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Ready for you

I am a firecracker 
Ready to smack ya
If you look in the wrong direction 
Without self correction 

I am a gentle wave 
Always ready to cave
When you look at me with love 
Sent from up above

I am an open ocean 
Ready for any commotion 
When it looks like you can't cope
I'll be your saving rope

I am a fertile field 
Ready to fully yield
When you look green with jealousy 
And suc...

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The shell

This skin we're in is just a toy 
A functional case that holds us
One our brains train to employ 
For uses which are often bogus

The world has made these toys
Into an ever growing commodity
Now it functions to attract boys
As it has done throughout history

But on a level that induces insanity
In most who now desire an upgrade
People have been infected by vanity
By this they do thems...

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In the desolate city of my mind

A lifetime spent collecting knowledge 
Destroyed in as little as two rotations 
A broken heart has collateral damage 
All offices shut down; sleeping nations 

All manner of motivation is dispelled 
From this building and surrounding 
Blocks. Residents have been expelled
Only a stubborn few are remaining 

This derelict area only has a flicker
Of light. It's coming from a homeless 

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They will accept you, wholeheartedly
For who you are and what you believed
But only if you are like them sincerely
A complete likeness must be achieved

They will include you in their society
As long as you dress like they choose 
You're allowed to have your own variety 
Of short skirts, tight tops and high shoes

It's a multicultural and integrated city
Where everyone lives in total ha...

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Last resort

Her little heart broke as reality hit
It wasn't really what she'd believed
Her fairytale nightmare didn't fit
All this time she'd been deceived 

She wasn't someone special after all
Not in their eyes at all, just a person 
Who'd accepted every single flaw

Her gracious heart her big let down 
Life was cold and people selfish
As she realised this with a frown
Her little heart began to ...

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Sometimes, before I fall asleep,
I close my eyes and try to remember,
Hoping to drift away in the comfort 
Of our memories; the time we stole.
From where, I don't know. 
But I am sure of this 
Instead of peaceful bliss
I receive a kick in my stomach
Too painful to describe
It reaches my chest 
Giving me shortness of breath 
All sense of comfort is lost
Somewhere in the time that we sto...

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While I wait

Raindrops on tarmac glisten in the winter sun
For the fifth time
It means more to me than it ever has
The world is beautiful and painful in one, cold refreshing breath

The frost melts away, revealing nature's bounties 
Bright yellows, deep purples and soothing greens 
They dot the land that we walk on, separately. 
For the fifth time 

As the sun strengthens, shining harder 
The stubbo...

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They don't know how hard it is
To walk, talk and move like this
My body and my health are fine 
That's not an issue at this time

Yet for some reason not unknown  
My legs are filled with heavy foam
And with every move or footstep 
I struggle to catch my breath 
It's caught on something strong 
Powerful and painfully long 
A longing of the greatest kind
One of the heart and entire mind

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Unsmiling Clown

I don't have red lipstick 
Or big shiny black shoes 
Or a big squeaky red nose
Or colourful yellow clothes
But I still feel like a clown 
With a permanent frown 
With eyes cast right down 
Juggling all these balls
Walking down those halls
Full of haunted memories 
Some happy others sad
Twisting these balloons
As I look into the rooms 
Of a past long gone 
No joy in this home

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Bursting at the seams

Her lips are sewn shut
Her seams ripping at the sides
She has been stuffed with fluff 
Much more than she can hold
Her fragile fabric fraying
As it stretches across her thighs 
The stuffing is suffocating 
Her stories wanting to be told 

Yet peculiarly it's pouring 
From within her beating chest
The stuffing slowly flowing
Into her already swollen breast

Her lips are sewn shut

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Love is a funny thing
It makes your heart bleed 
And your body sing
It's a vessel to feed;

To fill with your heart's desire 
If you should ever fall short 
Misery will spread like wildfire 
Darkness will shade this port:

As your ship rests here 
Beacons of light appear far 
The air is thick with fear 
The water is filled with tar 

If the sun should rise 
On this darkened shore 

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Tears roll back into her eyes
As she remembers she is not 
Alone. Not in the literal sense. 
Her muted heartbeat aching 
To shout out about everything 
That's hidden deep inside it. 

