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Star crossed love

My love is the sun 
He brightens the world 
His existence the key 
To unlocking me 

I am the moon 
I wait for my sun 
Until he is done 
For when we meet
Just for a moment 

Then I am alone
Left in the dark 
A dim light in the sky
Quiet and shy 

A brief moment
Of meeting 
In the morning 
Passes in delight

Then once again 
He brightens the sky
On the other side
I'm evening twili...

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Even in the night she writes


She lies in her bed, her electric blanket on
The lights are off, she is warmer than the sun
She likes it this way, it helps her forget 
That her sunshine is not ready for her yet

He struggles on his own, stressing alone
The walls he is trying so hard to shatter
Are still standing tall, towering and strong 
He feels like his attempts don't matter

When he sleeps, she stays awake

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Problems with the Pedestal

Hey, so, what ya lookin for?
A freak in the sheets 
A lady on the streets
A baker and a maid
Who'll clean the kitchen floor? 

A beauty contest winner
A professional sweet talker
A super fast dog walker
A pure and chaste sinner

Where do I fall in it all?
Am I pretty enough for you
Skinny enough that I'll do
Am I sweeter than sugar
A fierce and enticing tiger
Who cooks the way you ...

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Imagine a world

What's wrong with a world 

Where free movement is free

Where the soil all over is 

Neither for you nor for me 

Where we can move house

To another island altogether 

And not worry about

How to travel wherever 

Is it not fair to say 

The world belongs to all 

Not only just

Those who want it to fall

They destroy our humanity

As they prohibit our freedom


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Mind's own darkness

There's a gnawing scratching at the door
It's unlocked but doesn't open easily 
The gnawing stops, dropping to the floor
A gentle thud sends shivers so eerie
The door creaks open, slightly ajar now
Edging closer and closer something 
Moves slowly towards the gap somehow
It's invisible to those who are seeing 
But not to those who are looking carefully
To most, the door opens of its own ac...

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You're just pixels on a screen... now
Little dots, the cutest I've ever seen
I miss when you were with me... how
Did we end up so far apart and lonely?

You shook my life like an earthquake
Drank me like your favourite milkshake
Until we realised it wasn't right for us
Now I miss you more than my early bus

Took you for granted when it was easy
Only I didn't know then I wasn't free

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A walk down the street

Liquid droplets on my skin
Acid rain? Panic again 
Fellow walker on a journey 
Smile. It's my style. 
Will they smile back? I ask 
Yes! He did 
Will this one respond in like?
Not quite. 
The first sign of cold hard pity. 
Not my city. 
Maybe now I'll dodge a frown 
I'm a clown
A strained reply shows me why 
Eyes full of blame. 
Why should I feel shame? And now

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Universal language

Love speaks to everybody
It's a universal language 
It connects us all over the world 
We use it to speak globally 
Everyone has felt love 
And everyone will feel it 
It's what connects us humans 
And stops us walking alone 
Love can crush the world 
And lift it back up again

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If I die tomorrow

If I die tomorrow 
I want you all to know
That I always meant well
My life has been swell

And that's thanks to you all
To my mum most of all
We've argued and fought 
But not for a second thought
That the love was lost
Because thats a high cost
To my life especially.

That's why I have hidden 
So many awful things 
Which by you were forbidden
But life always brings
These trials to...

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Endless optimism

When the sun shines, I just think about you 
All the pleasures of this world are not pleasurable 
When you're absent from my side.
I await the day our worlds collide
And merge together for once and for all. 

Uncertainty riddles my mind 
So far the world seems unkind
The beautiful moments made painful
By the gnawing prospect of unfulfillment
It's out of my hands now. 

As the sun shine...

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When I think of growing old, you're there
With you I would like to travel everywhere
But something is holding me back 
My life is not on a clearly set track
I don't feel warmth or love towards you 
Not in the way that I always used to 
Something between us has changed 
My heart is neither free nor chained 
It's seems we're at an impasse 
At a crossroads if you will 
I'll wait for this da...

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I want

I want to be beautiful for you
I want you to be beautiful too 
I want us to be perfect together 

You deserve to have the best 
You deserve to be the best 
You deserve us to be perfect

I want to be brilliant for you 
I want you to be brilliant too
I want us to both be amazing 

We're in the gutter looking at the stars.
I want us to be free of all painful scars. 
We're plagued by mis...

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Lingering Promise

You emptied my heart of all it's sorrow
And then promised me a new tomorrow

I sit here and I wait 
For news of a date

My patience runs up and down 
As I try to eliminate my frown

You promised me a new tomorrow 
Now I wait with newfound  sorrow

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