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The internal structure spins,

In this hollow man,

Such as I.


The shattered panes of people look,

Besides them for a savior,

We are but a person besides another.


Combine in strength and despair,

Beneath a hollowed out earth,

Where the women can’t bear.



I am a child,

Hollow and bare.


Metal in the spikes of a train,

Intricacies in m...

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Blue Moon

The Saturday fell awkward into the night. 

Good night. 


Fellow men and moon. 

Raising beneath the stars. 


A hollow man stands with great power. 

And those below sit fingerless and bored. 


To the bone. 


 The fatherly figures are but the graceless endless sight. 

In the eyes of the blind fool. 


Grasping to grip a straw that waits no longer. 


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Flying, to be free

The sweet midnight falling,  

Windows swaying beneath the hefty breeze,  

Shadows mourning for young hearts. 


Wallowing falls upon deaf shoulders,  

Shadows stand beneath their heavy trenches,  

Mourning the dying stars. 


Forever to sit in muddied waters,  

Is one but a shadowed man, 

Besides me. 


Set up the walls and set fire to the mountains,

To begin...

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