Tears roll back into her eyes 
Just as she comes to realise  
That she must always be wise
That to let the heartache flow
Would then let everyone know 
That something is very amiss
That her heart is far ...

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The screen virus

I was in peace. Now I'm not. 
In a matter of mere seconds 
All of that peace was forgot 
A few thoughts is all it took 
To take me from that to this 
Unsettled burning eyeballs 
Moments ago was pure bliss 
Now screen spoiled sleep 
Is what I fall into. 

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Music blares and we cast our stares
In the direction of its hypnotic beat
The air waves shudder as our hairs
Stand to attention as we tap our feet.
The silence is forced to make way 
For the rhythm of restless instruments 
The sound of music disturbs the day 
Masking the truth of Earth's elements 

Now this music that is filling your head
Used to be knowledge and books instead. 

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A morose feeling develops 
A wallowing state envelops 
The consciousness we know 
As we wait for buses so slow 

Feet rooted to the ground 
Agitated, looking around
For that rolling red room 
That will take us all home 

Mouths dry, minds distant 
Our thoughts wander away
Then the red so persistent 
Comes rolling on our way.  

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Fading sun

I wish I wasn't here
I wish I'd disappear 
The face in the mirror
Isn't any clearer 
There's no place for me
I'm no use to anybody 
I can't even fake a smile
It's been a real long while 
This hidden love 
Forbidden dove 
That's not the problem now
The problem was me anyhow 
I wish I was gone 
Fading into the sun 
The face in the mirror
Isn't any clearer

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Do I smell funny?

You ever get the feeling that you smell like curry?
Now I'm not being racist or trying to be funny
It is just a simple thing that I have observed 
Whenever I leave my house it's quite absurd
I smell like centuries of mastering flavour
Of spices and mixes that one should savour
Of happy childhood memories in the kitchen 
Where food is not just boiled veg and chicken 
But a lifetime of exper...

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The Misery Drum

This world is full of dark places 
Horrible, cold and unfeeling spaces
Where misery haunts us like a drum
Beating silently with no true form 

But in every miserable dark place
There is always a familiar face 
One who can make your day 
Who makes you want to stay 

The beating of the misery drum
Becomes a faint and distant hum
As the happy sound of laughter 
Averts your attention from...

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My dreams were made of your absence 
Dust collected from your existence
Extinguished only when my eyes open
Even then your absence left me broken
My every breath craved your heart beat 
Stopping and starting until we next meet
Your warmth became a distant oasis 
My mind conjured up meeting places

Now things are becoming a little different 
My mind has become a lot more resistant
My dre...

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A bit of a choke

What is with this new trend?  
It's driving me around the bend 
Girls are being turned into pets 
With collars around their necks 

A necklace I can understand 
They often look rather grand 
Costing up to or over a grand 
Gold, diamond and pearl 
Perfect way to treat your girl 

But this rope around the throat
Really doesn't float my boat 
Almost like a self harm phase
As girls take ...

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Sister theif

It brings me joy to watch your face 
As when I bring things to our place 
Your eyes light up with a little spark
That shows this thing is your mark 

So the next time I see the thing I got
It will not ever be in its proper spot 
It will always be upon your person 
As you're not in the least fearsome 
That I will start to huff and puff
When I see you take all my stuff 
Because it bring m...

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A little something to eat

These hunger pangs 
Are in salivary glands
No malnutrition 
Or double vision 
Just mental desire
For what is dire
For the body and soul
As it becomes a goal
To eat to be happier
The body gets flappier 
As we lose inhibitions
And old traditions
Of meat and two veg 
Of brown toast and egg 
Now pancakes and syrups
Fizzy drinks and hiccups 
Gassy stomachs and minds
As we indulge in al...

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Train Tracks

They built the trains in the fields
Away from all the city folk 
They built the trains in the fields
Away from all the city smoke 

They built the trains in the fields
Where the poor sheep do graze 
They built the trains in the fields
Where the poor sheep do gaze 

They built the trains in the fields 
To hide the noise and smoke
They built the trains in the fields
As if it was some ki...

