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Tell Tale

Yesterday's shadows fall softly this goodnight,

Breaks in patterns don't fear the rain,

And waves can't tell a tale.


Forgotten to the world the windows were but glass shattered in my eyes,

The yellow road falls silent,

Metal men crank against the wall.


Backs fall down again,

Spines but the feeble way your arms had left me,

Gathered to tell the tale.

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Long Lived

Swiftly dwindle,

By the pastures of rapture,

Your soul wakes where it fell.


28 wonderful years,

Thank you,

From a friend.

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Breath of a Phoenix

The breath of a phoenix,

Grainular and coarse,

I feel the memory of sand beneath my fingers.


They watch me walk in and around that little lake,

The shadowed ends to this stick,

Creating shapes on a tree.


Marks of the dead and living,

Around the edge of the earth,

Sitting side by side.


Don’t watch me when I fell,

When I tripped during the fall,

My kne...

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Broken knees

The gravel fell and fall again,

To the end,

Of the world.


The places sit,

Besides the moon,

The wretched oceans we had seen.


Opened to the sky,

I am but a butterfly,

Wings of the ash now laid bare.


It fell to me like the chandelier in that dream,

The Meadows hadn’t felt but a tickle,

And I wallow in paralysis.


Don't foresee what's yet to be,


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The Drapes

It's sunday when the wind blows sideway,
The night sky hadn't fallen,
You wait for me.

This ending grace falls along the brokered path,
And i feel alone in our greatest windows,
The blankets of the drapes covering my eyes.

Do you feel this morning dew on thy whincing fingers?

I ask the children.

They do.

All along.

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Medical Care

Father rests fingers within his hair


Mother overcome with too much to bear


I sit in this thick puddle

My flesh bare


You are but a shadowed figure

Enjoying what's rare


We beg and mourn

For medical care


Do something

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Sadness follows the ends of my hands,

Gravel broken sideways. 


Finish the beginning to confirm the edges,

Shadows digging deeper.


The bridge built for the followers,

Leans forward,

Above that brittle and cold creek.


Water fills holes to drown the children,

Your gasps unending,

A quiet end on the side of relief and tranquility.


Following the bitter ...

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Reflection of the moon

On a summer night the window mutters a melancholy tone,

Soft fabric sinks down towards the ground,

The rain flutters the pedals of a delicate daffodil on the edge of the window sill.


I sit and wait,

Longing to the reflection of the moon on a puddle,


You wrap your arms around mine.

We dance in a meadow,

Your shoes sink into the loosened soil from years of rain before.


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Free the slave,

Opened eye,

Turning to the side in a awkward fashion.


Your men fall,

Your bodies die,

The places you feel happy dwindle.


Soak up the oceans floor,

Your greatest forgotten,

Forge a man in the fires.


Sink to the Bottom,


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Speaking softly

Yellow branches drifting to the shore,

You hold true in the forwards direction,

Bending ever downwards to the depths of darkness.


Your voice is shallow and short,

The breaths meaningless to all but the other,

Mirrors reflecting the sun.


Shattered windows created imperfections in a perfect line,

The glimmering colors to present true beauty once again,

Feathers ...

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blacknessDepressionperfectionpressuresocial anxietyworthy

Away from me

Fall on the way side in the afternoon.


I sob now besides the hollow tree,

The oak,



Your darkened hair recedes into the heavy mist,

Your eyebrows sliver into scattered sunbeams.


Away from me.


Lost in the bitter goodnight,

Hollow in acknowledgment,

The dirt moist from the heavy rain before it.


The image of you flakes,

In my mind,


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They Must See!

Shallow breaths take strides in this pit of agony,

Grasping onto what little else remains,

The stones drift past the blinking eyes of my children.


Floods wash away all sins,

Great hands reach into oceans and feel the rotten foam,

Holding my hands over your eyes,

Be blinded.


Wailing to the sky,

Purple and yellow,

God forgets what lies at the end of the fishing r...

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Narcissistic Lullabies

In the great winter night,

Opened skies scream to the willowed avalanches,

Where the people die mourning their loved ones.


Leaves didn’t fall that afternoon in december,

Nor did the bodies strung up on the desert floor,

Sand seeps into wounds and makes the blind cry for their mothers,


Fashioned in a new way to see the world go round,

I opened fantasy and mirror alike...

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Your grace Devine had more to my name,
Green in eyes that watch the sky,
Blue of nature!

Shackled on a bed,
I have become free of sorrow,
Remembering the beauty of my past.

The future will come to me in beautiful shadows,
Undefined now against the sun.

Roll it up into a ball and crush the remaining,
I continue forwards on this road.

But I will never be lost again,
For those that...

