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traffic & drugs

cats pests and insecticides
labrador dog breed
strands of
grass and dirt weed

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In the first second
infinite sensory overload
will begin, download it
and then this
thought process …
it is up to you to utilize
the central nervous system’s data

our own eye of the storm
strike like
lightning …
fast reflexes at the hands
of centered command

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serving consecutive life sentences
three meals,
the confines of jail time
three strikes,
and they are never letting you get out
they throw the book at you
like a caged animal
preying, it lands on a page that says
a message from god
sins written on — listed off, and then
sent across the hall to your distant friend again

a life of recycling license plates
crime pays for the chip...

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Clothing Line

cut from a different cloth
dyed in the wool you pulled over your eyes

you made your bed now lie on it
is a wonderful day to die innit

I dress my wounds
and wear my heart on my sleeve
with cuff links & fingers crossed

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Pandora's Box


outside the realm of possibilities

Chaos …

beyond belief:

and great faith.

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just walk away

pack your bags
go get ready

to walk the walk
through the traffic
of differing directions
wave down the runway
and remember…
never, look back

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Divine Intervention

where did I put those car keys,
I think I have had one too many,
loss of memory —
and this
drug habit
has me... grabbing my head
trying to
get a grasp on my own sanity

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questioning my destiny

In my study,
the test subject,
had to have
of  this
genus’ genotype
“A” and be
exhibiting these abnormalities

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Soul trickery

Two different souls

Two independent individuals

Two souls brought together

That were supposed to be equals


Two souls that found

Understanding on the other

Or that's what I though

Because I was only just fodder


I was happy to talk

I was happy to be me

I was happy for the future

That i wanted to see


I invested myself

In a possible relation


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Poem: Summer..

The scorching heat of Sun,

children playing in ponds and having fun.

The temperature may rise,

and if you are enjoying it.

You are also wise.

That is Summer!


The feel of blowing wind,

And because of the sweat,

our bodies get thinned.

and my sister’s flying hair.

And if we go out too much,

our skin gets dark from fair.

That is Summer!


In deserts it i...

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Project Astral

remote viewing
a program,
telepathic visionaries
— channels
seen in a screening
recorded and reviewed

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Ghost Writer

dispelling of a curse
wards off
unknown entities
who try their hand at automatic writing

ghosts, haunters, 
“en animant” in specters
instruments crescendoing
as the light abandons us

no ones home,
signs that say to go away

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Quantum Leap

displace - out
from this world
not of it 

In finite spaces where mathematics add it, if
nothing changes places with one thing
And, then... again
this singularity is the black hole devouring our
multiplication - signs of the times
how the tables have turned
one number
spiraling out of control
Oh, flower of life...

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Sweet Nothings

Queenship and Kingsman
The terms of endearment
scroll …
And, read through it

what’s in the fine print …

Maid of Honor …

If you would,
please …
As the left hand of the queen
swear your loyalty

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Symbiosis of Broken Hearts

What is love?
Besides “A”
— a couple of
vowel sounds,
between U & I


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Now or Never

Who said now or never?

Maybe that was someone clever,

What if they had seen the future?

That would have been hell of an adventure.


Wonder why they asked to do it now?

Well, the time in future may not allow,

Why not have a try at it for once?

It may uncover possibilities, revealing new fronts.


How will this help you to not be mistaken?

By not regretting the road...

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Should This Night End?

Woke up in the middle of the night 

It felt like sitting on one of those chairs in the mountain campsite

But it’s just my bed, right?


Have been through this illusion a couple of times

Putting on those earpieces every night

Listening to The Neighbourhood’s rhymes

Sending those chills down my spine

As i go on with the flow every time

Man, isn’t that awesome, right?



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The First Try

Started writing this piece of poetry

Wondering how to go with the flow

Lots of thoughts in my mind

Can’t wait for all of them to grow

As i now happen to grind 

How it shall go? I don’t even know


In the pursuit of getting it together

Those words went away from my mind for sometime

But it feels like forever

I wish i could write like her

For how she puts it altogeth...

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Star seeds ‘n’ the Cosmic egg - of life

Dewy lotuses, 
grow in the dark -
creating an entangling —
Flower of Life …

nature and everything — we know — has its roots
on the grounds of truth
every family tree,
a tree house.

Habitats for Humanity  

There is a lone wolf
which is black,
and blue,
in the eyes :
whom sees the world differently
depending on —
whether or not you’re 
— on his or her good or...

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Almost they spell me

I switched my focus towards him in an instant

Literally impossible to walk away.. although

I know there's snakes in the distance


Rats they scurry and take ..calculated

Even rats have a system

He says I love you ...It's reciprocated

Intrusive thoughts making me a victim


When did love start hurting

we combined souls through trust

Lower fre...

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i miss being your daughter

we were close when i was little

you called me your sugar plum fairy

sat by my bed when my dreams were too scary

I didn't know then that our relationship was so brittle


you have mixed feelings about your own mother

maybe that's why you act the way you do

you rip me apart and then try to patch me up with glue

we both know you wouldn't ever do that to my brother


you ...

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For You, Wherever You Are

It was on my first of many elevator rides 

up from the basement floor

I met a woman with short, red hair and a leather jacket, 

who I only ever saw 

just this once. 


I don’t know whether I ever responded

when she spoke to me

or to God

or to the elevator door 



three years ago, now,

they had given her six months to live. 



three ye...

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take the wheel

And venturing out
as an artisan model aircrafts
... enthusiast
is a larger than life recreation
to somebody
fell in love
Amelia Earhart's
figure 8

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makeup sex

Beauty standards ...
makeup your mind
you said you'd be ready
an hour past ...
you haven't changed at all
I'm leaving you
While i tease your hair,  suck it up
I'm head over heels in love

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Road Rage

The bike are riding two by two 

Hurrah hurrah 

The bikes are riding two by two 

Hurrah hurrah 

The bikes are riding two by two 

It’s the Highway Code, but I own the road 

So Ill just keep driving on 


The bikes are now riding three by three 

Oh shite oh shite 

The bikes are now riding three by three 

Oh shite oh shite 

The bikes are riding three by three

As ...

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The Greatest Trick The Devil Ever Pulled is convincing the world he doesn’t exist

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled 

Is making the world believe he doesn’t  exist 


I don’t know why but I don’t agree 

Let me explain I have an idea you see 

Conspiracy theories is fuel for his flames 

Brexit, traffic jams and gossip entertain… 

His hoards and minions cheer and go wild 

All waiting for the day that Johnson’s defiled 

With a rod up his buttocks fo...

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the Good Book

generational forefathers
bore thine
fruits of their labor,

to an heiress

Oh, the burden
given to this poor mistook child.

the Fall of man—after death
40 days and 40 nights,
If we were to predate the Gregorian calendar
… spring too,
life—before Christ—dark
and light archangels
would earn their halos
from Helios through
sun worship,
during the 7 Days of Creation,
summer was mad...

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