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Risk it

Dip a toe in the ocean 
Risk your pride for fun 
See what comes of it 
You may go for a swim.

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Let me tell you something

Let me tell you 
That the world is broken
That the rich have spoken
Let me tell you 
That there is no hope left
That the world has gone deaf
Let me tell you
That morals have vanished 
That people are famished 
Let me tell you
That we will always have tea 
That others aren't so lucky 
Let me tell you
That I've tried and failed 
That greed prevailed 
Let me tell you
That the mean hav...

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Don't speak

Eloquence comes in the darkest places 
The body may not have strength to move 
But intelligence is found beyond faces 
The written word is where I am to prove 

I may not speak well or with joy 
But assembling letters for the world 
Is the weapon that I will deploy
Without ever having to speak a word

My demeanour is full of nervousness 
People can see my agitation clearly 
But what th...

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It's getting too hard 
Even after coming so far
I can't handle it anymore
I don't want to play this card 

The grief that it will cause 
Is not worth it after all
Its not really my call 
I can't do this anymore 

I'm telling you honestly 
This is too hard for me
We need to move on and see
If we can be happy 
Somewhere else
With someone else

Just stop this now
Forget about how 

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Suspicion floods my brain 
Over taking the blood flow 
It feels like a speeding train 
An idea that will just grow 
Truth- something I'll never know.

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The Garden

Little blue butterflies
Luscious green grass
The sun in our eyes
River as clear as glass

Fluorescent fuchsia flowers
Bold yellow buttercups
No commitments for hours
Plenty of time for hugs

Pearly white daisies
Trees whisper the wind
Getting lost in your gazes
As the baby birds sing

Clothed in cosy cotton
Resting our battered bones
All worries now forgotten
The lively beehive drone...

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The Art of Cheating

We sit across from each other
People think he's my brother
He'll hold my hand discretely
Where no-one's able to see

At the back of a warm cafe
On a beautiful, warm sunny day
In the art gallery of all places
Filled with unfamiliar faces
No-one knows us up here
No-one we know will appear

We sit and talk for hours
Yet time is still never ours
As we talk we steal little glances
Ones where...

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The wind

My whole world is reflected in your face 
I can't believe I've finally found the place 
Which could be my mind's saving grace 
Such symmetry in the way we orbit life
It's like our paths were designed to unite
To alleviate all the suffering and strife
Which is life's reminder that it's all trite 
This world was not meant for the soul
A pitstop on the road to meeting a goal
Which will surel...

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I sit and wait 
I'm desperate
For life's start
There's an art
To patience   

I'm hasty, eager
Wanting sooner
Rather than later
Now over forever. 

But I know to wait 
And I'll wait & wait
Until I'm not great 
Dead on a plate 
I'll still wait
I trust Fate
So I wait. 

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Strange ground

He opened the door 
I looked to the floor 
I was in my country 
That is, technically 
But it felt so different 
A moment in front 
In a time where finally
I was to potentially 
See what it looked like 
If to his world I did hike
He led me through 
To a place I knew 
There was a change
And it felt so strange 
Nothing had altered
My mind had faltered
I had been here before 
When I'd...

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I want to express my worries to you
But every time that I am prepared to
You are too far away, out of my reach
And what I say sounds like a screech
As I muster the words to speak out
About all the things I'd like to shout. 

You're always so tired, always stressed 
And I want to tell you: I too am depressed 
But my words make it seem like a cry
For attention, as if it's some kind of lie

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A knock on the door

There is a knock on the door
Our eyes are cast to the floor 
We don't understand any more 
What is all of this even for? 

Time is quickly running out
We do know what it's about 
That knock freaked us out 
It's opportunity's lil' scout 

The door should open wide 
And we should go for the ride 
But we'll just cower and hide 
As fear drowns us like a tide. 

