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Gentleman, Gentleman,
Drifting towards the sea.
Tempted my lips,
Tested my virtues,
Hushed my strings
and my heart you played.
Oh how many times did I beg you to stay?
So self-absorbed, 
you ignored the truth.
Goodbye my innocence,
Goodbye my youth.

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She Could Be Anything

She could be anything...


So she wore dresses made up of pictures,

to feel she was wearing the world.

And got a tattoo of the moon in her ear,

like it was solely created to decorate her.


She chose to pull down the sun

to paint her hair with its shine.

And colored her lips with flowers,

to always look like spring.


She wore stars in her eyes,

for her to al...

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Some people are a tragedy.

A walking, ticking bomb.

They go around drinking, inhaling poison,

Sucking in life,

Breathing out pain. 

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Inside My Head


the mean voice inside my head,

a monster tormenting me.

You are lurking in the darkness,

waiting for the moments when I'm weak.

When I am feeling down,

that's when you speak. 

Won't you stop?

You scream,

you shout, 

you fight, 

for some peace.

And I keep telling myself

just breathe...

just breathe...

just breathe...

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Hide the Evidence of the Crime Scene

Darling, you hide the evidence of the crime scene,

where there once existed love. 

You break the love letters, burn down the memories, 

and bury them deep down in lies.


Yet, we all know it's you who is to blame for the body, 

that rests cold and lifeless inside.

So hide the evidence, hide it for good,

but you'll never forget where this love once stood.

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Two Words

Two words are not “me and you.”

Two words are not “I love you.”


Two words are not “together.”

Two words are not “forever.”


Two words are “you lied.”

Two words are “I cried.”

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Expiration Date

If only it was that simple.

I'm at the supermarket,

Looking at a can's expiration date,

And I can't help but to think that in reality,

Life does not work out that way.


If only I knew the date of expiration,

The amount of time before the disintegration,

Of life,

Of love.

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Love is a Sweet Dream

I fear, love’s magic perishing away,

The ice-cold embrace of reality,

A dark storm consuming a sunny day,

True love ending up in fatality.


For true love is the sweetest dream of all,

You can wake up or eternally dream,

You can jump into the abyss and fall,

Or fly under the moon and the stars’ gleam.


Yet, when our lips meet in a tender kiss,

When his gentle love...

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The Adventures of Mr. Crab

entry picture

This is just a little fun poem to start the week. Happy monday!


Mr. Crab,

has quite a busy day,

but he dropped by to visit.

For long he couldn't stay. 


Go on Mr. Crab, go back to the sea,

it is with your family that you have to be.

Not one, or two, or even three,

its six little crabs that you oversee.


So go on Mr. Crab, be on your way.

Thanks for the vi...

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Have You Ever? (Holding On to You)

Have you ever felt your heart aching?
For me those were my dreams,
pounding the walls of my heart,
screaming for me to go back to you.

Have you ever felt your tears running?
For me that was my soul,
leaking its way through me,
desperately trying to get a hold of you.

Have you ever felt you can't breathe?
For me that was my body,
Clinging to our last moment,
To that last breath of what w...

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Ode On A Cold Shower

I’m not a little girl anymore.

I take off my sleeping Beauty costume

and go in.

No more hiding,

No more waiting.


I have no prince to save me.

I wear no golden shield.

No protection.

No  golden sword

To defend myself. 


I’m naked.


I’m exposed.


You threaten me.

I hear the drops:

Drip, drip.

You’re calling me.


My body ...

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You Won’t Come Back to Me This Time

You walk to the door and I’m just sitting here,

Second guessing myself.

I see you are moving on. I fear,

I’ll be the dusty book in the back of your shelf.


You open the door and I’m just laying here,

Doubting if my decision was right.

I know I was the one who let you go my dear,

But I thought you’d be the one wh...

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loveLove lostmissing

I'll Walk Away, But I Won't Go That Far

I walk into the room and I see a thunderstorm coming

Because I see you’re angry and you know I’m there.

You start shooting at me your spiteful words

And I start crying, but you don’t really care.


I walk out knowing you’re the bad guy of this movie,

But you’re so good at putting up a pity show.

It is always the excuse of what you’ve been through

When you say you’re sorry f...

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I Am the Person You Will Always Forget

I am the name that crossed your lips

Without meaning, without thought.

I am the person you will always forget.


I am the face your eyes once saw.

They passed me by, but never lingered.

I am the person you will always forget.


I am the distant voice calling your name.

You are unreachable and I am unheard.

I am the person you will always forget.


I am the perso...

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