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I’ve been sitting on the precipice of this

For a while

Unsure how to express my feelings

When I don’t know what I feel

You see 

I’m hysterically nonreactive 

I’m worryingly unworried 

A switch 

From nothing to everything 

Because - like Whitman -

I contain multitudes

Many great thrashing waves

Like creatures 

They slip through nets

Can’t be caught 


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anxietyburned outcryemotionsexhaustedexpectationexploitExplosiveheart on sleevepoker facereactionsocial pressuresocietytaketake advantagewarning

See Her

When she folded into herself

You all looked away

When she unraveled

You all watched

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anxietyaudienceconnectioncry for helpdepressionhelphiddenhurtmental healthneedobservationpainseeseekingsocialsocial mediasocietyspectatorsupportviewervoyeur

If You Can't Handle Me


I'm a woman

But not the palatable kind

Men see me

They want a taste but often can't stomach it

I writhe and thrash around

Until they have to spit me out

But women always see me

The whole of me

The pit of me

Every last bit of me

They don't complain that I'm too dark

To shine their torches through me

And make me bright 

I never bend to their will

But I ...

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acceptable behaviouralphaBisexualdominantDominatrixfeminismgenderhierarchylgtbqpalatablepower dynamicpower playqueersexismstrong womansubmissivewomanismwomen

When His Words Become Hands

His words could become sharp as corners

And trap you there

Flailing in his grasp

They could pinch your skin

Until you cried

And cried

Throughout your shifts

They could catch your wrists and stop you

From moving on

From moving

They could lock the doors, no leaving

They could shame you and shrink you

They could come flying in from an open window,

A buzzing phon...

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abusive relationshipbaggagebecoming independentbecoming strongerbreaking freecarry oncontrolcontrollingcontrolling relationshipdangerous relationshipemotional abuseemotional manipulationemotional scarsexexesgrowinghaunted by pasthealingindependentmemoriesmental abusemental health in relationshipsmind controlmoving onobsessivepersonal growthphysicalphysical violenceposessivereflectiontoxitoxic masculinitytoxic relationshipsviolencewanting to be freewords hurt

The Tide Will Come Out Of Your Mouth


Every time the glass of your skull

Crashes into the fist of another memory

To crush you where you stand

Because another memory has broken you

Because another memory has entered you

Like intruders, they force their way inside

They punch their way into your attention

They invade your heart

Until you must look at them

All so that they can violate you again


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acceptingassaultblockblock outbraverycoping mechanismdealingdealing with traumadifficultfeeling is okayforgetfuturegetting bettergrowingLiving after traumamemoriesmental healthmindmind protectsmoving forwardsmoving onpainpainfulpastraperecallreliveself preservationself protectionsupressedsupressed memoriessurvivortoxictraumaunderstandingviolence

We Run Like Water

I'm a reptile

But I'm warmer 

When I'm with you

You stir something in me

Like I'm always on the edge of something

There’s a chemical reaction between us

It makes me feel like static energy 

Could we really be the result of chance?

Can chance pull like a magnet?

Or is this kismet?


It runs fast, long, rife

It is our double life

We share a secret world t...

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beginningchancechemicalchemistrydouble lifeedgeexcitementfastfateintensekismetlovenever endingnew beginningsour planetown planetrelationshipRomancerunrun like watersecond selfsecretsecret worldspinningversions of ourselves

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