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I know he's here with me
But does he want what's on TV? 
I know he likes to have what I can give
But is that because he's close to where I live? 
I know he looks around 
And not only at the ground 
But that's fine by me 
Because so do we 
Women can see
Most men are the same 
They don't play the game 
But they have a wondering eye 
That will never really die 
But is it because I'm not ...

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What are we?

Are we story tellers?
Or are we poets? 
Are we bullshit sellers?
Or do we really know it? 

Are we has-been-s?
Or never-will-be-s? 
Are we state of the art?
Or just lonely old fa...? 

Enough of the questions
I have some suggestions 

We're deep thinkers
Slow drinkers 
Emotional heroes 
Social no-gos
Hidden away inside
Away from the tide
Of human matter
And all the chatter

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Sad song

The day is long 
My mind is weary
I've lost the song 
That tells my story 

My heart is broken 
From all the trouble 
That goes unspoken
Outside our bubble 

My head is spinning 
My patience worn 
Sadness is winning
A countenance forlorn.

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I hate you 
You took me 
And I hate you 
You didn't ask
You just did 
Did what you want 
You didn't care
You said you did 
But you were selfish 
I hate you 
You took me 
Because you wanted to
You took me
But you didn't have funds 
You didn't have means
You took me 
But you couldn't keep me
So you dropped me
Left me
I hate you 
For taking me
Without being sure 
Without being s...

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There's a constant buzz buzz buzz
I don't know where it's come from 
Or why it's so loud in my ears 
It's making my head spin 
And it's really grinding my gears 

Noise noise noise. 
So many thoughts 
None have I sought
They just suddenly came
But it feels like a shame
To make them disappear 
From out of my poor ear

So many thoughts
Painful and strong

They're all that you've cau...

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It's cold outside, inside, on every side 
I'm in the house, in a blanket, yet still
It's cold outside, inside, on every side
The blanket is so soft, so lovely, until 
It's cold outside, inside, on every side

My heart is beating and screaming 
The house is oh so silently shrill
With all the beating and screaming 
Of my frantic heart, oh how dull
Is all the beating and the screaming 


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City slicker

Those London brokers
Them city smokers
The ones in long coats
With pockets full of notes

Tall as the sky scrapers 
Real life Donald Drapers 
Bad-ass money makers
Young movers and shakers 

Well groomed hair and faces 
Perfectly tied shoe laces
Bodies as ripped as their wallets
Dodging all of life's bullets 

They walk along Oxford Street 
Ignoring everyone they meet
Now they're n...

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I tug and pull and tug and pull
I've been doing this for ages
I tug and pull and tug and pull
Nothing ever changes 

I tug and pull and tug and pull
It's making me go crazy 
I tug and pull and tug and pull 
People think I'm lazy 

I tug and pull and tug and pull
I'm doing my best to save me 
I tug and pull and tug and pull 
A mess is all that they see 

I tug and pull and tug and pu...

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Painfully Unique

I am the opposite of what the world wants
It's asking me to be someone I cant be
My mind is filled with I should but I can'ts
I prefer modesty and humility over beauty 

People look at me and make assumptions 
Her head is empty, her free will is taken 
I can't ever amend their presumptions 
I can only continue to be mistaken 

I struggle, I shan't lie about it
It troubles me a lot
I li...

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You're too complacent

A stranger in my own skin
Even I don't know where I've been
My mind is always distracted 
Don't know what I've contracted 
My heart beat makes quite a din 
You can hear it if you're listenin'

It's when I think of you 
I don't know what to do
I bet you don't know who
I am or even what I do 

I'm lying to myself 
You know me better
Better than anyone else

I regret what we did 

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Bar of soap

Like a bar of soap
You can't grasp me
You can't clasp me
Your hands are covered
In the foam that I left 

You think I'm essential 
But I can be replaced
My alternatives are many 
And better than me
Better for you 
Easier to grasp

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Where are the wise ones?

I remember a time when

The elders ruled the world

They knew what to do and say

What was right and wrong

I don't know what happened 

But look at us now 

The young are lost 

And so are we 

Where did the wisdom go? 

Where are the wise ones now? 

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