canvas of my heart. The right weather adds beauty to your feelings and uplifts your mood. I was feeling convinced to write down something amazing that da...

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The orphan

A small boy in rags, so thin that you could count his ribs. Not a model but a victim of malnutrition. Poverty in our part of the world is very common. Every next child you meet has a poor story of his own to relate. This little boy was certainly not an exception. He lost his parents at a very tender age, since then his maternal grandmother was taking care of him. A poor woman had five children of ...

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This lockdown is already taking its toll on people's mental health. Depression, suicidal tendencies  psychological issues are quite common. Stress, tension and hopelessness is now a part of the younger generations mental chaos. 

Post traumatic disorders after the pandemic will be quite common. We need to look into this problem before they become glaringly huge. Psychological problems should be ...

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For all her losses and failures, she blamed it on them. She had the money, support and prayers return she decided to stick to her comfort zone. Blame game is easy to curb the guilt. Finding faults in others for our own failures is an easy job. Taking responsibility of our own failures is where our maturity shows. There is always a solution, one way or the other things will work out. If you so desp...

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Synopsis 2

With tears in her eyes, she sat on her bed remembering all the good times she had with him. Those were the days, memories of which stays crystal clear in her mind. Nothing in tears could delete any of those memories, they were permanently stuck as if eteched with a love marker pen. Nothing of scribbles, rather clear unconditional true love forever. She often wondered why people couldn't accept tru...

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As I entered the dingy dark alley, I could get the damp smell around. This was certainly a lane where sunshine never reached. So, even during day time, this alley seemed to be dark and damp. Nevertheless, I headed forward, looking for the right turn to take. At last, I saw the door, a shabbily dressed man sat at the dead end. Reluctant to ask any question and more so seeing his appearance it made ...

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