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Metamorphosed from a sun to a moon

       Before I Lost you

You were my sun
The azure sky
To scan.  

      After I Lost you

You became
My moon
Desperate to see
You soon.///

The tide of time must not kill love.

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lost and ruinedlovesad

Doing Bad To Good End

entry picture

Sometimes you have
To think out of the box,

"Flog the workaholic ox
So that the indolent one
Dragged by the yoke
Willy nilly, together, begins
To work! "

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Monkey's mentality

With an intent of
Stripping off all--Wives & footholds--
And taking over,
A monkey measures
And measures
Father's foot mark
Walking behind father's back
And inflict on the same attack
Cognizant ,subject to
The wear and tear of time
, feeble,
A defensive hand
The father could lack!

A mentor,  I helped
An apprentice
Acquire a sharp mind
And a nimble hand
Till on his feet stand.


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"As you are bewitched
By my beauty
Allow me to be a bit naughty!

Pleasure expect not to gain
Without a little pain.

Take me to
The most expensive
Restaurants that exist.
Let me order dishes top
On the menu list.
Hurry let us go
To another place
Having for an open -kitchen
A space.
Don't you doubt
I have interest
For a none-stop bout.

Buy me
Expensive cosmetics
And shoes

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Love lostSad

To win or to remedy?

Just to win an argument
Oft the couples
Resort to a heated debate.

For a change
They never tried
To remedy a challenge.

They have themselves to blame
For a solution begging problem.

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family relationMarriagesad

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