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Find Meaning in Self

To the wind,
How it moves me (the leaves and branches of a dead tree).

Do you sing along with petals of the daisies,
Do you whistle and chime the metal that dangles from my tree?

Little a chance you gave me,
To feel whole once again,
She told me,
Didn't she?

What's that?
You say,
No you see the moon is bright tonight and the rain not brittle in my ...

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Wind rocks my boat tonight,
Sitting on this bed I feel little more than whole,
The nausea creating holes in my fickle heart.

Father walks cold in the streets of Paris,
Back turned to me,
I wander further upon this ragged terrain.

Distant memories fading yet again,
For in the presence of men and wind,
My skin becomes fatal.

The very blood,
And foul.

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Ring Around the Roses

Take a great gander into the fields!
The fishes of the wilted flowers,
Red and dilapidated,
Your memory faded into each miserable sliver of oil against the midnight shaken sky.

Parading colours paint an image of you in mine,
Forget the safe places you had went,
For you may stay with me beneath a shallow moon tonight.

Wrapping your arms in mine until yesterday’s shadow gone,
Gravel shat...

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Fickle and Afraid

People born unequal is a matter of life,
The seeds of despair are set to ripen beneath the full moon.

Arrogance flourishes from the talent of the few,
Oh how they stand so tall and watch great flames over small mountains.

Your great starlight showed me a path,
I thought I could see myself in the mirror of your eye,

I see now that you are who I wished myself to be,
Unlimited potential.


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Swiftly in the breeze,
Greatest tides crash,
Children playing softly in the sand.

Geese flock in arrows and the sky so warm,
I witness the power of sanity,
Yet I recoil from it in unforgettable agony.

The truth is that in this world,
You become what you are,
And you die that way.


I must disagree,
For even if the great moon shining in the sky collapses into the ocean below, t...

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I see

I see a crescent shape besides the road,
Where the luminescence of your body makes for a show,
From the cinema.

Great expanses of falling leaves offers guidance,
But little tranquility,
Your silhouette proving but lengthy in my memory.

I was once told to find arches in the waves,
To witness flames creeping from the sands of tomorrow,
Greatness does not reach out and grab small men.


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The once forgotten wind swaying without rhythm,
Is found to replace such a decrepit world in which you have been forged,
The sun creating gleams on shadows just barely sharp enough to see.

Arcs streak vibrant colours against the stars,
I witness the changing of the seasons by day,
Little does the boat rock aboard the shore.

Shattering dreams,
My very will owing to the expansive shadows,

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Dew on a pedal

I sit by a flower,
Large in size,
Dipping and giving way beneath its own weight,
The peddles tired from the wind.

Touching it,
My body shudders,
The motionless people around me fade into the ever thinner air.

Mist rolls over the ice cold air,
Condensing into my hands,
I question the light that erodes from the form.

Bobbing to the echos of silence in this darkened night,
The flower...

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Bashful Sun

Take it to the moon,
The way the ocean gleams and the way I cry,
Oh how the tears are truthful,
They speak my mind.

Deep down by the ocean shore there lays what was once a shell,
Now simply the water that it once emerged from,
Little else but shattered rock and the remnants of a cold past.

I don't believe in the rights of men among soldiers,
Yet I feel the ocean's tide may wipe away my...

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Shallow Bends on a Wide Road

I take one step forward into a shallow grave,
Fallacy of unbecoming men shaving my arm’s skin,
To gander to the flames of hell beneath the shades of daybreak.

Witnessing the colourful green and yellow of a son’s dying wish,
To water the plants once more, 
did you belong in such a infallible place?

Oh great carnivore amongst the grass and angry hollowed out ships,

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A Rock's Face

Great shadows slide next to the boy,
Spine arching towards the sky,
Rain clouds short to challenge the moon.

The world turns against feet,
Sitting still beneath the blossoms of open sky,
Clouds shake from the winds.

Rubber discharged from the rock in shapes of old men,
He catches flecks swaying through thinnest air,
Shades of grey once collapsed behind the sun.

Slivers in rocks buil...

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The Begging Tree

Dark shadows willow under trees of the forgotten essence,
I feel lonely again,
The honey strikes through reflections of the moon.

Does anyone care for me?
Do I deserve to fear the lonely future?
Or does the universe have a plan.

Yet still the clouds roll in unhalting,
To cover my eyes blind,
I put my hands forward into petrifying darkness.

Witnessing the great meaning of rain throug...

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Transient Beauty

Daisies in a meadow's bend,
Water dripping from the pale rocks,
And the moonlight shining deeply beneath the hallowed earth.

Do you witness the sky’s transient beauty?
Do you see the world’s unholy inconsistency?
Or do you perhaps wander ever blinder into the abyss of rock and dirt.

