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an unconfirmed letter

I am afraid that I might hurt myself. I am afraid I might fall down on the sidewalk from weathering these inaudible, raging storms called ‘thoughts.’ I am afraid that a rooftop may be more appealing than a stairwell. I am afraid a tangled body may be more beautiful than a body unmarked, because a body unmarked is as scrambled on the inside as a ball of cat-clawed yarn.

And a tangled body is an ...

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A Plea for hope

Sometimes I see you in my room;

and it's just the faintest outline.

Enough to move me.

Enough to run my hands

through a starry atrium 

where dreams write themselves like pinpricks of light

through a black curtain.

It is just enough to be a myriad wound.



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Alone in your apartment

We hold each other for a long time...

Sky blue sweater with a yellowed bee line. 

Nose against my worn flannel. 

we wear each other

just like that, and then she's not there.

Just a fetal, orange light between us. 

Just a door closing behind her, and then I hang

my breath on the door like an old wreathe. 







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just like that

We are two shadows dancing

in an empty ice rink.

When morning spills all over the ice

we become two ghosts

waiting like all the others

in an empty field

of memories.

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I'm going somewhere

One day I will find you in a poem,

see the metaphor

and forget that it was you

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"where do our wishes go?"

In a glistening river,

washed up with the other wishes,

those burnt out lanterns

falling from the sky.


You never see a lantern burn out and fall,

wishes are the same way. 

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fall away

She has these eyes, flecked with light

When she lies, a flash of truth runs by

like our love that ended with goodbye.

fast, sincere and gone.


She has these baby hairs, black and bladed

like grass scarce and drawn like art.


She says i love you, just enough

to make you feel like she means it,

(and sometimes she did.)


she has a small spot on her tummy


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I often confuse fireworks for flowers

blooming and wilting in seconds.

Those fierce, red bursts

in warm, black soil.

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Lanterns for Stars

In a night with lanterns for stars, 
if she knew how to dream a fairy tale 
out of love 
we could live there.

In a night with lanterns for stars,
on a train going far, far away
she pecks my cheek with kisses. 

In a night with lanterns for stars,
she smiles so bright, for a moment
I confuse her for my wish. 

In a night with lanterns for stars,
shoulders for rest,
hands for warmth,...

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See ya around

I hope you kept the notebook, but more importantly I hope you reread all your notes, your poems and your stories. They might suck. They might be overdramatic to you now. They might be meaningless. I don't know I think I'm pretty angsty and that won't change. Shit, you might not even write anymore haha. Even if you forget everything. All the moments you tried to keep alive in each word. All the lov...

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four sided paper lantern,

size of a man. 

wishes written all over 

everyone's lighting lanterns on the train tracks. 

we set the lantern aflame 

our hands holding onto the edge




we let it go. 


sometimes i look up 

shut everything else out

and i imagine we're on those train tracks.

with the bustling tourists and a few locals

pacing by t...

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day 15

you are both the summit

of all that i love

and the beautiful,


edge of a cliff.


i throw myself off

Hands and knees on the carpet floor 

and land where you took the daffodil

your letters, notes, love and despair in a book 

from the field lashed

with moonlight.

with fading memories 



i wash in the black rivers.

 it's six in the morning an...

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losing count

this time it's a different doorway

left unlocked, an inviting


i enter and see the pairs of shoes

you're home

and so is he.

and it takes you a while,

not to reply, but to stop what you're doing...


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day 8

I love you 
I mouth the words over and over
untill they're like my feet
tripping over one another.
I am muted
Through the small screen of your laptop.
I am disappearing. 
Through the veins I still think flow with a secret love.
Maybe it's the angle. Or the sweater I've never seen you wear. Maybe it's the lighting and the 480p quality.
Maybe it's because you haven't  called me in so long. ...

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day 12

To the girl that plastered my heart all over the walls

and called the different shades of red



Set the brush down. 

The walls are sinking from the weight.






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lavatory note

i'm walking to your room

it's morning and you rustle

as i open the door and lay

next to you to 

fall asleep for 

a few minutes 

and pretend

i woke

up to say

good morning.

- door creaks - 

we awake, 

a practiced few feet apart,

just in case.

It grows quiet again.

we lay back down exhuasted

and try to memorize each other's face.

your eyes glistened ...

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chirping again.
Stagnant yellow light
Calm blue walls
Abstract posters
Twin bed
Open suitcase
and a tired man 
laying like a lace on the floor.

I could wait right there.
For one night and watch our world light up in flames
through my window.
The backyard quietly burning.

I could be sane
For a day
leave the house for once
and run barefoot 
through smoke...

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some more random notes

why do i feel like i've been

adrift my whole life 

on a boat i've never seen,

in a room i've never entered,

atop a bed i've never slept in?

why do i feel like you are a place,

a piece of land, 

perhaps an island

in the hollowed space

between my


is love an anchor?

will it withstand 

typhoons i've never seen?

If you are a place, 

and love is truly ...

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The Morning After

            black willow tree

            hair fallen perfect

ly across her face...

i left early

           so she could be the leaves,

on this bench

            outside the 


            where i waited








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another stupid poem

You’ll be gone for three months…

I’m going to miss you so much.


In the doorway.

           There but not quite



I see them lay on the air mattress. Just the tops

of their heads and arms. Just their

eyelashes and noses. Just

red short-sleeve shirts.

Just plaid




(This is in                             calcuable           ...

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love poetry

Random note . 1

Why are all my words dressed like immigrants? 

I ask the twelve year old girl trapped in a photograph.

Plaid red pants. Two sizes too small for her.

Seagulls fleeing from a burnt sienna sky.

Grandpa’s hat drooped over her slanted eyes.

Where are you?

I ask the older woman missing from all the other photographs.

The question takes refuge and

I stand in my mother’s bathroom d...

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Spring 봄

Even in craters,

countless hands - spring like flowers -

Sky smoked with petals.

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Snippets 2.1


She is going to visit a friend in Norway. 

I hope she wears a scarf. 

It will be very cold, the nights long and the

Lights, as I've heard

will surely captivate

All the colors she hasn't worn

in months. 




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Snippets 6.

Like any good friend, we sit on bedsheets un/noticing

how she hides beneath in a fetal position.

and we let her cry, because home

has become a nostalgic pang

more cumbersome than hunger.

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Snippets 2.




My mother was lovely I-Miss-You-Post-It-Notes and letter,

a hundred missed messages, phone calls and emails.


all over the walls, she left them

placed them

stitched them into a red scarf

I know she will never wear.





The notes are gone.

Their absence made the house a catacomb.

she gets lost in it…


found her once in...

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