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My words are everything to me, I can say whatever I want.
 I dont have to worry about being judged, being hurt. I can be free.
You cant see me behind the screen. You dont know who I am or how I feel.
Only I know that but today my friends, youll know how I feel.

When someone compares you to their past it hurts.
My chest is heavy today but it always feel like that lately.
My head hurts. Its no...

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rumors. ~draft~

dont tell me to let it go
your under my skin
in my head

your words swallow me whole
I cant get out
these rumors stab me 

I thought I had friends 
but friends dont do this
your nothing to me

As you tell me to let it go 
I want to scream

Im ready 
throw those knives in me
stab them deep 

Youll leave scar but you dont care
you just want to see me hurt
see it ruin my life


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~Twenty One Pilots Lyrics~ A car A torch A death

For me to drive away with
I began to understand
Why God died

The demon sat there waiting on her porch
It was a little dark so he held a makeshift torch
And when my car was far out of sight
He crept in her room and stayed there for the night

-Twenty One Pilots -
This is not mine I just copy and paste because this is swell


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You'll Be fine kid...

Dont you get it?
 I have already fallen for him
I cant get up for air 

Im drowing in his words
in his lips 
his whsipers 

Did I jump too early?
was going head first wrong?
Im already submerged in him

I gave him my all
my soul
my heart

His brown eyes are sparkling 
His touch electrifying
His words unforgettable

I look to the surface
Im not missing anyting 
it's still the same up th...

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The depression consumes me like 
As I talk less it gets stronger
I continue to count the days
Knowing that all shit will hit the fan

 Nothing I can do about nothing
not one of the favorites
More of a mistake

thats all i think these days 
How could i carry this on
 I know this isnt good 
but this is how i feel and feeling isnt good


~ Oct. 6, 2016. 10:25am~

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I love you.

When you first met me I was a
But I see now that I can be 
You make me feel so high
but lately I feel like I'm losing you 
and I don't want you to let go so 
please hang on tightly
and I'll pull you in
Just please dont let go
I can't stand the thought of being 
without you 
Please stop thinking your better off
you may be too good for me but
that just means I'll never let yo...

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