Forgo the witnessed lands behind the gravel topped mountains,
The light ricocheting off the wind,

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The Final Witness

Shallowly sagging in vicious winds of a cold autumn night,

The grass vibrates me a tune as I wander forwards through green and yellow forest,

Blissful mist of rain creating small fluorescent puddles on my skin.


The acidic thorns of men once stood behind the walls of fantasy seeping into the water,

Scorching my skin,

Red splotches ooze remnants of a world once to have been seen ...

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It swings under branches of devious fallacy,
To see shade streaming in through the darkened sun,
Red tips faltering beneath an ever-greener sky.

I wander and pick the flower,
The thorns bleed my blood,
Specs of iron ricocheting a color I had yet before seen.

Green and yellow hardened through great tragedy,
The moon does not shine this faltered night,
Instead wandering the blissless ski...

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Yet again, truly alone

Swinging in the breeze amongst the Everglades I wish to be seen,
To hear the sand on beaches once again,
To wallow so graciously for the hope of the morning.


I gather for the ceremony on the hill’s crescent top,
Sitting for hours,
Watching the grass sway side to side in the breeze.

I wait for sunrise over the ocean ahead,
Small puddles form beneath my feet,
The rivers do not reac...

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I Can't Sleep

Swallow the restless night up into arms of great sacrifice,
I feel alone yet again,
To witness the technicolored crescent of daybreak above my home.

Do you ever wander deep into restless forests?
Where the branches sway with the vigor of a child,
Wasted to swing breathlessly beneath the shallow moon.

Truth be told I have a long day ahead,
And I question my ability to keep my eyes awake ...

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Fuck Anxiety

The Meaning of the Stars

It became the moon above the ashes,

I winded sight of the streams that gushed through the glaciers,

And I wander about their blanket of flowers.


Did the sky become bleak for a reason?


To wander about the broken path within the rotting forest of the mind,

To feel sadness down and witness the flames rise from the oceans,

To sit beneath the stars for the comfort of the dis...

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With Eyes Toward the Sky

In the Sundays of meadows,
Stricken by the dashes of a rainbow gleaming through the corpse of rain,
I see you.

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Few Could Wake Before a Raging Current

Walking to the high mountains on a side,
I am perplexed before the raging current,
I don't know where to turn or run.

The truth is that I wander the sides of a street uninhabited by man,
The pavement overflowing with failure and sadness.

Take a look over the edge,
Take a look into the abyss of this world,
So stale the crumbs of rotten food.

The way the leaves whistle the call of a mo...

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Sincerely Yours

Spring was formed in the evening by the residual dew of storms,

When I gandered out the window in the morning,

Looking for you wearing your dress,

With the dreams of a family, I had once had,

I found nothing


In my mind.


Where are you?

I wonder towards old times written in tablets to the tune of women and children,

And I ask,

Where are you about to go and see,


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DepressionHeartbreakloveMelodramaticSadSincerely Yours

Believe in the Rain

As though the rain halts,

I stand beneath a roofless stop,

It's rusted metal supports,

Feeding from the splintered cement.


Across a road divided by thin yellow paint,

Sits a man,

Old and tired,

Grasping a cane to support his future travels,

Or maybe,

To show the wear of his struggles on weakened bones.


I don't see that the wind flows like water

Instead li...

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When I was a child I often dreamed of great things,
Above the clouds of cities,
Even to the stars!

But as the time went forth,
I found how little the world turns with the movement of my hands,
How helpless I am to the change those around me.

The brutal result of pain and misery,
To be cast from god into my mind,
By the devils on this earth.

Miserable and hopeless I sit and ponder th...

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Converged Atop a Lonely Island

I sit alone at a corner shop,

Eating my meal,



It's strange to be alone;




Not that I'm unaware of its presence,

Not that I fear it's belonging,

Not even that it's strange because of the surrounding people,

All accompanied by at least another.


My soul intrinsically separated,



More likely,

I simply feel at ease.



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Converged atop a lonely islandDepressionImageryLonelyRevering

Swaying of a Bird

Trepidatiously the wings of a bird may sway,

Breezing through the air with shallow willows,

Gushing in and out of the crevice created by my mind.


Oh but the wind does not sway this elegant being,

It may be pushed but seldom unbalanced,

I seek the feathers.


Though the sky’s mouth may gape above and scatter its light,

The bird will remain in a secular path,

As thoug...

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angerdepressiondespairdoubtfearhappinesshopesadnessSwaying of a Bird

Red Velvet Sand

I feel the pricks of sand beneath my tender hands,

As though I were sat atop a shattered glass beach,

With my head cocked towards the blissful Sky.


I don't understand how this could be;

As I do not feel,

the pain of others within the crevices of my fingers.


For I was born to rain upon this world,

In magnificent showers.


But where I am now

-- between the se...

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adolescencedepressiondoubtfailurefamilyfearhopelessRed Velvet Sandstuck

Ashes of a Phoenix

Looking towards my hands,

I feel them mutter a tone,

Of disdain and sadness,

Dirty and pale, bleeding out from within.


The colors of the honeycomb which is my life,

Building in a way to demonstrate the failures and flaws of my being,

To make it simply this: I feel trapped.


Trapped between the Rock and the grass of an ever developing future,

One, of course, that I ...

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Ashes of a Phoenixbleedingdepressiondoubtfailurefamilyfearhopelessmisery

The Consistency of Water

The clouds streak an arrow of neon green,

My shadow beneath,

Quivering in silence.


The sun, glistening through the holes in the patterns,

Showers its fluorescence across the earth below,

I stand in a section divided.


The sky is not yet Crimson in nature,

No, it sits still, below the stars, but above the trees,

How I remain stationary, though I sprint,


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decayDepressionfamilyfathergrowthhopelesslovesadnessThe Consistency of Water

Love Yourself

Love yourself


Forgive the autumn night,

Forgive the autumn day,

And oh dear god,

As the leaves spread amongst the dry traveled ground,

There remains but little to be stepped upon beyond the rotted branches of yesterday.



And I do say again,

This feeling comes to me in a dream,

It spruces my mind,

Comforts my soul.


For as the autumn wind,


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depressiongodhopelessLoveLove yourselfself-reflection

Create the World

Create the World

How does it look to go about the mountains at dawn?
To watch the sun smothering beneath a breathless sky,
And wander up and down the slopes of what were once avalanches.

It's simply a point of matter,
And fact of being,
So truly to be here with you.

And it's honesty,
The way that the waves crash into boulders

And it's friendship,
The way birds may dangle broken l...

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Create the WorldDepersonalizationDepressionDerealizationImageryJoyousLoveMelodramaticRevering

Green to Gray

Green to Grey


I have before seen flowers spruced such to convey meaning,

And I have before been offered a rose,

Of tantalizing beauty.


But I sit here in a meadow of dandelions,

(The weeds of a flower)


For the world had left them unkept.


I do not see tomorrow through the glass made today,

Instead, I watch the moon shift in the sky,

And I pray.


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DepersonalizationDepressionDerealizaitonGreen to GrayImageryJoyousLoveMelodramaticReveringSadness

Withered Leaves

Withered leaves


There's a thing in the woods that I cannot see,
Stood with solid grass-green eyes and rotted teeth,
a willow-thin neck, Contorted.

But oh, how I've seen

but a glance of this thing
- Within my dreams -
Sat beneath an oak and pine tree;
(I’d felt uncertainty).

Now, I feel as though I'm lost,
Lost in the despair of a fated dream,
Watching as the being sits, solid b...

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DepersonalizationDepressionDerealizaitonImageryJoyousLoveMelodramaticReveringWithered Leaves




Spin in your grave,

My god,

Oh, spin there where the moon does not shine!


Can’t you see the light seeping deep into your hollow home?

Yet you sit there and ponder how the dirt had once made up your body,


Because oh how the lack of oxygen makes us all feel whole.


Against the wrath of a god,

My god,

Comes again the ax of the wind into a tree m...

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Dear You (Third)

Dear You (Payton Cont.)


It brings tears to my eyes to witness the growth of flowers on autumn nights never before seen,

the flowers

(and how they bloom in front of me)

begging for a single drop of water from the sky,


what must I do,

Especially when I cannot provide such sustenance even to myself?!


It truly brings back memories of helplessness and fear that I h...

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Dear YouDepersonalizationDepressionDerealizaitonImageryJoyousLoveMelodramaticReveringSadness

Dear you (Second)

Dear you (Second)


Wait for me,

beneath the stars of the sky,

before the glass pane window looking out towards the sea.


Within a warm and comforting home,

you’d built for me.


Wait for me,

to find my stride through patches of daisies and roses,

to spot miraculously the blue amongst oceans.

To realize now down beneath the shore the gold hidden deep within m...

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Dear YouDepersonalizationDepressionDerealizaitonImageryJoyousLoveMelodramaticReveringSadness

Dear You (First)

Dear you (Myself)


You will overcome the silence.

You will confront the fear.

And when it comes to the quiet at night

That rings in your ear,

You will,



You will experience fear,

A plethora in fact;

But Keep it hidden,

beneath the ocean of dreams.



I must say this,

The world is too dark to not set aflame;

burning through the world...

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Dear YouDepersonalizationDepressionDerealizaitonImageryJoyousLoveMelodramaticReveringSadness

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